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Men's Health is the UK's best-selling quality men's magazine packed with expert tips and advice on everything today's man needs to feel fitter, healthier, and happier. Every month Men's Health delivers the inside track on the subjects that matter most to men. Naturally there's fitness, weight loss and general health plus the best advice on food, nutrition and meal plans. The award-winning Men's Health also delivers the very best in sex and relationships, gear, style, grooming, travel and wealth. Small steps, big results: It's an essential read for any man who wants to make his life better without turning his world upside down.

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the expert panel

BOB WEIR ROCK’N’ROLL SURVIVOR The co-founder of the Grateful Dead shares his training set list that will help you stay shredded into your seventies and beyond p34 ROB HOBSON NUTRITION CONSULTANT Beat the burnout blues this winter by filling up on premium fuel, selected by Hobson and crafted into recipes by top chefs p68 JIM PATE PHYSIOLOGIST Don’t let tired excuses derail your fitness. Whatever’s your mental block, Pate and a team of coaches will help you clear the hurdle p80 BOBBY MAXIMUS PT AND EX-UFC FIGHTER The best training spaces in the US offer more than mere physical gains. Gym owner Maximus explains why commitment is king p26 ALLAN PACEY PROFESSOR OF ANDROLOGY Is testosterone really a “cure” for declining virility? Pacey debunks the myths and misconceptions about the male hormone p54 TIM SCHWARTZ DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIST In our pursuit of a tech utopia, have we given…

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editor’s letter

PAGE 89 From bronze watches to new nightwear, here is our curated guide to the coming season’s smartest style trends PAGE 54 Is testosterone truly the key to strength, muscle and even masculinity itself? MH investigates PAGE 46 Group training has never been busier, and it’s not all boutique spin classes. We asked our readers to help us find the UK’s best PAGE 60 Weight loss is a divisive issue, but it has the power to transform lives. Four men share their stories PAGE 68 Swerve the low-energy doldrums by filling up on premium fuel, precision-crafted by top chefs PAGE 80 All out of #fitspiration? Get back in the gym with our antidotes to the most common excuses that are stalling your progress For some time after the death of Clive James in November last year, I found myself digging through old…

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pop a cap in belly fat with multivitamins

When you’re intent on shifting timber, it makes perfect sense to sweat over macronutrients. But, for some reason, we tend to be less fired up about micronutrients: if we do pop a cursory multivitamin, it’s a nod to general health. However, research suggests that by skipping your daily dose, you’re missing a potent fat-burning trick. Vitamins are essential for converting nutrients into energy, helping you burn more calories throughout the day, as well as during your workout. Fail to hit your RDA consistently and you could gain more than a cold. For 12 weeks, scientists at the French research institutes Inserm and Inra fed mice a diet containing just half of their recommended vitamin intake. By the end of the experiment, the micro-deprived mice weighed 6% more than the control group,…

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your band-aid for ageing

As the years speed up and your body slows down, your desire to recover your former glories in the gym becomes ever more laudable. It can be effective, too: you just need to choose your targets wisely. Focusing on your biceps, for example, will do little more than massage your ego. “Not only will well-oiled hips and a strong core improve your lifts and athletic performance in the gym, but they’re also crucial to the mobility you need to keep moving well in later life, too,” explains CrossFit coach David Marshall. “It’s simple: either you use it, or you lose it.” You’d better start using it, then. This upgraded gym staple introduces a resistance band and an element of instability, engaging your glutes, hamstrings and shoulders – essential for maintaining your strength…

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the health snob’s guide to winter soups

01 MAN OF THE BROTH There are few things finer than a bowl of steaming soup and crusty bread on a cold winter’s day. Yet many of us still sell ourselves short with a lifeless can of cream of tomato. Armed with these recipes from the Tennants Arms in the Yorkshire Dales (thetennantsarms.co.uk), not only can you batch-cook a week’s worth of macros and micros, you’ll warm your cockles when the prospect of yet another Pret sandwich for lunch leaves you cold. It’s time you grabbed better health by the bowls. A CHICKEN This protein powerhouse needs little introduction. But it’s not just about building muscle. Use the bones and offcuts to make stock, which contains glycosaminoglycans. These support collagen production, ensuring your joints are well oiled under a heavy load. B BUTTERNUT SQUASH Squash…

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…i start middle-age spreading?

01 WEIGHT EXPECTATIONS With age comes knowledge, financial security and self-assurance – but there’s often some extra, unwanted baggage, too. From the age of 30, your levels of testosterone, HGH and the sex hormone progesterone start to decline. As a result, your muscle mass decreases and your mood and libido can go into freefall. The only thing that rises is fat retention (hooray), as your body slips from Adonis to adipose. Unless, that is, you fight back. 02 UNNATURAL ENEMIES It’s easy to make a false start. The increasing dominance of oestrogen (and lack of testosterone) in your body contributes to weight gain – a situation exacerbated by xenoestrogens in your food, put there by pesticides. Adjusting your macros to get more protein and fewer carbs, especially with a focus on organic meat,…