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Man Magnum

June 2019

The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.

South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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man magnum

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learning to learn

WE RECENTLY RECEIVED an article submission from contributor Hilton Hamann in which he shares his insight on using a single-action revolver as a personal and home-defence piece. Hilton is a respected handgun enthusiast and has written books on the subject; The Gun and You: the safe use of firearms in South Africa, can be found on the bookshelves of most of my acquaintances. In South Africa, with its huge polymer pistol fan-base, the subject of using a single-action-only (SAO) revolver as a defence piece (or a double-action revolver for that matter) is controversial at best, often leading to ridicule and scorn should you be the one to bring it up. However, I think Hilton has a point in opining that there is a place for “foreign and outdated ideas” such as…

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Recoil & Lumps With reference to your March 2019 edition, I would like to comment on two points. Firstly, in the letter by Alwin Fleischmann regarding recoil calculations, all the calculations are correct as presented, with the exception of the metre/ sec to feet/sec conversion factor, but I would like to add something to that, also based on the laws of motion and energy. Not many shooters realise just how small the rearward movement of a firearm is before the bullet leaves the muzzle. As shown by Mr Fleischmann, the velocity of the bullet/ejecta combination relative to the rifle velocity in the opposite direction, is inversely proportional to the mass of the two components. It follows therefore that the distance travelled by each would also be in an inverse proportion to the mass…

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a hunter’s esp

EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION. A sixth sense. Jim Corbett called it ‘Jungle sensitivity.’ I call it ‘My little voice.’ A controversial subject, but too well documented to be purely a myth. Many people, mainly hunters, have recorded its appearance in times of danger. Some say it is an extension of the ordinary sight, sound, touch, taste and smell senses, others say it is divorced from these – a true sixth sense. I believe I have personally experienced it on at least four occasions, all of them during life-threatening or potentially life-threatening situations. Probably one of the best hunters our modern world has produced, Jim Corbett, was once walking back along a trail after having no luck hunting a man-eating tiger. The path was rough with a tangled incline to the right and thick jungle…

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ziğana pistols

Budget pistols from Turkey TURKISH MANUFACTURER, TISAS, of Trabzon started producing firearms in 1994. South African importer, HJ Drinn (Pty) Ltd, received their first consignment in early 2018 and recently sent Magnum four of their pistols, the Zigana F, Zigana K, Zigana M16 and Kanuni S, all in 9mmP, to test. I was somewhat apprehensive about testing a range of pistols I had never heard of, but my fears proved to be unfounded. All the test pistols have aluminium alloy frames, steel slides, and are double action, hammer-fired semi-autos. They function on a locked breech, short recoil design. The barrel locks to the slide with one large lug that engages the ejection port. The double-stack magazines are of steel construction without witness holes, holding 15 rounds. The polymer follower engages the…

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man-killing lioness quintet

THERE WERE FEW recorded instances of lions becoming man-eaters in the old Rhodesia before guerrilla insurgents began infiltrating from neighbouring countries and were killed or wounded during contacts with the security forces. Even then, few lions began eating human flesh, and I never came across any man-eaters during my extensive hunting career in Rhodesia, though I occasionally heard of some shot by game wardens. However, during the 1960s, I did have two encounters with man-eaters in Eastern Caprivi. I have already related the story of one; I will now tell of my other encounter involving five lionesses that became man-eaters without any apparent reason. In those days, Eastern Caprivi was sparsely populated except for small fishing villages, mostly along the flood plains of the Zambezi and Chobe rivers. These villages were generally…