Land Rover Owner June 2020

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editor’s welcome

I’ve a confession to make: I’ve never owned a Range Rover. I’ve thought about it loads of times, have driven loads of different versions and have even trialled one (a friend foolishly lent it to me), but I’ve not had one to call my own. Part of the reason is that I’d want a pre-1986 and I’m not a great welder, nor do I have deep pockets – you tend to need one or the other to buy a Range Rover of that vintage. The Range Rover marks its 50th birthday in June and we’ve looked back at the milestones in its history, as well as some of the particular models that made it what it is. It has always been a desirable vehicle; and having just seen a restored pre-production 1970…

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world of land rovers

1st prize RICK HENDERSON WINS A SEALEY 900W ANGLE GRINDER ‘Congratulations to Rick for winning top prize with this beautifully lit photo of his ex-G4 Challenge Defender near the “bridge to nowhere” on the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides.’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR 2nd prize ANDY OLBY WINS A SEALEY HOT AIR GUN ‘I do love a working Defender that’s also kept looking smart. Andy’s 2001 Td5 90, putting in a shift in this Norfolk woodland, is a worthy prizewinner.’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR WIN! SEALEY gear in the next issue of LRO For stockists, to request your copy of a free catalogue or to buy online, go to sealey.co.uk 1st PRIZE Sealey Screwdriver, Hex Key & Bit Set 44pc (S01090) LIST PRICE £47.94 2nd PRIZE Sealey Large Angled Flo-Thru Brush with 1.7m Telescopic Handle (CC50) LIST PRICE £39.54 For a chance to see one of…

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the next generation

Cyclists rate the climb up the northern side of Fleet Moss as the toughest in Yorkshire. Ascending 1000 feet in just 3.5 miles due south of the town of Hawes, it’s the highest road in the county, topping out at just under 2000ft. Today it’s blanketed by over a foot of powdery snow that fell overnight on to already icy tarmac. Treacherous is an understatement: try to stand at the top and you could be in Hawes faster than an Olympic luge champion, but without the sled. We’re attempting to get up it in the latest mild hybrid (MHEV) versions of the Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque. This is an LRO Real World Test with a difference. It’s two weeks before the coronavirus crisis hits the UK and we’re putting…

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plug-in play!

The long-awaited plug-in hybrid electric versions of the Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque have arrived. With a 1497cc threecylinder engine driving the front wheels and an electric motor driving the rear wheels, these are set to be the most frugal Land Rovers yet, with zero tailpipeemission journeys of up to 41miles possible with the Evoque (38 miles in the Discovery Sport). Despite the engine having a relatively small capacity – it’s certainly the smallest production engine fitted to a Land Rover – it’s no slouch. The three-cylinder engine produces 197bhp and 206lb ft of torque – that’s 50 per cent more power than a Td5 and almost the same amount of torque. Add the 80kW electric motor, which weighs in with an additional 107bhp and 191lb ft torque, and you’ve a…

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news in brief

How to buy LRO Struggling to get hold of LRO? Why not take out a subscription and get it delivered? See p32. Or go to LRO.com/how-to-buy. Charge delayed The Rhino Charge in Kenya has been postponed from May to 10 October, but you can keep up to date with John Bowden and Gumtree 4x4’s Car 9 at tinyurl.com/RhinoCar9. Climb for charity Tim Sinclair, a technician at John Brown 4x4, will be climbing Island Peak in the Himalayas for charity. More at tinyurl.com/TimSinclair. GET ALL THE LATEST NEWS ON LRO.COM…

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the new lro quiz

1 What wheelbase lengths were available new in 1957? (A) 86 and 107 (B) 88 and 107 (C) 88, 107 and 109 2 What was the Honda-badged version of the Discovery called? (A) Highlander (B) Crossroad (C) Freelander 3 Which vehicle was launched in Paris in 2010? (A) Discovery 4 (B) Range Rover Evoque (C) Velar 4 In which county was the Range Rover Classic launched? (A) Herefordshire (B) Oxfordshire (C) Cornwall 5 Pink Panthers were built on which model? (A) Series II (B) Series IIA (C) Series III 6 Which engine did the Defender gain at its launch? (A) 2.25 petrol (B) 2.5 Turbo (C) 200Tdi 7 The Discovery was used for the 1990 Camel Trophy. Where was it held? (A) Siberia (B) Sulawesi (C) Guyana 8 What was the Carmichael SIIA Forward Control 109in fire appliance called? (A) Denis (B) Redwing (C) Firefly 9…