Marie Claire South Africa December 2016

Marie Claire South Africa is an iconic, trendsetting title for discerning, fashion-conscious women. It's a brand of depth and substance and offers a journalistic angle on issues not covered by other fashion magazines. Marie Claire is for multifaceted women with a shared mind-set: they are curious about the world and empathize with other women, and their interests range from social issues to fashion trends. The brand provides content not found anywhere else in South Africa: dynamic, picture-led reportage, real women’s stories, critical reporting and sophisticated fashion and beauty across age categories. Please note: this digital version of the magazine does not include the covermount items you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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i denne udgave

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cheers to you all

I love a good party. The bigger and noisier, the better. So you can imagine how excited I am that the party season is here. In our business, we can smell festivities long in advance as our inboxes fill up with invitations to all kinds of events. A few weeks ago, there were 34 events to attend on one Thursday night. I felt like a kid in a candy store – I wanted to go to all of them. There is nothing that makes me happier than to be around lots of people – I like to shake hands, hug friends and share a bottle of bubbly. All of which makes it hard to believe that the incidence of house parties in some parts of the world is dropping as…

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ten of the best

1 DOLCE & GABBANA ESSENTIAL CLEANSING WATER R435 is effective at removing make-up and, with gold silk sericin and vitamin B3, can also act as an anti-ageing toner. 2 Your solution to skin dehydration, THERAVINE HYDRAVINE CHARDONNAY GRAPE MASK R214 is a moist cloth mask containing chardonnay grape extract and aloe to rehydrate parched party skin. 3 EXUVIANCE BIONIC OXYGEN FACIAL R940 has a lightweight, oxygenated formula that bubbles into a lather as it soaks into the skin. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, stimulating collagen production and plumping skin. 4 A refreshing pick-me-up, PLACECOL ILLUMINE ANTIOXIDANT MIST R340 moisturises and brightens the skin with glycerin and ascorbic and citric acids. 5 Activated by the heat of your skin, EYE SLICES PROFESSIONAL 10-USE SOOTHING & COOLING EYE GEL PADS R200 refresh the eye area in…

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big smoke

effects of pollution on the skin It has been found that air pollution has a huge effect on the skin and accelerates its ageing process as well as aggravates existing conditions such as eczema. The high concentration of chemicals and gases such as nitrogen dioxide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (as a result of cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes), volatile organic compounds (found in paint, varnishes and factories) and ozone in polluted air allows these nanosized particles to penetrate into the skin’s epidermis through the pores and affect it on a cellular level. Since pollution also hinders the ozone layer’s ability to filter out harsh UV rays and free radicals, it allows for the free radicals to make contact with the skin and to break down cellular DNA. This causes a depletion…

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roped in

the braid becomes the ‘cool kid on the block’ as designers such as Gucci, Celine and Simone Rocha breathe new life into the once conservative schoolgirl do. Embrace the classic three-piece braid or trade it for a tightly twisted two-piece plait, as seen on Public School and JW Anderson runways. The key to the strong braid is in its super-slick, flyaway-free finish. Like this look? Try our easy four-step guide: 1. Run a smoothing serum or styling cream through damp hair for a sleek finish. 2. Using a hair elastic, tie hair in a ponytail at the back of the head. 3. Section the ponytail into three and create a standard braid or divide in two and twist. 4. Secure with a hair elastic and use a finishing spray to add shine. PHOTOGRAPHS JUDD VAN RENSBURG,…

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beyond the ban

To ban the burqa or not? This is a question that continues to divide Western Europe and has highlighted multiculturalism in countries such as France and Switzerland, where the face veil and the niqab have been prohibited. As Muslim women’s attire is at the centre of the debate, the revival of a three-year-old exhibition engages with this issue from their perspective. The notion that women need guidance in how to dress is one of many belittling attitudes about Muslim women that the exhibition’s curator, author and activist Samina Ali, hopes to challenge. Titled Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art & Voices, the online exhibition features female Muslim writers, visual artists and poets. Challenging stereotypes about Muslim women and breaking down myths about followers of Islam, using the voices of the featured global artists,…

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party like it’s 1799

One by one, the debutantes float down the sweeping staircase of the enormous ballroom at Grosvenor House, one of the largest in London. Every year, these women perform this ritual in ivory-coloured gowns and bejewelled tiaras before 600 pairs of dewy eyes. Candelabra shimmer, bosoms heave, cavalry officers challenge one another to duels, and in November, the Russian maestro Yury Revich plays The Dying Swan on a Stradivarius. For any aspirant Natasha Rostova – the central character of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace – the Russian Debutante Ball has become the highlight of the social calendar, a chance to party like it’s 1799. ‘It’s a fairytale to dance here,’ says Alexandra Mezhonova, 26, from St Petersburg. ‘Regardless of what century we are in, there should always be a space for fairytales.’…