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Normal Magazine soft edition

Normal Magazine soft edition Issue 1.2

NORMAL is a high-end magazine devoted to artistic NUDE photography. NORMAL reveals edgy, provocative and stunning Models through the intimacy of our generation’s greatest photographers through editorials, series, interviews and portfolios; mingling hi-fashion and art in nearly 250 pages.

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Dear reader, Here is the very first special edition of Normal in a deluxe publication. Each of you, in your own way, has contributed to the publication of this book, and we are very grateful. The vocation of Normal is to serve the art through photography, artistic nudes and fashion. This aesthetic and opulent limited edition, is designed as a precious setting to sublime the works of photographers, designers, and models presented herein. Despite its nature both restrictive and subjective, this anthology suggests diversity, synergy and of course the richness of these photographs, whether intricately staged tableau or a portrait By presenting the singularities of the imagination of each of the talented creators; we wanted to introduce you to their practices, their authenticity. This book, which is yours, is an invitation. An invitation to gaze, to…

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eugenio recuenco

Oui, femmes, quoi qu’on puisse dire, vous avez le fatal pouvoir de nous jeter par un sourire dans l’ivresse ou le désespoir.A Mademoiselle Alfred de Musset, 1839 Perhaps too attached to the world of tales and especially appreciating Le Petit Prince, certainly the most beautiful book ever made, the editorial board admires the work of Eugenio, who remains one of the world’s greatest contemporary photographers. Although already published in its third issue of Normal, we were eager to show his new work and some of his older photos that we couldn’t publish then, due to lack of space. Now monopolized by his new direction in cinema, Eugenio focuses on his movies and short films projects, «La Segunda Derrota», or «(W)Hole Time», setting aside his large photographic productions. Even if Eugenio’s photography…

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“ Il y a de la mort dans la pulsion de vie, Thanatos fait partie d’Eros autant qu’ils s’opposent, l’un et l’autre construisent l’homme en le détruisant.”Pascal BrucknerUne photo ? C’est l’instant qui s’arrête, les sentiments qui demeurent et la vie qui s’en va. Jérôme Touzalin What kind of imagery were you surrounded by and exposed to that you feel has left a mark on you to this day ? I grew up in Glasgow until the age of 10. Then my dad got a promotion at work and my family relocated to Thirsk in North Yorkshire for four years, before moving to St Albans in Hertfordshire. I wasn’t really surrounded by much imagery growing up. My parents were lower-middle class. Art and culture wasn’t something they ever had any contact with and…

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peter coulson

LA BEAUTÉ EST LA VENGEANCE DES FEMMES. Serge Gainsbourg Peter Coulson is The black and white photographer, his blacks are profound and intense, giving a theatrical rendering as well as a deliciously dramatic tension. Women are embedded in his images like fixed-gazed, imperturbable modern goddesses. The style is impactful, the décor is minimalist, even rare. The space is that of his studio, on a white background, most of the time empty, in order to persuade the spectator to focus on the model, and on the most important part: her eyes, the very essence of the image. No erotic connotations or exacerbated sensuality is to be found in Peter’s work. Women do not smile. They are modern nymphs; young, cold, pagan virgin beauties with emaciated faces. Inspired by people, places, objects, world events and most…

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andrey yakovlev & lili aleeva

The artistic couple Andrei Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva have become masters in composition: from classical paintings to still life, from haute-couture fashion to integral nudes, from pin-ups to immaculate virgins. One completing the other: Lili conceives the artistic direction and scenery and Andrei takes care of the photographic direction. Known firstly for their work in advertising, their artistic approach stems from a stylized creativity and is mainly driven by the challenges of the shot itself. This Moscow based fashion photographic duo is fascinating and have a very sophisticated artistic approach. Andrei Yakovlev was born in the city of Izhevsk in 1962. He studied at the Studio of the photographer, graduated in 1981, worked as a Studio photographer in many studios. In 1991 opened his own Studio in 1998 met with the art…

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irina ionesco

« Photography is for me an element mostly poetic. I see it as a theatrical exercise where I create the incessant and obsessive rendering of all my fantasies ». These are the words of the famous photographer, Irina Ionesco There are encounters which leave a mark on you, by their intensity and because of their emotional as well as creative depths, by the moment shared perhaps, as an impalpable magnetic pull. Even if we had stayed a little shy with her during our first interview, the moment was rich. The editorial board of Normal Magazine has followed and admired the work of Irina Ionesco for a long time, from the very moment where we discovered it. A unique ambiance, a dark and gloomy atmosphere, a jolt both erotic and emotional. Then we…