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MacLife Spring 2019

Mac|Life is the leading independent magazine devoted to all things Apple. For over five years, Mac|Life has helped both new and veteran users get more out of their iPhones, iPads, Macs, and more, with coverage that cuts through today's glut of apps and accessories to find what matters most. With a bright, clean design and casual tone, Mac|Life offers an easy and enjoyable way to keep up with the latest Apple trends and topics.

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tech for tech’s sake?

When it comes to Apple innovation it seems like everyone is calling for some kind of Mac/iPad hybrid. Which sort of makes sense since there are many people that would like the productivity of a Mac in a more portable form. But an iPhone/iPad hybrid? Not so much. In fact, in all my time as a journalist I don’t recall anyone ever in the history of tech asking for a phone and tablet to be rolled into one; phone screens just got bigger, so what’s the point?Yet, here we are in 2019, and a folding phone — that transforms from a phone to a slightly bigger phone (or tablet, if you will? — now officially exists, and the ‘future’ is here. Or at least the future that tech companies think…

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the team

Matt SmithArt EditorMatt is contemplating the possiblities of tech origami and what bizarre shapes could be made.Rob Mead–GreenProduction EditorRob owned one of the first folding phones in the 90s — back when it was known as a flip phone.Alex SummersbyContributorAlex is hoping all the rumors around Apple’s TV service are true — he’s been stockpiling popcorn.…

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coming attractions

LATE LAST YEAR, we saw a raft of new products from Apple — new iPhones and Apple Watch Series 4 in September, then new iPad Pro, Mac mini, and MacBook Air models in October. Apple is famously secretive, so we usually can’t be sure what’s coming until it’s announced, but there are always hints and rumors…At Apple’s annual shareholders’ meeting on March 1, CEO Tim Cook said Apple is set to “roll the dice” with some upcoming products that will “blow you away.” Did he mean AR glasses? Self-driving vehicles? He didn’t say, except to indicate there’s “a long, great roadmap” for the Watch and AirPod product lines.Cook said that Apple bought 18 companies in 2018 and is in the market for more, but all this tells us is that…

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what the heck?

FOR YEARS, APPLE resisted. Back in 2011, when Samsung launched the 5.3–inch Galaxy Note, iPhones all had 3.5–inch screens. A year later, the iPhone 5 added half an inch. But when 2014’s iPhone 6 Plus arrived with 5.5–inches, it was time to admit resistance was futile.With the 6.5–inch iPhone XS Max and the 6.4–inch Galaxy S10+, we’ve come about as far as hands will go. Nobody wants to pull out an iPad mini to ’gram a selfie. Yet Samsung and Huawei have unveiled phones with a comparable screen area, at 7.3–inch and 8–inch respectively.When you look at it this way, ‘foldables’ are a logical solution to a looming limitation. Looked at any other way… oh my. Would anyone bet on the Mate X’s unprotected wraparound plastic AMOLED versus daily reality?…

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the shift

A BIG PART of me thinks of the iLife era as the ‘real’ heyday of the Mac. The suite was technology at its best, democratizing tools that were considered pro–only, and making it so that anyone could start using them in seconds. Photo and video editing, DVD production, building rich websites and creating digital music… all in friendly and familiar interfaces. You pointed to them and said “this is why you get a Mac”. Each new release of iLife felt big, with lots of new features that were exciting to explore.A few years — and many killed–off apps — later, iBooks Author brought the tradition back, making it possible to build interactive ebooks. I was so excited to play with it, and made some pretty cool stuff, which both did…

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6 things apple may be working on

1 Actual Apple TVBeyond the little black box, Apple is ramping up to launch its own streaming service with Netflix–style in–house productions. How it’ll work price–wise is one question; another is how the famously prudish company competes with HBO…2 Self–driving vehiclesWe know Apple’s autonomous vehicle division, Project Titan, is real because it, uh, laid off 200 people. No big deal, says Tim Cook! Speculation on what it’ll make, someday, ranges from just software to, like, a van, maybe? We‘re not holding our breath.3 ARM–based MacsRumors reckon new Macs as soon as 2020 could have iOS–style ARM processors in place of the Intel chips they switched to a decade ago. iPad apps on your desktop? Cool. A Mac that no Mac apps work on yet? Hmm. As they say: big if…