Marie Claire South Africa October 2017

Marie Claire South Africa is an iconic, trendsetting title for discerning, fashion-conscious women. It's a brand of depth and substance and offers a journalistic angle on issues not covered by other fashion magazines. Marie Claire is for multifaceted women with a shared mind-set: they are curious about the world and empathize with other women, and their interests range from social issues to fashion trends. The brand provides content not found anywhere else in South Africa: dynamic, picture-led reportage, real women’s stories, critical reporting and sophisticated fashion and beauty across age categories. Please note: this digital version of the magazine does not include the covermount items you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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i denne udgave

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ed’s note

Life = destiny + decisions One of the most interesting (and unnerving) things about making decisions is the unpredictability of how they will impact our future. According to researchers, we make over 35 000 choices on a daily basis and, with no magic crystal ball to consult, we can’t possibly foresee the long-term effects. In this issue of Marie Claire we explore how women react when faced with decision-making in different areas of their lives – decisions that were not necessarily part of women’s reality (or choice) a few decades prior. We have some pretty amazing options available to us – ones that our mothers and grandmothers would only have dreamed of – society and science were not exactly on their side when it came to making free choices about careers or motherhood. We…

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letter of the month

Dear Marie Claire, Your August cover and cover story relating to a beautiful model with albinism is of huge significance. It could even save the lives of many people with albinism in some sub-Saharan countries where it is commonly believed that bones from people with albinism make a powerful medicine. My late husband, Silhadi, was an Indian with albinism. He died ten years ago. Silhadi’s challenges were unusual in that he looked ‘white’ and as he was born in 1931, he experienced bizarre problems relating to his Indian birth certificate during apartheid, especially in his early working years. I had no prior knowledge of your cover lady, Thando Hopa, and was astonished when I saw Marie Claire on sale. I applaud you! – Barbara Maude-Stone, Durban We would love to hear from…

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la femme formidable

It’s been 80 years since business mogul Jean Prouvost founded Marie Claire. After a brief halt in the publication of the magazine due to the war, his daughter Évelyne Prouvost brought Marie Claire back to life. Her love for magazines, and commitment to journalism and to women would build a brand that is recognised worldwide as an authority on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Today, Marie Claire is published in 31 countries all over the world and is read by 15 million people. Tragically, Évelyne passed away in July in a cycling accident on the French island Belle-île-en-Mer. She leaves behind a legacy of excellence and is remembered by the industry as a fearless leader who forged the brand into what it is today. ‘Évelyne was not only a legend in her…

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Tell us about your brand Hamethop’s signature is contemporary art that is fused with traditional African designs, craftsmanship and techniques. I launched the brand because I wanted to see a different interpretation of heritage art-and-craft techniques. It’s a human-centred design business with a focus on creating relevant collections of shoes and handbags. How did you get into design? I worked in the advertising industry for years and then founded a lifestyle company, Mikiala Group, which owns a locally manufactured skincare brand called Michael Mikiala Men and, now, Hamethop. I made my first bag when I went on a trip and became frustrated that I couldn’t find one with contemporary African elements, and craftsmanship that was also arty. So I created one for myself and the rest is history. Talk us through your design process I…

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five of the best

Fragrances have a way of enhancing your mood. Whether you’re feeling playful, sexy or mischievous, there’s a scent to match. Ingredients found in perfumes have aromatherapy benefits too, with citrus, floral and spicy perfumes helping to calm the mind and keep your stress levels in check. Here are our top tips to keep in mind the next time you spritz on your favourite EDP that will not only make you smell good but feel great too. Spritz perfume in your hair or on your hairbrush to help emit a gentle aroma when you move around. GIORGIO ARMANI SKY DI GIOIA EDP 100ml R1 526. Warmer scents are perfect for date nights. Opt for a spicy perfume with pepper notes to liven up the senses. LA PERLA LA MIA PERLA EDP 50ml R1…

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spot of bother

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