Land Rover Owner Spring Issue 2020

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editor’s welcome

It’s been said for ages that there’s no such thing as a bad tyre any more; technology has improved so much that poor performance and failures are rare. But, as drivers, our needs have changed and, in many cases, have become more niche. We don’t necessarily need a tyre that’s any good in mud if we mostly drive on-road or sandy areas, and road manners aren’t important for vehicles only used off-road. Then, of course, there is on-board vehicle technology that helps you get across terrains on less aggressive tyres that a more analogue vehicle would struggle with. We get to test a lot of tyres, covering tens of thousands of miles on each set on a variety of surfaces in real-world driving, and we’ve collated this info together to help you…

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world of land rovers

1st prize ASHLEY LUCAS WINS A SEALEY SHADE 9-13 AUTO-DARKENING WELDING HELMET ‘Wouldn’t you love to be doing this? I would – and that’s why Ashley’s superb shot of Peter Cowan powering his Series III hybrid across New Zealand’s Whangaehu river is star pic this time.’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR 2nd prize GRAHAM BENNETT WINS A SEALEY EXTENDABLE ½-INCH SQUARE DRIVE BREAKER BAR What a brilliant action photo, taken on a greenlane on the Isle of Man. Capturing the Defender while it’s partly hidden by the gorse only adds to the drama.’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR…

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shooting break

Living and working in a close-knit, rural community brings huge advantages when it comes to getting things done – and done really well. A fine example of this is Scott Davies’ Defender 90, beautifully transformed into a shooting wagon with the help of local craftsmen. So I’ve rumbled up to North Yorkshire to find out how and why this lovely Defender looks the way it does. To say that Scott – who professionally restores listed buildings – and his mate Barry McWilliams share an eye for detail is an understatement. This level of perfection has been honed over many years and this awesome vehicle is the latest evidence of what the two guys can produce. Any work outside their skillset has been completed by other local experts and artisans, not least from…

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let’s pick-up the story

FRESH FROM THE FARM Despite being retired in remarkably good condition from agricultural duties, this 2007 2.4 TDCi was stripped back to its bones. ALL OUT! The bare essentials exposed for Raptor coating. The doors were removed – and even the front floor came out to get at every nook and cranny. STRESSED MEMBER Scott body-coloured the rear crossmember, stripping, etch-priming and painting it himself. ‘I had to strip it back and redo it several times.’ FACIA-ING THE MUSIC Flip-up head unit links to Apple CarPlay on Scott’s iPhone. Screen then functions just like an iPhone. Also shows live feed from rear reversing camera. TRIALS AND TREPIDATIONS Initial trial-fit of Geoff Bogg’s custom-made wooden rear door included crucial measuring-up for the one-chance hinge placement. KEEPING IN SUSPENSE New heavy-duty Britpart coil springs and dampers keep the tyres in contact with the…

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first orders, please!

An astonishing 1.21 million people have used Land Rover’s online configurator to specify how they’d kit out their dream new Defender. And while nearly all of them are just indulging in window shopping, Land Rover reveals that firm orders for the 110 version have far exceeded expectations: tens of thousands of eager buyers have paid deposits in readiness for taking delivery of their new Land Rover in the coming months. The news bodes well for sales of the shorter-wheelbase 90, for which the order books have just opened. ‘If our experience with the 110 is anything to go by, we can expect the new Defender to be the most accessorised and personalised Land Rover we’ve ever produced,’ says Finbar McFall, Land Rover’s global product marketing director. More than half of those who used the…

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one giant leap

Pictured right is the entertaining new Defender TV ad, shot during rehearsals for the new James Bond film, No Time To Die, which opens in cinemas on 3 April. It shows three 110s making a huge leap during a typical breakneck high-speed chase. ‘We pushed the Defenders further than we believed was possible so we could give fans an insight into producing an incredible chase sequence,’ said the advertisement’s stunt co-ordinator, Lee Morrison. Based on the 110 X model, these were the first off the production line at the Nitra factory in Slovakia. There were no modifications to the body structure except a roll cage. The final sequence shows one barrel-roll back on to its wheels and trundle away, dented but unbowed. Gripping stuff.…