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Model Rail April 2020

Model Rail magazine is the UK's biggest-selling magazine dedicated to railway modelling. Every issue is packed with the country’s finest home and club layouts, stunning photography, unbiased and in-depth product reviews, expert tips, layout plans and step-by-step articles that really show you how. In our unique ‘Workbench’ section, we tackle a wide range of modeling skills and projects. Our expert writers and model-makers will help you to get the most from your hobby and build the layout of your dreams. Model Rail is published 13 times a year, every four weeks.

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Chris Leigh’s idea for four micro layouts all on the same subject, which could all be linked by a common track, seemed like such a moment of genius. After all, none of us has the space to model a complete railway, but why not choose four key locations that can be modelled comparatively cheaply and easily, and then arrange the scenes in the configuration you choose? With four corner boards, you could even set them up as a continuous run. The question will always be, what railway to model? My immediate thought was the Lynton & Barnstaple. But then I started thinking about the Isle of Wight, end-of-steam North Eastern Region, the Forest of Dean, the old Clapham-Low Gill line… the list grew and grew. I dread to think just how many…

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model rail brought to you by

Richard Foster There are a lot of branch lines I would like to model: the M&GN, GWR and the L&B to name just a few. George Dent I’ve recently been taken with the idea of modelling part of the Border Counties Railway in Northumberland. Chris Leigh Another one off my bucket list of layouts – and a visitor recognised it as the KESR with just one building in place! Chris Gadsby I certainly have plenty of micro layout ideas in mind but I’ve got the main layout to finish wiring first! Chris Nevard Our ace snapper is building a name for himself on the folk music circuit. Is there no end to his talents? Peter Marriott Peter is our jet-setting scenic guru. Knows what products are available and how to get the very best from them. Dave Lowery Professional model maker Dave works…

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coronavirus hits supply of models

The outbreak of coronavirus in China has been well documented and is receiving daily media attention. While factories were temporarily closed due to the Chinese New Year, the Chinese government imposed restrictions on movement in an attempt to contain the virus, and many factories have delayed reopening after the celebrations to prevent it spreading. This means that there is a delay to all manufacturing in China, including the production of model railway models and equipment. Model Rail asked the major manufacturers how this was affecting them and what can be expected in the coming months. Richard Proudman, communications manager at Bachmann Europe told us: “This is an issue with global implications and it affects producers and importers across the spectrum of goods and services, not just from the Far East. It…

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new barclay kit and transfers from planet

Planet Industrials has released the Devonport Barclay kit. Andrew Barclay of Kilmarnock supplied seven compact saddle tanks to the Devonport Royal Dockyard in Plymouth between 1915 and 1942. An eighth example, originally destined for Singapore dockyard, was also supplied in 1946. Devonport featured a tunnel between its north and south yards with restrictive clearances, and its fleet of steam and diesel locomotives featured cut-down cabs. The kit represents one of the last pair of steam locomotives built for the system by Andrew Barclay, with its late model standard pattern cab dropped in height to suit the clearances. The kit includes a 3D-printed resin cab that is a direct replacement for the Hattons Andrew Barclay model, re-using all handrails and details from the existing cab. It includes an etch of brass details, including worksplates,…

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show & tell

Layout legacy My eldest grandson Benjamin (19) lives and works in Beijing, and is currently lodging with a British family until he finds his own accommodation. They have a young son who loves trains and has a small circle of track. As a thank-you to the family for looking after Benjamin, I have sent out this tabletop layout measuring 5ft by 3ft for the little boy – the next generation of modeller. The track was part of a large DC layout belonging to an elderly gentleman who passed away. His widow knew I was a railway modeller, so she passed his layout on to me for a donation to a cancer charity. Recycling at its best! Ken Hannah Cultivating interest I was fascinated to see Paul A. Lunn’s ideas for models based on the nursery railway…

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model rail model of the decade 2010-2019 vote now!

With the 2010s behind us, we’re looking back at all of the models we have reviewed in the last 130 issues of Model Rail and there have been an awful lot of them! For this competition, we are looking for the one which you think deserves the title of Model of the Decade. Of course, because technology has advanced a lot and new features are appearing on models all the time, there is a big difference between a 2010 model and a 2019 model. Consider the relative merits of each model at the time it was released and vote for your favourite. We are pitting the winners of each category over the last ten years from MR139 (January 2010) to MR268 (December 2019) against each other in a ‘Champion of…