Land Rover Owner May 2015

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AS BRILLIANT AS THE Defender is, we all accept that it’s not faultless. But thanks to the model’s simplicity, it’s a doddle to realise its full potential. Which is why we’ve put together the definitive list of smart mods that will make yours even better than Land Rover intended (p38). The total cost of all 42 tweaks is a sniff under £4500, but don’t spit out your Tetley’s just yet! You don’t need to do them all, or all at once... Elsewhere in this issue, there’s a distinctly retro feel, from the time-warp ex-Led Zeppelin Range Rover Classic to the sensational account of the 1954 Oxford and Cambridge Trans-Africa Expedition. Even Danny Darlow’s 200Tdi Defender boasts classic-inspired colours – I wish my first car was that cool. I hope you enjoy the…

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team lro

MIKE GOODBUN EDITOR John Eales tuned Masai Red Stage 1 SIII soft top NEIL WATTERSON DEPUTY EDITOR Marine Blue 88-inch SIIA soft top with MkII winch MARK SAVILLE ASSISTANT EDITOR Grey 2.6-litre 109in SIIA FC with Harvey Frost & winch THEO FORD-SAGERS STAFF WRITER Trocadero Metallic Red 3.5 EFi Range Rover Classic JOHN PEARSON EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Bronze Green Series I 80in with rear drum PTO and table circular saw Get in touch! Email, post on the forum at; Find us on Facebook – ‘Land Rover Owner’, or talk to us on Twitter – @LandRoverOwner SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE! See p74for print & digital offers Available on a range of platforms including:…

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world of land rovers

1st prize WINS A GERBER COMPACT II KNIFE ‘An icon re-imagined! Somehow we prefer this to Land Rover’s “designer” Defender on page 19...’ THEO, STAFF WRITER 2nd prize WINS A GERBER HEX TOOL ‘What an epic landscape to go off-roading in! And that well-sorted Classic looks like it’ll be unstoppable. ’ THEO, STAFF WRITER…

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1st PRIZE Prize: Gerber Compact Fire Starter WORTH £29.99 2nd PRIZE Prize: Gerber GDC Hex Tool WORTH £12.99 For stockists or to buy online, please see or call 01506 406277 For a chance to see one of your own photographs in print, send high-resolution images to Include a brief description of the vehicle and where the photograph was taken, along with the names of anyone in the photo. Congratulations to Tony Naughton, who wins a Gerber Compact II Knife worth £24.99. Second prize of a Gerber Hex Tool worth £12.99 goes to Fernando Rivero.…

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rock ’n’ roll survivor

Can you imagine the conversation? It’s 1979 and Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham is kicking back with the band’s manager Peter Grant. ‘You need to get one of these, man… waaay cool.’ ‘One of these’ is a Schuler-modified Range Rover Classic; Bonham is a fan, the owner of a 6x4 version (okay, this re-enactment may not be 100 per cent historically accurate, but you get the general picture...). Peter Grant had previously managed the Everly Brothers, Chuck Berry, The Animals and others, and if you believe the stories that can be found on the internet, he indulged in the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle as much as the bands he managed. In fact, he wasn’t just the Led Zeppelin manager – he was also a full partner in what was one of…

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tracker warning to land rover owners

Three Land Rover models were in the top 10 most recovered stolen vehicles last year, according to a report from tracking devices manufacturer Tracker. The Range Rover Sport came in third place, with the Discovery in third and full-size Range Rover fifth, marking a big increase on 2013’s stats. All the others in the top 10 were high-end German-made cars; other luxury 4x4s (from BMW and Mercerdes) were also placed in first and ninth place, revealing the high demand for top-end 4x4s among thieves. The news follows a wave of Land Rover thefts in recent months by using ‘OBD port intrusion’ – where a thief can hack the vehicle’s computer systems and persuade it to start the engine without the need for a key (LRO Jan 2015, p17). Surprised not to see Defender…