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Normal Magazine soft edition

Normal Magazine soft edition Issue 6

NORMAL is a high-end magazine devoted to artistic NUDE photography. NORMAL reveals edgy, provocative and stunning Models through the intimacy of our generation’s greatest photographers through editorials, series, interviews and portfolios; mingling hi-fashion and art in nearly 250 pages.

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If you settle for watching only that which is obvious, you will see nothing.Ruth Bernard Why take on Paris as a theme for our 6th Issue? The choice was made spontaneously after a member of the team said «Why not Paris?», the idea seemed almost too obvious. We don’t particularly love Paris, even though that’s where the editorial board is based. Life in Paris is stressful, the air is stifling, traffic is impossible and people are both depressed and depressing. But this isn’t the Paris which inspired our photographers, but rather the one of the Invalides, the Grands Boulevards, Pigalle, Montmartre, the Canal, Ménilmontant, Jussieu, la Cité, the banks of the Seine river, the Latin district or the Louvre courtyard; the Cosmopolitan Paris with its Chinese districts, its Turks, its Indians from…

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gary breckheimer

After working for three decades in the world of commercial photography, Gary transitions from fashion to fine arts and develops a penchant for black and white imagery. He focuses on the juxtaposition of beauty: making the feminine shapes perceptible in and against an industrial and manufactured environment. His intention is to allow the viewers to contemplate the relationship between the man and its urban environment. We come-up against elements of the unexpected combined with solitude, reflecting all the eroticism in his work. As an artist, his objective is to create photographs in which the story and meaning aren’t immediately obvious. The idea is to take pictures which attract the viewer and draw him to a deeper examination so that his vision on the relationship between man and sexuality can lead…

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pigalle paris’ red fairy

The Pigalle area is one of the most cosmopolitan and colourful areas of Paris. Its story is to be told. Sunk in the darkness of its lively nights, lit-up by the aggressive and concupiscent red halo of the neon lights, Pigalle was the meeting crossroads of all the vices, where many artists went to brothels to heal a profound solitude drinking absinthe and catching syphilis in the arms of prostitutes. The Chat Noir is the first cabaret to open in 1881, bringing birth to the sulphurous reputation of the area. Seeing a horizon of possibilities, individuals from all kinds settled in the neighbourhood, offering shows against good moral standards. Alcohol flows, women uncover and the pimps cut themselves a sharp little slice of heaven. Eight years after the opening of…

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cedric roulliat

“In Paris, when we come across a woman in the street and we look at her, it’s almost like cheating. Looking at a French woman and being looked at by her, seems like writing the beginning of a love story !”Sacha Guitry As a comic book creator until his 30s, Cédric Roulliat naturally turned to photography, fascinated by popular forms of narration like films, the Photo Novella, or advertising. Born in 1973, Cédric Roulliat is that self-taught man. At 17, he finds his grandfathers material in the attic: a silver Canon, opticals, and an enlarger made in the 70s. Cédric Roulliat’s models appear in scenes essentially based on feminine figures of desire, solitude, or folly; of standardised emotional pantone from the Hollywood B movies. Some incongruous situations or clichés flirting with the…

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renée jacobs

Suspense is like a woman. The more left to the imagination, the more the excitementAlfred Hitchcock Renée Jacobs was born in Philadelphia and currently lives in Los Angeles. She starts her career with photojournalism and works freelance for various newspapers and magazines, such as the New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer. She publishes a book, “Slow Burn”, on environmental questions. She then enrols in law studies and practices for 15 years as a civil and Constitutional Rights lawyer. Finally, she gives up the legal calling to go back to photography. In 2006, she receives a prize for a nude photography. “Being a lawyer, I was very serious, too serious, I even thought that nude photography was exploiting women. At this time, my life was rather dull, so I started taking pictures…

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iris brosch

“I SHOW REAL MEN AND REAL WOMEN, REAL PEOPLE WITH A WITTY SPIRIT, A HEART AND WHO ARE HAVING FUN, AND NEVER OBJECTS. IT IS NOT EASY.AT THE START, THERE WEREN’T MANY FEMALE FASHION PHOTOGRAPHERS, AND IT WAS DIFFICULT FOR ME TO GET BIG BUDGETS. TODAY, I THINK THAT BEING A WOMAN IS ONE OF MY MAIN ASSETS” CONTEMPORARY CLASSICISM Iris’photographies are living paintings. She celebrates classical painters such as Botticelli, Ingres, or Rubens but tainted with modernism, where feminine sensuality reveals itself and is played on an opulent stage. There is a classical composition, but what is claimed is the strength of the picture. She wants to show feminine women, charismatic and strong. These women are heroines, goddesses, myths … A photographer and director, she lives between New York, London and Paris.…