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CHATTING ABOUT OLDER Land Rovers with a fellow classic car nut recently, I asked how they were seen by buyers more used to bidding for unpronounceable Italian sports cars. ‘Everyone has at least one Land Rover in them,’ was his reply. And he’s right. It’s no surprise that values of the best (or most recently dragged out of a barn) classic Land Rovers are rocketing. They’re cool. So, you really should have one as a second, or third, or fourth... Land Rover, shouldn’t you? Whether it’s for a trundle to the pub, for using as a tow vehicle for a classic racer or trialler, or just an excuse to spend even more time up to your elbows in garage heaven, it makes a lot of sense to get your hands on…

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team lro

MIKE GOODBUN EDITOR Filling the D3 with mountain bikes, and our Peterborough show: Sept 19-20. Buy tickets at! NEIL WATTERSON DEPUTY EDITOR Surfing (or at least trying to learn to surf…) and greenlaning in Devon with my Defender 110. MARK SAVILLE ASSISTANT EDITOR I’m really looking forward to driving my Series I to Switzerland and taking part in Les Séries en Hélvétie. THEO FORD-SAGERS STAFF WRITER Exploring continental Europe in my Series IIA 109-inch hard top. It’ll be by far the furthest I’ve driven it since I got it in 2010. JOHN PEARSON EDITOR-IN-CHIEF I’ve got a whole summer’s worth of overseas adventures lined up, but it’s nice to be home too! Get in touch! Email, post on the forum at; Find us on Facebook – ‘Land Rover Owner’, or talk to us on Twitter – @LandRoverOwner…

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world of land rovers

1st prize WINS A GERBER POCKET TOOL ‘What a perfect way to spend an evening. Who wouldn’t want to be on that beach!’ THEO, SENIOR STAFF WRITER 2nd prize WINS A GERBER ZIP HEX TOOL ‘Proof that a Land Rover is your ultimate flexible friend... Don’t miss our next show on Sept 19-20!’ THEO, SENIOR STAFF WRITER…

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For stockists or to buy online, please see or call 01506 406277 1st PRIZE Gerber Ultimate Multi-Tool WORTH £59.99 2nd PRIZE Gerber Dime Red Multi-Tool WORTH £29.99 For a chance to see one of your pics in print, send high-res images to Include a description of the vehicle and where the pic was taken, along with the names of anyone in it. Congrats to first prize winner Tangus Ness who wins a Gerber Ultimate Multi-Tool worth £59.99 for his Aussie beach paradise. Second prize of a Gerber Dime Red Multi-Tool worth £29.99 goes to George Jackson.…

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heavy metal in tin county

Cornwall is a place of contrasts. In the spring sunshine children play innocently, having fun on golden, sandy beaches while above them on the moors long-abandoned tin mines stand guard. These are a reminder that in the dark, industrial past of the 18th and 19th centuries, workers toiled deep underground in tunnels that stretch for mile after mile. All of which means it’s entirely appropriate that this Ninety was created in Cornwall, because beneath its innocent exterior, it too hides a dark, industrial secret – a 6.5-litre General Motors V8 diesel. My long trip to the westernmost tip of England soon starts to seem worthwhile as we drive along the sandy shoreline, skimming the fringe of the Atlantic. I’m sitting comfortably at the wheel of the thundering V8, and everything feels right…

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final countdown for defender is on

There’s now less than one month to go before the Defender goes off sale in the UK, so if you want one built to your spec, you’d better get in quick. Although production ends at Solihull in December, LRO understands last orders will be on June 26, so the sequence of build slots can be allocated. Owners in the European Union will then have until the end of August 2016 to register their Defender for the road. Unsurprisingly, demand for the Defender is booming, with Land Rover selling 23 per cent more in April than the same month last year. And, Defender production has been ramped-up by more than 60 per cent to keep on top of demand. Of the three 2015 Limited Editions (above), the initial allocation of Heritage models (on…