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Men's Health is the UK's best-selling quality men's magazine packed with expert tips and advice on everything today's man needs to feel fitter, healthier, and happier. Every month Men's Health delivers the inside track on the subjects that matter most to men. Naturally there's fitness, weight loss and general health plus the best advice on food, nutrition and meal plans. The award-winning Men's Health also delivers the very best in sex and relationships, gear, style, grooming, travel and wealth. Small steps, big results: It's an essential read for any man who wants to make his life better without turning his world upside down.

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the expert panel

ROSIE SAUNT NUTRITION CONSULTANT From calorie counting to the post-workout protein window, Saunt and our nutritionists serve up the truth on food myths p20 DAVID NUTT DRUGS RESEARCHER Nutt has been brewing up something extra special: a synthetic alcohol that promises no hangover. Make ours a triple p72 ROGER GRACIE BJJ ROYALTY A member of a dynasty in which family always comes first place, the 10-time world champion is the man to get you fighting fit p32 BEN WURGAFT AUTHOR AND ACADEMIC Bad eggs, or the ethical solution to our insatiable hunger for protein? Wurgaft considers the future of lab meat p74 IAN BOARDLEY SPORT PSYCHOLOGIST As Sarms muscle in on steroids’ territory, Boardley warns that their reputation for safety is what makes them so dangerous p86 GARETH THOMAS RUGBY ICON Strength takes many forms. Sporting hero “Alfie” has powered change on and off the field. Learn…

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editor’s letter

This month’s cover star is both staggeringly normal and utterly unique. Normal in the sense that he’s a 45-year-old man of simple pleasures. Typical in the way that he still lives in the small, Welsh town of Bridgend, where he was raised. Unexceptional (these days, at least) in that he is a happily married gay man, comfortable in his sexuality. But Gareth Thomas is also an extraordinary individual. Extraordinary by virtue of his feats as a rugby player: Wales captain, British and Irish Lions captain, second-highest try-scorer for his country. Remarkable for recently completing an Ironman in a little over 12 hours, even though he could barely swim before his training commenced. Unique because, shortly before this feat, he became the first British sportsman to publicly announce that he is HIV…

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swipe left on your cravings

01 SCREEN OUT HUNGER 02 TAKE BACK CONTROL It’s no secret that we’re all slaves to our screens, but some of us might want to keep under the covers just how far it goes. In the UK, as many as 65% of adults take their smartphones to bed with them* and many continue to check it through the night. But this isn’t yet another story warning of blue light’s ability to sabotage sleep. Rather, it’s about how your late-night habits, whether scrolling, streaming or sliding into DMs, could be to blame for your slowly expanding waistline. According to a rodent study conducted by the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior, exposure to blue light is directly linked to sugar cravings and, as a result, your inability to keep your hands off the…

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prepare for a new year of growth

03 LATERAL THINKING As 2019 draws to a close, you can look back with pride at all the burpees and deadlifts you’ve sweated and sworn through. Frankly, you’ve earned a rest. And while you rightly change gears into party mode, it makes sense to shift your focus in the gym, too. “Using the festive season to concentrate on movement quality in the gym is a smart move,” says elite PT Luke Worthington. “It’s hard to fit quality recovery time into a packed social calendar. That makes it difficult to build more muscle, or target fat loss.” So, reach for a band and make the lunge to overhead press a new staple move. Perform three sets of 8-10 reps on each side at the end of low-intensity workouts to strengthen your glutes, hamstrings and…

5 min.
fake food news debunked

04 DISHING UP TRUTHS MYTH 01 YOU NEED PROTEIN WITHIN 45 MINUTES OF TRAINING THE THEORY “The idea that you can build muscle faster this way came from research in the early 2000s, which showed that muscle protein synthesis – the mechanism by which you build mass – was stimulated by consuming whey protein within an hour of finishing a workout,” says registered sports dietitian Rick Miller. “But the benefits that scientists found were so small that they would barely be noticeable over a 10-year period.” Consuming protein at any point after a workout will be helpful. “Following a tough session, the rate of protein synthesis will remain raised for 24 hours,” Miller adds. “During that time, your body will be sensitised to protein and will automatically build muscle.” Chew on that. THE BOTTOM LINE…

2 min.
…i overload my liver?

05 LIVER LET LIVE 01 AN UNSUNG HERO Those four glasses of Buck’s Fizz? Your liver has your back. That packet of mince pies? Few people realise that it’s got you covered there, too. Your internal filter processes nearly everything you eat and drink, and this season of overindulgence can be overwhelming – giving it less time for crucial functions such as making the hormones you need to… well, live. 02 THE FIRST SIP OF BOOZE When you have a drink, your liver converts alcohol into water and carbon dioxide, which you urinate or exhale. It also holds onto anything useful, such as the antioxidants in wine. But the metabolism of alcohol increases the levels of fats called triglycerides in your body. If you eat and drink reasonable amounts, you can use them up.…