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3 min.
editor’s letter

As I write this in late June, the past couple of weeks have proved fairly tumultuous for people working in the predominantly white UK magazine industry. In the wake of George Floyd’s killing in the US and the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests around the world, there has been a lot of belated hand-wringing and understandable brow-beating, as well as some unhelpful, imprudent sabre-rattling. Editors have rightly been examining their consciences, reflecting on unconscious attitudes towards diversity, as reflected through their brands in past years, and how best to address them in the immediate future and beyond. Some have realised that they have work to do and have pledged as much. Others have been guilty of rather cack-handed, disingenuous responses. Meanwhile, calling out has become a national pastime. I have recently been…

14 min.
accidental hero

he caption on the photograph, when it first appeared, a few hours after the event, began, “A protester carries an injured counter-protester to safety, near Waterloo Station during a Black Lives Matter protest following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody, in London, Britain, June 13, 2020.” The most striking element of the image did not require words: that it was a black man taking a white man out of danger. “I really wasn’t going to go up there that day,” says Patrick Hutchinson, the man doing the heavy lifting. “It’s still a bit surreal.” Hutchinson, 49, was there with his friends Jamaine Facey, 43, Pierre Noah, 47, Chris Otokito, 37, and Lee Russell, 37. This is their story. Patrick: I watched the video of George Floyd being murdered…

2 min.
hit fat for six and score lean muscle

Both bulking up and leaning down are admirable aims in isolation, and we’re willing to bet that you could do with a bit of both. But in practice, though, that can be a tall order – after all, weight loss is achieved by cutting calories, which is the antithesis of getting swole. Fortunately, nutritionists at Skidmore College have discovered a workaround: a way to have your beefcake and eat it. Their study pitted the standard eating plan of three meals a day (with 15% of your calories coming from protein, 60% from carbs and 25% from fat) against two high-protein diets, in which the protein ratio was doubled. One group of high-protein dieters consumed their daily calorie intake over three main meals; the other ate six smaller meals. Both high-protein groups…

2 min.
give your summer abs plan a lift

Remember that gymnast with the muffin-top paunch and no muscle definition? Neither do we. That’s because, with their mix of functional muscle and flexibility, gymnasts realised long ago that while six-pack abs might be made in the kitchen, they’re chiselled at the bars. The swing-through is performed on parallette bars, a perfect addition to your home gym arsenal. Though a beginners’ gymnastic move, it yields elite results. “The key is to start with momentum,” says callisthenics expert James Greenwood. “Spring your feet forward, then focus on using your core to whip your hips through.” Once you have perfected the movement pattern, slow down each phase to truly tax your abs. Aim to complete a rep over three seconds for Whitlock-level kudos. With the time under tension nailed, add three sets of 15…

4 min.
the health snob’s guide to berries

01 PICK OF THE BUNCH We’d wager that frozen berries are a mainstay of most health-conscious men’s freezers. And for good reason: they’re a quick, life-extending addition to every smoothie. But with some extra ambition in the kitchen, you can rustle up not just extra flavour, but higher levels of several crucial antioxidants, which increase when the berries are cooked. To maximise the benefit of every mouthful, Robin Gill, chef-patron at Darby’s (darbys-london.com), picks out four fresh ingredients to champion this season. A CHERRIES Any endurance athlete seeking to speed up muscle recovery and decrease their injury risk should grab these by the fistful. Studies suggest that the flavonoid-rich fruit can help to reduce the risk of tendonitis, bursitis and painful strains during stamina training. B RASPBERRIES According to celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels, certain polyphenols…

2 min.
…i chase the pump?

01 PUMP ACTION Arnold Schwarzenegger once famously said: “The best activities for your health are pumping and humping.” While the 1980s heyday of über-muscled action heroes has gone the way of the mullet, there’s still some truth to Arnie’s credo. “Chasing the pump” refers to the practice of encouraging blood to pool in your muscles, leading to a temporary boost in size and vascularity. A Strength and Conditioning Journal paper suggests it can accelerate long-term growth, too. 02 THE MIGHTY SWELL The pump occurs when contractions prevent your veins from taking blood out of the muscles you’re working. Meanwhile, blood continues to be forced in. As it collects, excess plasma causes muscle fibres to stretch, says Jim Pate, physiologist at the Centre for Health and Human Performance. Your muscles interpret this as a…