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meet the team

CONTRIBUTOR Most of us would gladly have a Land Rover as our work vehicle, and a purposefully kitted-out Defender with matching trailer would please even more people. It’s certainly the job for artisan builder David Dingermanse, as John finds (p36). CLUBS TSAR Russ was one of the founding members of a 4x4 response group attached to his Land Rover club, and groups are being relied on not just in times of bad weather. West Midlands gets a mention this month (p159), but most are deployed now. CONTRIBUTOR We were going to include Vicky’s tale of braving the Scottish winter in her Series IIA Carawagon earlier in the year, but we decided to wait until we’d be warm and dry, in exactly the way she wasn’t on the trip. Read about it on page 64. CONTRIBUTING EDITOR If…

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editor’s welcome

I’m not saying that we’ve been making the most of the lockdown by upgrading our Land Rovers, but they’re definitely looking a bit better than they were in February. Mark’s Series I goes better than before, JP has a visual indicator of how dusty the places he’s visited are and Martin has been spannering frantically, finishing his turbocharged 1.8-litre Freelander project (which starts in the mag next month). Even I’ve found some time to work on mine, fitting a winch I bought back in 2014. Whichever model you own, and whatever you use it for, whatever your budget, you’ll find some great suggestions in our upgrades feature (p11) – and they’ll keep you occupied until things get properly back to normal. Inspired? Tell us what you’ve been up to: our address is on…

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world of land rovers

1st prize SAM HOPWOOD WINS A SEALEY 900W Ø115mm ANGLE GRINDER ‘Sam’s got everything right with this Cornish greenlane scene – he’s composed the shot perfectly, and the light is just amazing. His 1981 SIII looks right at home.’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR 2nd prize MATTHEW ADBY WINS A SEALEY 1600W 375°C/500°C HOT AIR GUN ‘A photo to be proud of! Brilliantly captured moment as Matt’s Disco 3 waves a wheel on a greenlane near Llangollen, during a trip with the Cheshire LRC.’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR WIN! SEALEY gear in the next issue of LRO For stockists, to request your copy of a free catalogue or to buy online, go to sealey.co.uk 1st PRIZE Sealey Screwdriver, Hex Key & Bit Set 44pc (S01090) LIST PRICE £47.94 2nd PRIZE Sealey Large Angled Flo-Thru Brush with 1.7m Telescopic Handle (CC50) LIST PRICE £39.54 For a chance to see…

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My favourite upgrade I’ve modified my 110 to make it into the perfect overland vehicle for my needs, so most of the items in or on it could justifiably fit into the My Top Kit category. But there’s one item I wouldn’t be without – plastic self-recovery tracks. I’ve got TREDs, but others are available. You get stuck, you dig down and position them in front of the wheels, the tyres grip and you drive out. Sorted. John Pearson • For Get-out-of-jail card for stuck overlanders • Against Not advised for use as bridging ladders Raised air intake A raised air intake will elevate where the Land Rover breathes in its air, lifting it above the trail of dust from the vehicle(s) in front. If you’re planning on lots of desert travel, the addition of…

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your top upgrades

Charles Morgan (LRO Adventure Club trip leader) Alucab Icarus pop-top We sleep inside the vehicle; it takes seconds to erect. Also, a proprietary cruise control makes a big difference. Sam Watson (LRO overland guru) Diesel filter Mr Filter portable diesel filter/water separator plus Separ in-line diesel filter for countries where fuel quality isn’t very good. Dave Price (Australian overlander) Long-range fuel and water tanks For Australia’s vast distances we have a 145-litre main fuel tank and a 40-litre pannier tank. Russ Dykes (Ardventures trip leader) Tree sliders and adjustable suspension rods Both from Prospeed for my Disco 4: bodywork protection and suspension lift. Honestly, they’ll soon pay their way… Ben White (overlander) Extra security Window guards, plus heavy-duty hasp and staple with a padlock for the rear door. There’s no such thing as having too much security. Martin Stokes (overlander) Corbeau seats Sublime comfort on long journeys.…

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My favourite upgrade The trouble with a lot of modifications that make your Land Rover better off-road is that they make it worse on-road. This isn’t the case for the locking axle diff; it has no impact at all on driveability when not being used, but can double your traction across each axle at the flick of a switch. Cross-axled or waving a wheel in the air? Simply lock that differential and keep on moving. If you buy only one, fit it in the rear axle. Martin Domoney • For Complete control, no effect on road manners • Against Relatively expensive (ball park, £575-£1250) Heavy-duty bumpers Changing your Land Rover’s standard (and fragile) metal or plastic bumpers for aftermarket ones made from sturdy steel will reduce the likelihood of damage should you nudge into a…