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Longevity is a anti-aging, health and wellness magazine that focuses on international expert advice, science-based research and real life stories. The magazine provides readers with a balanced range of well-researched information from natural, integrative and allopathic disciplines focusing on health, wellbeing, nutrition and fitness in an easy-to-read, consumer friendly-format, while the dedicated beauty section provides in-depth insights from experts, and covers everything from latest trends to non-invasive and invasive treatments.

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the view from my window

When I reflect on 2020, it’s hard not to think WTF happened to us. Yes, COVID-19 happened. Almost in an instant, our lives changed. And let’s be honest, there were times when it was pretty scary. Like many, I found lockdown demanding. I had to dig very deep to remain positive and focused. Mindfulness was my master, and I believe it really helped my resilience, and also my acceptance of the situation. This pandemic has been described as unprecedented, cataclysmic, wild, traumatic, messy and uncertain. Indeed, it’s all those things and more. If COVID-19 taught me anything, it’s not to take anything for granted. To accept that I can’t control what is happening around me, but I can control how I respond. And if you’re reading Longevity, you’re definitely in the right frame…

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healthspan is the new longevity

It’s an undeniable truth that aging is inevitable. Isn’t it? What if almost everything we’ve been taught about aging is wrong? What if we could change how long we live? In other words, could we choose our longevity by having a better healthspan? We’re living in an aging world Statistics show that the age of our community is rising, especially in the developed world. In 2017, one in eight people worldwide was aged 60 and over. In 2050, older people are projected to account for one in five people globally. So, by 2050, this group will be around two billion people. The most rapid increase in the 60+ population is occurring in the developing world, which is expected to show a 225% jump between 2010 and 2050. In our youth, the issue of aging…

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aesthetics in the time of covid

Dr Anushka Reddy, a GP with a special interest in cosmetic dermatology and advanced aesthetics, president of the Cosmetic Doctors Association of South Africa, and a certified Radiesse and Botulinum toxin injections trainer 2020 has been a challenge for all of us worldwide, and not least for the aesthetics industry. All aesthetic clinics closed during the Level 5 lockdown, although most reopened during Level 4, offering services such as Botulinum toxin injections for bruxism (teeth grinding) and migraines. Clinics were also able to assist patients who were struggling with acne, and offer these patients treatments to avoid long-term scarring. In these difficult times, I believe aesthetics has an important role to play as people deal with the anguish and anxiety associated with COVID-19. Since time immemorial, looking good has been linked to…

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your lifetime breast journey

Dr Justus Apffelstaedt, a specialist surgeon with an interest in breast, thyroid and parathyroid health, as well as soft tissue surgical oncology Breast cancer is the biggest threat to breast health, but to understand breast cancer, you need to understand normal breast development. Developmental stage Your breasts start developing in your mother’s uterus as the unborn baby is formed. When you are born, you have nipples and your milk-duct system has started to develop. STAGE 1: Puberty The first visible signs of breast development begin when you reach puberty, and your ovaries start to produce and release estrogen. Fat starts to collect in the connective tissue, which enlarges your breasts. The duct system also starts to grow. How to look after your breast health: • Do a monthly breast self-examination to familiarize yourself with your breasts. STAGE 2:…

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male aesthetics is booming

Dr Chris Giezing, co-owner and medical practitioner specializing in aesthetic medicine at Aesthetic Lab At this time, with COVID-19 front and center of our thinking, the wheels are turning for male aesthetics. I think the vacuum created by lockdown suddenly allowed busy men the time to contemplate their state of being. More importantly, though, I believe it afforded us the opportunity to analyze our personal lives and wellness in a lot more detail, and with the constant threat of potential infection hanging over our heads, it might also have instigated the drive to do something about our quality of health. My vision of wellness is ensconced in the strapline of my practice: “Face, figure & vigor”. People want to look better to feel better, but, as a rule, we must also be well…

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can knowing more about your dna improve your lifespan?

Danny Meyersfeld, founder of DNAlysis We lived in a very different era when the late Freddie Mercury sang the iconic words “Who wants to live forever?” It seems that, today, living longer, or anti-aging, is the phrase on everyone’s lips, and while it may seem like science fiction, we’re at the point where we can access more information about how to improve our lifespan and encourage healthy aging. The answer is a cheek-swab away – DNA testing that provides medical practitioners and patients with the tools and information they need to achieve a healthier lifespan. Healthcare has undergone an immense shift in approach, moving from a disease-management model to one that encourages optimum health and disease avoidance. Thanks to advances in human genomics and DNA tests, specialists are able to look at your…