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Normal Magazine soft edition

Normal Magazine soft edition Issue 7

NORMAL is a high-end magazine devoted to artistic NUDE photography. NORMAL reveals edgy, provocative and stunning Models through the intimacy of our generation’s greatest photographers through editorials, series, interviews and portfolios; mingling hi-fashion and art in nearly 250 pages.

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3 min.
jam sutton

EVERY CENTURY HAS ITS ART AND ART ITS FREEDOMGustav Klimt Jam Sutton is a multidisciplinary artist: plastic artist, producer, sculptor, photographer, musician ... Inspired by pop culture and music, his work is a confrontation of colours referring to surrealism. In his work, Jam explores classical aesthetics tinted with pop, from antique Greek sculpture to Italian baroque, he transgresses the codes of traditional photography to impose this demential finish. He superimposes contemporary culture with historical references, using religious iconography inspired from Italian Renaissance for example or the modern practices of capturing images to highlight the changes and the similitudes in contemporary society. Sutton is part of a new generation of creators who break the strict limits of photography in order to create his recognisable style covering a multitude of different medium. What is…

5 min.
arman livanov

Arman Livanov is a most creative spirit coming from the farthest regions of Siberia, and he became famous thanks to his DIY policy. Fashion is his passion, creation, his lifestyle. Distance and want haven’t chocked his creativity, far from that. Arman is a self-taught man and a jack-of-all-trades. He plans all the steps of his projects himself. From accessory making and dressmaking, to make-up, decors, hair to retouch and post-production. His models are ordinary people or gym clubs aficionados. He elevates them to the rank of semi-gods, mythological heroes or pagan princes. Giants or colossus, the masculine models of his work are tormented, weak or in decay as are those damned ones condemned to wander for ever in the abyss. Despite limited resources and possibilities, he uses natural beauty in…

6 min.
tony duran

“Trust is my beauty requirement” Tony Duran is a famous American photographer known for his portraits of celebrities and his work on the Nude, his photographs based on the bodies, sometimes masculine sometimes feminine, subliming aesthetics, favouring natural light and black and white. Tony has made himself famous quickly thanks to his photographs of Jennifer Lopez with whom he will become close friend and will continue to collaborate. He will make her first magazines covers before being called on by all the celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Pamela Anderson, Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson or even Jude Law. His pictures bring up beauty, sensuality and strength, tinted with an iconic vision made in America, Hollywood stereotypes, the bodies being as fashion clichés. A self-taught man, Duran likes the Nude…

2 min.
erwin olaf

If there is no emotion, no shock, if one does not react to sensitivity, one must not take photographies. That is the photography which is taking us.Henri Cartier-Bresson“Everyone is free to determine, in front of a photo, the time one needs to understand it, love it or hate it.”I think that reality is something which becomes quickly boring due to the fact that everybody can see it, what I really want, is to show some things which are one of their kind !ERWIN OLAF We no longer need to introduce Erwin Olaf ( and yet, we are going to do it), one of the greatest contemporary photographers, a universal influence on the world of photography, a pioneer in the art world. Erwin Olaf is before anything a troublemaker, an agitator, taking…

2 min.

“ART MUST SURPRISE, CATCH ONE’S ATTENTION, SHAKE THINGS UP, BOTHER, GIVE EMOTIONS BUT I WOULD NOT WANT MY PHOTOGRAPHS TO SHOCK, UPSET OR HURT IN ANY WAY” The plastic photographer Gérard Racinan and the author Caroline Gaudriault have been crossing each other’s path for years on modern age, society and its contemporaries. They have thus created, through an ongoing discussion, a rich work, between photography, writing, video and calligraphy. They have just showed their last project in Berlin in a closed down warehouse, modelled on the series. The Destiny of Men, part I and II. Nobody escapes his own nature as deviant and cruel it may be. It is yet it is raising and surpassing himself which allowed the man the historical evolution we know of him. In The Destiny of…

1 min.
damien dufresne

“I know the fragility of things, I would like my images to be like music scores, I’d like them to be timeless, moving, fragile, poetic ...”“One who walks into someone else’s steps is never going to outshine it. One who walks into someone else’s steps is not going to be able to leave its own trace”Denis Diderot I come from the world of fashion, of advertising, of artistic direction and more specifically from make-up and, of course, my job as a photographer has been influenced by all those experiences. Photography came to me without me really taking this decision, as for the rest of my life by the way: things came almost naturally. When I was a make-up artist, I used to say the same thing: it was makeup which came…