Marie Claire South Africa October 2018

Marie Claire South Africa is an iconic, trendsetting title for discerning, fashion-conscious women. It's a brand of depth and substance and offers a journalistic angle on issues not covered by other fashion magazines. Marie Claire is for multifaceted women with a shared mind-set: they are curious about the world and empathize with other women, and their interests range from social issues to fashion trends. The brand provides content not found anywhere else in South Africa: dynamic, picture-led reportage, real women’s stories, critical reporting and sophisticated fashion and beauty across age categories. Please note: this digital version of the magazine does not include the covermount items you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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i denne udgave

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what you said

#DearBody You are not broken beyond repair. Yes, you’re still in excruciating pain, tolerating death spoken over you. Hopefully one day you will be pain-free, but for now wear your scars as a badge of honour and do not get stuck with how things used to be. Keep in mind that you’re not going alone on this journey that demands a new you. Take what might seem ugly and make it beautiful and inspiring. Thanks, Marie Claire, for allowing me and others to speak openly about our bodies. It was therapeutic. @madame_blog #DearBody What a journey! Let me start by apologising for everything I’ve put you through. I am so sorry for letting you go through all of that hurt, the pain, the tears and the torture. The more I think about it, the…

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a new way to shop

In 2017, an estimated 1.66 billion people worldwide shopped for goods online. In South Africa, online spending is expected to reach R53 billion by the end of 2018, up from R37.1 billion in 2017, according to a research conducted by PayPal. And today, around 23% of local shoppers purchase online at least once a month. Since the beginning of print media (side note, Marie Claire was born in France in 1937, roughly six years before Colossus, the world’s first electronic digital programmable computer, was invented), women’s magazines have served not only as an escape and a destination to inspire, engage and entertain, but also as a shopping window onto the world: through perfectly curated fashion and style pages, design news, innovative beauty tips and engaging how-to advice, editors trawled around the country…

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the new neutrals

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designer dossier from lagos to london–and back

Since his 2015 debut at South African Menswear Week, Tokyo James’ collections have been exhibiting an ever-shifting sartorial buffet of London edge, tailored street cred and a hint of Nigerian joie de vivre… This from a 32-year-old with a mathematics background, who grew up wanting to be an aeronautical engineer. With extensive industry experience – he started out in fashion as a stylist but has also edited his own online publication, Rough UK, before venturing into fashion design – this creative director happily shares mic-dropworthy observations and advice over a cup of tea. ‘My big break was shooting with the assistant of Dazed & Confused photographer John Rankin Waddell. That was my first calling card. From there I started getting models; I was able to contact the big PR agencies. Dazed really…

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building blocks

AMINO ACIDS In case you’ve forgotten your high-school biology, amino acids are the building blocks that make up proteins, and play a role in virtually every process in our bodies. When it comes to skincare, they’re celebrated for their anti-ageing effects. Two in particular – proline and glycine – are vital for collagen synthesis, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Incorporated into serums, night creams and other treatments, amino acids also improve moisture retention to soften and smooth skin. TRY THESE: 1. NEOSTRATA Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum R1 035 adds volume to slack skin, renews tone and smooths texture while improving overall signs of photo-damage. 2. PH FORMULA UV Protect SPF 50+ R610 is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that helps prevent DNA damage. It also deeply hydrates skin, and has a matte finish…

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the power of pastel

GET THE LOOK Noughties trends are back in fashion (and beauty) – we’re seeing a resurgence of pastels on both the runway and red carpet. They add an ethereal touch to any look. To avoid looking like you’re going to a disco, though, follow these tips: 1. If you choose baby blue, opt for either a dome shape on your upper eyelid, or a little liner or shadow delicately smudged along your lower lash line. 2. Avoid matching your lip and eye shade, no matter the pastel colour. Rather apply a sheer wash of colour across your lids and finish with a plum mascara to make your eyes stand out. 3. Yellow eyeshadow is very high-fashion and looks beautiful on every complexion. Sweep the shade lightly onto your eyelids and build the intensity to…