Marie Claire South Africa October 2015

Marie Claire South Africa is an iconic, trendsetting title for discerning, fashion-conscious women. It's a brand of depth and substance and offers a journalistic angle on issues not covered by other fashion magazines. Marie Claire is for multifaceted women with a shared mind-set: they are curious about the world and empathize with other women, and their interests range from social issues to fashion trends. The brand provides content not found anywhere else in South Africa: dynamic, picture-led reportage, real women’s stories, critical reporting and sophisticated fashion and beauty across age categories. Please note: this digital version of the magazine does not include the covermount items you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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prix du parfum

If there’s one issue our beauty team can’t wait for, it’s this one: the scent issue – a month of celebrating and appreciating perfume as we prepare for our annual Prix du Parfum awards. This year was no different, but perhaps a touch more special as we were hosted by the brand-new Spa at Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff. It’s a truly luxurious setting and a pampering paradise, which proved a fitting location for the difficult task of selecting the winners from the top fragrances launched in 2014. The judging panel comprised myself and our beauty assistant, Nokubonga Thusi, along with our editor, Aspasia Karras, and fashion director, Sharon Becker. We were also joined by Ruby Stroud, assistant spa manager of Spa at Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff, and actor Thembi…

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on top of their game

MICHELLE’S CHEAT SHEET FOR CAREER DOMINATION 01. Be solutions driven and don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box to solve challenges. 02. Take calculated risks and then take the plunge. Don’t let your fear of failing stop you from moving forward and realising your dreams. 03. Get off the couch and keep your eyes and ears open to new opportunities. If you want to change your career, but you aren’t sure of what to do, don’t just wait for something to fall into your lap. You have to play an active role in the changing process. If you do something with passion, success will follow. MICHELLE KNAPP After starting her career as a fashion designer, Michelle Knapp took a trip to Florence, Italy, where she discovered the monks of Santa Maria…

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that’s miss jackson to you

THE FACE ON the ‘missing’ flyer is instantly recognisable: the cheekbones, the plunging cleavage, the 90s styling. ‘Missing from the entertainment industry,’ reads the mock poster that did the rounds on social media. ‘Seriously, Janet, where the hell are you? Come back and show these young whippersnappers how it’s done!’ it says. That plea has finally been answered. With new music seven years in the making, Janet Jackson is back. In a teaser video released in July 2015, her feathery soft voice coos a promise: ‘This year – new music, new world tour, a new movement.’ Tabloid headlines in the last few years have delighted in her fluctuating weight and marriage to Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana but, said I-D magazine earlier this year, ‘people forget the important part she played in…

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i don’t know why she does it

I RECENTLY OVERHEARD a conversation between two high-powered women complaining about how only women get asked how they manage a career, marriage and family. The question, they believe, is patronising. Why don’t men have to put up with it? I wonder whether women are being short-changed by having to bear the cross of ‘multitasking’. Have you noticed how men happily cheer us on and agree as we climb on to our pedestals shouting about all the things we can do (at the same time) that they can’t? They don’t really care because they know we are going to end up doing it all for them. Dare I say, ladies, we have been duped. And a lot of the blame falls squarely on our shoulders. Are we really surprised that we…

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olympea a new fragrance fantasy

AS IF BEING in Paris is not magical enough, finding yourself at 16 Rue Antoine Bourdelle on a cold winter’s day, the entrance to the intimate Musée Bourdelle art museum, makes the visit even more of a dream. Once inside the Great Hall, the large sculptures tower over me. It is as if I am in an ancient Greek temple, surrounded by its mythical gods. It’s almost impossible to take in all the monumental grandness with one scan of the room, especially as topless men sashay past carrying Champagne; their chiselled bodies echoing the sculpted heroes around us… but let me not get too distracted. Surprisingly, neither the topless waiters nor the grand art pieces are the reason beauty editors from around the world have congregated here. We’re here to be…

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the power of pilates

As Joseph Pilates’ famous quote goes, ‘in 10 sessions you feel better, in 20 sessions you look better, in you a completely new body.’ This is something that needs to be experienced first-hand, so I embarked on six weeks of thrice-weekly Pilates sessions at B Balanced Pilates Studio at the BUC Fitness Club in Sea Point. This did wonders for gradually increasing my core strength, stability and posture and improving my running technique for a half marathon. The intimate studio is equipped with the latest Balanced Body equipment, including three reformer machines with cadillac towers, Wunda chairs, rings, balls and rollers, and a BASI-certified mat, while comprehensive instructor Jessica Hahn offers killer one-on-one sessions or group equipment classes that are fun and will whip your body into optimum shape in…