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Normal Magazine soft edition

Normal Magazine soft edition Issue 10 - Cinematic Issue - Soft Edition

NORMAL is a high-end magazine devoted to artistic NUDE photography. NORMAL reveals edgy, provocative and stunning Models through the intimacy of our generation’s greatest photographers through editorials, series, interviews and portfolios; mingling hi-fashion and art in nearly 250 pages.

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cinema is the modern writing of which light is the ink.

Le cinéma, c’est l’écriture moderne dont l’encre est la lumière Jean Cocteau This tenth edition of Normal wishes to embody the alliance between photography and the seventh art. Many of the artists that are featured in this issue have experience in the cinematic art whether as directors or actors. The pictures that were chosen for this issue are the testimonies of mutual influences, appropriations, confluences between the two genres. Hitchcockian heroines and Hollywood vamps have inspired our artists. Some emphasize the essential role of light to create an atmosphere, to reveal some details, a plan, an emotion. Others, through their work on composition and framing, suggest movement, tell a story, catch the spectator’s imagination. But their common inspiration is the poetic worlds, sometimes mad or quirky, the search for aesthetic, for…

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remi rebillard

Remi Rebillard is a French photographer who emigrated to New York. At a young age, he met the reporter, photographer and director Francis Giacobetti who is famous for his nudes, his celebrity portraits and his research on colors. With him, Rémi Rabillard discovered art, feminity, and nude. As an autodidact, he learned the photographic technics and began his training. In the 1990’s, after working a few years for fashion magazines in Paris, he decides to begin his artistic journey and leaves for the United States. Once in New York, he finds his own style and his own lighting. In his tiny Greenwich Village artist loft, he experiments with lighting, combining natural light, stroboscopes, gelatines, filters or flashes. His photography style combines intrigue, feminity, poetry, fantasy, and binds them in a tense atmosphere…

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remi rebillard

How would you describe your work ? I will quote a piece that my friend, journalist and novelist Mylène Vignon wrote about my work, a biography she offered to me. «Women are at the center of his concerns. From his short time in the very intimate universe of fashion photography, he has preserved this quest for the attitude that sets him apart from his contemporaries and grants him this uniqueness. His muses show a resolutely blank stare, that maybe wishes to be devoid of any emotion. But the emotion still remains, in a different place, on an entirely other plan of existence. To capture a woman’s ambiguity wasn’t so simple, I can tell! We have so much trouble apprehending ourselves, as the mirror doesn’t reveal anything except for our infinite complexity.…

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greg lotus

Inspired by human nature, Italian classicism and geometric shapes, Greg Lotus reimagines the world in his fashion. An evocative world, shaped by a game of light and shadows, of symmetrical compositions. He manipulates the angles, the curves and the lines to reshape this world he wishes to offer to the viewer. A world of nature and feminity. An American fashion and art photographer, he made his debuts in the 1990’s. He started out by photographing his roommates and neighbors, young models in order to fill up their portfolios. After landing his first job in Europe, Greg Lotus met the editor in chief of Vogue Italia who launched his career in fashion and advertisement photography. He now shoots for the greatest ads campaigns such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Swarovski or…

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greg lotus

Two words to describe your photographic style ? Striking and peculiar. What are your beauty standards ? I think standards evolve with each step of life. But the underlying element would be a certain strength, whether it is for an object, in its audacious curves or for a person, for the example the way they stand. Why did you become a photograph ? Out of love! The love of capturing and creating moments, the way I see them. What was the first picture that seduced you ? The mountain chains of West Virginia. What is the hardest part of a photo shoot ? Waiting for the models to be made up ! You have a certain kinship for black and white pictures. Why ? Where does it come from? Ansel Adams’ work really struck me when I was a child. The…

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formento & formento

“REVEALED YET CONCEALED EASE WITH UNEASE BEAUTY WITH DESTRUCTION NAKEDNESS AND THE TRUTH” FORMENTO & FORMENTO Seules les images fortement saisies ont la faculté de pénétrer profondément dans la mémoire, d’y rester, de devenir, en somme inoubliables. C’est pour moi le seul critère d’une bonne photographie. Ansel Adams « Creating and directing photographs is the only thing that drives us, that excites us. This art, for it is truly an art, embodies the very meaning of our existence, like a love letter to the world. There are two kinds of photographers: those who thrive by recreating the world around them and those who create the one within themselves, their own world. Richeille and I live to tell stories, or invent a tale from a blank slate, to imagine works that echo…