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Normal Magazine soft edition

Normal Magazine soft edition Issue 1.1

NORMAL is a high-end magazine devoted to artistic NUDE photography. NORMAL reveals edgy, provocative and stunning Models through the intimacy of our generation’s greatest photographers through editorials, series, interviews and portfolios; mingling hi-fashion and art in nearly 250 pages.

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Alfred de Musset, Namouna – Champ Premier (1832) Dear reader, Here is the very first special edition of Normal in a deluxe publication. Each of you, in your own way, has contributed to the publication of this book, and we are very grateful. The vocation of Normal is to serve the art through photography, artistic nudes and fashion. This aesthetic and opulent limited edition, is designed as a precious setting to sublime the works of photographers, designers, and models presented herein. Despite its nature both restrictive and subjective, this anthology suggests diversity, synergy and of course the richness of these photographs, whether intricately staged tableau or a portrait By presenting the singularities of the imagination of each of the talented creators; we wanted to introduce you to their practices, their authenticity. This book, which is yours, is an…

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marc lagrange

Marc Lagrange tragically passed away on the 26th of December, in Tenerife, Canary Islands. With his death the artistic world of photography is in mourning. A talented man has died, a photographic genius is gone. The Normal editorial team admired this small, simple, discreet, passionate and fascinating man. We admired his intensely precise and sensual vision. Two weeks prior, we had just realised a filmed interview of him in Paris, we talked about photography, about his creations, not knowing that we would never have the opportunity to discuss with him again. This interview is detailed in the following pages. He talked about his projects, his ambitions. At 57 years of age, he remains alive through his work: rich, diverse and unique creations. Marc was born in Kinshasa, Congo in 1957.…

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steven lyon

“ A great photo is one people tear out of a magazine to stick on their fridge” Steven Lyon is an enigma, hailing from Los Angeles, California. His career forged by Andy Warhol’s lens on Sunset Blvd in 1982. For over three decades, Steven has engineered a creative legacy both in front and behind the camera. Considered one of the top male models in the world throughout the 80s and 90s. The start of his career saw him as the face for designers such as Gianni Versace, Claude Montana, Jean Paul Gaultier, Cerruti and a five-year run with Trussardi. For five years, he was featured nude alongside the famous icon Iman for the then much talked about Nikos underwear campaign, lensed by Victor Skrebneski. He has been photographed by such iconic photographers as…

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szymon brodziak

“ WHAT YOU SEE IS WHO YOU ARE” Here is the story of a young man, a bit withdrawn, shaping singular images but yet recognizable among all, images that stimulate the imagination. Always in black and white, always devoted to women, images of beauty and mystery. A Polish man creating sensual and enigmatic portraits, a set designed with radiant elegance, sometimes of simple situations, causing desire and stimulating fantasy. With a practice steeped in tradition and facilitated by modern technique, he reshapes the old-fashioned to give it new life, in an aesthetic and narrative approach, similar to Helmut Newton: a granular picture in black & white to transcribe the results from film, frozen and sculptural poses, strong and overtly erotic women. When did you decide that photography would become your life’s work ? I…

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inge prader

“ Today most images are photoshoped. If they weren’t they would be ill-perceived. But there is a simple and subtle form of retouching and enhancement which suits me, when it doesn’t fall into the extremes.“There is no autoportrait of me. I am not interested by my own image as an object of representation. I rather prefer others, particularly: women.Gustav Klimt In order to understand the coming pages dedicated to the works of Inge Prader, it is necessary to put them back in their context. The Frise Beethoven you will find herewith – an interpretation of Gustave Klimt’s work, is an order made by the Life Ball association for its great fundraising event. Many world famous photographers like Ellen von Unwerth or David LaChapelle get involved each year to this association to…

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tony kelly

“It doesn’t matter who the client is, and what the budget amounts to. Whether it is a 300k production or a $20 job. When you do your best, you are happy and fulfilled.““THERE ARE TWO OBSCENITIES IN PHOTOGRAPHY: THE ART AND GOOD TASTE Helmut Newton The Tony Kelly style is unique and unrivaled. It’s raw but sophisticated at the same time. A full-HD fireworks display with shimmering lights and colorful crackling like a tangy mist sprayed in your face. His trademark: sex, stereotyped men, clichéd women, fierce colours and black humour in a loud and cursing cascade of glitter and testosterone. Tony is a blatant provocateur. At first glance, the style might appear vulgar and coarse. It is the intention of the photographer, to overtake the limits of good taste, put forward…