Land Rover Owner April 2020

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meet the team

NEIL WATTERSON EDITOR’S WELCOME The big news this month is the first batch of Defenders rolling off the production line at Land Rover’s plant in Nitra, Slovakia. We were invited along to have a behind-the-scenes look at how the new model is built – and it’s a fascinating process. The workers are rightly proud to be working at the home of the new Defender, but in the UK there’s a bit of sadness that the model isn’t built here. What makes it harder is that people have been laid off in UK plants, partly because of the downturn in demand for cars. It’s a situation not likely to improve any time soon, because the UK government has signalled that it wants to see only electric vehicles by 2035. Of course, this only applies to…

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world of land rovers

1st prize LIONEL ADELMANN WINS A SEALEY MICROMETER TORQUE WRENCH ‘Lionel has captured some great articulation action in this photo of his 2011 2.4 TDCi 90 – which made light work of this rocky track, 8000 feet up in the Italian Alps. NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR 2nd prize IAN CLENDENNING WINS A SEALEY 5W CREE LED RECHARGEABLE XPG HEAD TORCH ‘I love this pic. It shows how a 90 can be made into the perfect overland vehicle, as Ian and his wife proved during an epic 6000-mile Australian adventure from Perth to Darwin and back.’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR…

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gear in the next issue of LRO For stockists, to order a free catalogue or to buy online, go to sealey.co.uk 1st PRIZE Sealey Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Shade 9-13 (S01001) LIST PRICE £77.94 2nd PRIZE Sealey Breaker Bar Extendable 1/2in Square Drive (AK7315) LIST PRICE £50.34 For a chance to see one of your pics in print, send it to wolr@lro.com. Include a description of the vehicle, where the photo was taken, and the names of anyone in it. Please send the biggest image file sizes you have. This issue, it’s well done to first-placed Lionel Adelmann, who wins a Sealey Micrometer Torque Wrench (AK6248). Second prize, a Sealey Head Torch (HT107R), goes to Ian Clendenning.…

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building the new defender

Let’s get one thing straight: Land Rover’s decision to build a manufacturing plant in Slovakia has nothing to do with Brexit. The company announced its move on 11 December 2015, way before the UK leaving the European Union was even a thing, and the decision was reached after years of deliberation and assessment of possible sites, including ones in the UK and Mexico. Undoubtedly, some people will be aggrieved that the company is building vehicles overseas, but it’s something that has happened for decades. Minerva and Santana are probably the most famous of the overseas plants – but Land Rovers have been manufactured in loads of countries around the world over the years. Even now, Slovakia isn’t the only overseas vehicle building plant operated by Land Rover – Range Rover Evoques and…

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dig deep for iconic lanes

Talk to anyone about the best greenlaning area in the UK and most will probably suggest north Wales. With its glorious scenery and numerous unsealed roads, it’s a bit of a magnet for greenlaners every weekend throughout the year. If you drive the north Wales greenlanes, make a donation to the fund and help preserve our lanes NEIL WATTERSON But things need to be maintained when they are used and, just like the rest of the road network in the UK, some of the most iconic greenlanes are in urgent need of work. They include The Wayfarer (pictured above), Happy Valley, Carn March Arthur and Horseshoe Lane. A combination of factors has caused the maintenance to become urgent – storms have waterlogged tracks and washed topsoil away, creating severe washouts on Carn March…

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news in brief

Fancy paying and playing with us? We’re bringing our Pay and Play of the Month back to the mag, so we’ll be heading around the country sampling the various sites. Fancy meeting up and maybe getting into an issue of LRO? We’ll post the upcoming sites in each issue, and we’re kicking off at Bures (bures-pit.co.uk) on 23 February. See you there! Workshop hire Need to work on your Land Rover, but don’t have the facilities? The Machine Shop in Burbage, Leics, is offering a gym-style membership fee system for access to its factory style facilities. It costs from £40 a month. More details: the-machine-shop.co.uk. Anti-theft sticker Chesterfield Police’s Rural Crime Team is offering local Defender owners ‘Police Stop Me’ stickers to raise awareness of the number of them going missing. The…