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Only believe half of what you see and none of what you hear! @Circe13 It’s all cause and effect. Every action promotes a reaction. If you do nothing, then that will be your result. It’s simple, don’t overcomplicate it. Practice it.” @ukjimwatson Invest in Apple and Microsoft. @allen.mayse Start eating better—don’t wait till 40 to realize diet matters as much as exercise. @michael.norris.562 “Have more respect towards my mum and sisters and stop being so angry. Love you Mum miss you so much” @clint.johnstone.98 “And the winning lottery numbers are…” @RyanSmith Patriots will come back from being down 28–3 in the Super Bowl! @fred.valdes.9 Young man, you will sit with your anger for many more years to come, until you realize her real name is grief. It’s not your fault. Keep punching forward. One day, you will become a champion @damirhusanovich…

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world letter from the editor

Q+A WITH THE E.I.C. WHAT’S ONE THING you would tell YOUR 20-YEAR-OLD SELF if you had the chance? —@l_b_jefferies) FIRST I’D GRAB the little bastard and tell him he’s gonna regret that Dave Matthews Band tattoo. (That’s a joke.) Then I would ask him to kindly put out his cigarette. (Sadly, not a joke.) I’d tell him it’s great that he thinks he’s clever, but he should work harder at being kind. I’d urge him to study more, and to tell the truth more, and to care a lot more about how challenging it is to be a nonwhite guy in America (and then put a lot more effort into doing something about it). I would tell him that his parents are the best people he will ever know, and to hug them whenever…

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meanwhile, on instagram …

Times are tough. Drew Ramsey, M.D., a dip-lomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and Greg Brown, M.D., founder and director of Austin’s Center for Green Psychiatry, are here to help every Friday on our IG Live. Check out some of the best stuff: Dr. Ramsey (top) explained how even this very conversation felt therapeutic with author SAM LANSKY. “Really, mental health and therapy is about creating a frame in which we can explore our symptoms and our ideas and our pain in a confidential way. You’re not always going to find solutions, but at least you’ll be able to clarify the problem.” Dr. Ramsey talked with singer TWO FEET about how everyone feels the same things. “If we’re surprised that someone who looks successful has a mental-health struggle, we’re biased about…

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how exercise helped me find the true meaning of pride

The Setback I didn’t realize it at the time, but starting in 2013, I began to spiral into depression. I was out as a gay Black man, and I felt proud. But I didn’t fully understand how the oppressive body standards inside gay culture—men with thick shoulders, slender hips, tight muscles, and white skin—would affect me. I didn’t look like this, and I began to feel unworthy. I lost my appetite and then my weight. I slept often, because I wanted every day to be over. I fought to do everyday tasks, having to psych myself up for hours just to take a shower. The thought of socializing was overwhelming. The Call to Action I began recognizing myself less and less when looking in the mirror. One December morning, I saw myself as…

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this month in things you’re psyched about…

FALL IS FOR 5K’S. HOW ARE YOU GOING ABOUT IT THIS YEAR? THREE BELOVED CARTOONS HAVE TIE-IN COLLECTIONS COMING OUT IN OCTOBER. (SUPERFANS, THIS IS YOUR CALLING!) WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE? WHICH MUCH-AWAITED (AND WE MEAN IT) MOVIE ARE YOU MOST EXCITED FOR? Getty Images (telephone, race bib). Alamy (Batman). Larson and FarWorks, Inc. (The Far Side). Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (Wonder Woman). Universal Pictures (Candyman). Mitch Mandel (sneaker).…

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blood rush!

WORK THROUGH enough reps of any exercise with a challenging weight and you’ll experience the mythic pump, a swelling of blood and metabolites within the muscle that, over time, gives you the superhero muscle you want. But what if you could skip the agony of lifting heavy weights and still build serious muscle? That’s the promise of blood-flow-restriction training, a method by which you tighten a few Velcro cuffs around your upper thighs or arms, do reps with featherlight weights, and let your body do the rest. If BFR sounds fringe, that’s because it once was. The first known study on BFR, in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1937, detailed how doctors used the method to regenerate tissue and increase walking capacity in patients with lower-body circulation disorders. Twenty-nine years…