Marie Claire South Africa May 2017

Marie Claire South Africa is an iconic, trendsetting title for discerning, fashion-conscious women. It's a brand of depth and substance and offers a journalistic angle on issues not covered by other fashion magazines. Marie Claire is for multifaceted women with a shared mind-set: they are curious about the world and empathize with other women, and their interests range from social issues to fashion trends. The brand provides content not found anywhere else in South Africa: dynamic, picture-led reportage, real women’s stories, critical reporting and sophisticated fashion and beauty across age categories. Please note: this digital version of the magazine does not include the covermount items you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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i denne udgave

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talent trumps trump

My first philosophy class at university destroyed the very foundation of my world. It’s difficult now to imagine myself as that young woman whose intellectual life had never been challenged like that before. That morning, I left the BJ Vorster building (yip, that’s right) at Stellenbosch University, feeling like I had just come out of an anaesthetised coma. It was the question about whether we can be certain of anything that freaked me out. Is this table really here, and not just a figment of my imagination? I walked shakily out of that building on unsteady feet. The world seemed obviously real and transparent. I had thought I knew what was what; that the truth could be known and shared. For the next few years, those philosophy classes tore apart my…

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minimalist maylee

When did you know that you wanted to be in fashion? I loved clothing and fashion from a young age. Both my nanna and my nonna were dressmakers, so I’m sure it’s intrinsic. I studied fashion design for a year after school, but became disillusioned with it. I decided rather to get into the workplace, so for the past nine years I’ve been working within the clothing and retail industry. Now that I have the resources and know-how, it feels like the right time to scratch that creative itch. How do you come up with your designs? I’ve always found myself buying clothes and wishing a small detail was slightly different. My pieces are mostly reinterpretations of classic items. I want to make clothing I enjoy wearing, and hopefully other people will love…

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liquid gold

FACE OILS Using a face oil is like giving your skin a big gulp of water. They’re lipophilic, so they easily penetrate the skin’s lipid barrier, hydrating deeply and locking in more moisture than regular cream to give skin a dewy glow. They act as great primers too, creating the perfect canvas for your make-up. Choose one with antioxidants for added wrinkle reduction. BODY OILS Rid yourself of dry, flaky, winter skin with a body oil. Natural oils have a soothing, restorative action, leaving your skin silky-soft and nourished. For best results, apply right after a shower to seal in all moisture.…

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ten of the best

1 ELIE SAAB LIMITED EDITION LE PARFUM RESORT COLLECTION 50ML R1 110 contains zesty notes of red mandarin and luscious pomegranate nectar, as well as an addition of patchouli. Plus we can’t get enough of the bottle. 2 MYRRH & TONKA 100ML R2 040 is a new addition to the JO MALONE family and is inspired by Namibia’s sand dunes and warm desert colours. A hint of lavender adds a floral element; omumbiri myrrh is situated at the heart, with base notes of tonka bean. 3 ALEXANDER MCQUEEN MCQUEEN EDP 75ML R1 940 is dominated by floral notes of night-time blooming flowers such as tuberose, jasmine and ylangylang. This fragrance stands out with its intoxicating base of clove, pink and black pepper, and finished with vetiver. 4 SISLEY IZIA EDP 50ML R1 690 is described as a…

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at a stretch

JUDEY PRETORIUS Biochemical scientist and co-founder of Biomedical Emporium ‘Stretch marks can be described as connective tissue injury. Due to a depletion of collagen and elastin fibres, the skin’s overall tensile strength and elasticity is compromised and loses its firmness. The most common example of this is when your skin stretches quickly, for example during pregnancy. To improve firmness, start by keeping the skin hydrated with regular moisturising, especially after showering. Boost collagen and elastin production with a mild chemical exfoliation (using products that contain glycolic or lactic acids) at least once a week. Products that contain retinoic acids (for improved cellular energy) and hyaluronic acid (for moisture retention) will help promote overall skin densification. You should notice the discolouration of the stretched skin fade over a period of four to nine…

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vanity files

BEAUTY BUZZ DIOR ADDICT LIP SUGAR SCRUB Healthy, nourished lips are key to achieving maximum impact with your lip colour. The first step? Exfoliating to remove dry skin and improve blood flow to the lips. This sweet-scented sugar scrub from Dior is an exfoliating and nourishing stick with grains of sugar that melt away after application to reveal softer, more rosy lips. Plus it doubles up as a balm that you can use daily. Generously apply by either gliding it along the lips or massaging in circular motions to smooth, rehydrate and nourish. COLOUR CRUSH The strobing trend is here to stay, and L.A. Girl has introduced a multipurpose strobing powder which effectively highlights your cheeks, sculpts your nose and enhances your pout. Available in three shades for different skin tones, it can be…