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PLAY is a new PlayStation magazine created by the team behind the Official PlayStation Magazine. The same editorial people, access, and passion for PlayStation as ever before, now under a new banner. If you love PlayStation – from PS1 to PS5 – then we’re the magazine for you. If you still enjoy your video game news, previews, reviews, and features curated once a month into a beautifully designed package made with care and flair, then PLAY Magazine is unmissable.

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What a start to the year. We have news from the Final Fantasy VII Remake team (p10), fresh gameplay from Ghost Of Tsushima (p16), and we go hands-on with PS4-exclusive Nioh 2 (p40). It’s the reveal of Resident Evil 3 – remade for PS4 – that grabs the headlines this issue (p48). We catch up with the dev team to uncover more details on their horror masterpiece. If you’ve never fled Nemesis in terror before, prepare for one of PlayStation’s greatest adversaries. While the Triple-A teams always dominate the headlines, this issue we take the time to shine a light on the hottest new indies heading your way this year. The team behind Abzû lead our indies roundup (p58) with their traversal-combat epic The Pathless. Finally, this is the year PlayStation 5 releases…

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this month’s raccoon city survivors

Oscar Taylor-Kent GAMES EDITOR Oscar’s still convinced Ghost Of Tsushima (p16) is about an actual ghost, with spook-powers. It’s an unboo-lievable hot take. BEST NEW INDIE GAME? Disco Elysium JILL OR CLAIRE? Claire Redfield Jess Kinghorn STAFF WRITER The tears welled up as Jess reviewed Life Is Strange 2 (p84). We’re making her read 1984 to get over Big Brother. BEST NEW INDIE GAME? Spiritfarer JILL OR CLAIRE? Both Miriam McDonald OPERATIONS EDITOR We tried not to miss our undeadline as this issue took on a zombie theme. Resi 3 or Zombie Army 4? Mim’s view is die-vided. BEST NEW INDIE GAME? Sunless Skies JILL OR CLAIRE? Jill Valentine Milford Coppock MANAGING ART EDITOR “Staaaaaff… Staaaaaaaff!” Mutters Milf has he shuffles into OPM Towers and demolishes an egg bap. We have our own Nemesis. BEST NEW INDIE GAME? Superliminal JILL OR CLAIRE? Jill Valentine…

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Your first taste of PlayStation 5 is here, and it’s a ‘loot-slasher’ that looks every bit as shiny as you’d expect a next-generation title to. Knights in gleaming armour battle through rain as a building crumbles, and a massive tower resembling a sword juts out in front of them, in the eye of the storm, protected by some sort of hydra. “No storm can stop us,” says one of the knights, as they plunge into combat. The knights wield magical, almost sci-fi-like weapons in the melee gameplay we’ve seen. The group of three we’re shown represent the game’s co-op focus (though you can play solo too). Their different armour and weapons give a taste of the loot-base customisation that you’ll use to differentiate your character from your friends’. Counterplay Games is aiming…

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01 square enix is building a world beyond midgar

“PLAYING THIS WILL EXPAND YOUR EXPECTATIONS JUST LIKE THE WORLD THAT EXTENDS BEYOND MIDGAR.” As amazing as the super-detailed reimagining of Final Fantasy VII looks like being, it’s worth reiterating that it only covers the Midgar portion of the original game. While we’ve a short time to wait before it’s released, the development team has revealed they’ve started working on the game’s followup, which will continue at least part of Cloud’s adventure. “We’ve already begun working on the next one as well, but I’m confident that playing through this title will expand your expectations just like the world that extends beyond Midgar,” shares Tetsuya Nomura, the game’s director and concept designer. He calls their version “a rich depiction”. But although Final Fantasy VII Remake covers just part of the original narrative, that…

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02 babylon’s fall is coming up fast

Descriptions like ‘Devil May Cry-style character action meets Dark Souls’ usually make us apprehensive, but with PlatinumGames grasping the hilt of the sword we’re ready to cut it up. Babylon’s Fall was teased long ago, at E3 2018 (when we were young and full of hope); we’ve now seen some gameplay, and it’s looking stylish. “THERE IS A GREAT SENSE OF MOMENTUM TO THE COMBAT.” The Gothic, cathedral-like architecture isn’t the only thing striking about the visuals our nameless swordsman, a Nomad, runs through – the overall presentation is too. Created using a newly developed Brushwork Filter, the world has a distinctly painterly feel. But while the scenery might look soft and hazy, the swordplay is definitely sharp and pointy. Ascending a shifting tower, the Nomad wreaks havoc on enemies, which are a…

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03 hunter becomes the huntress

While female Predators (or Yautja, to get nerdy) exist in the series’ lore, they’ve never really been focussed on in any depth. This is changing in Predator: Hunting Grounds, where you can play as one who’s every bit as fearsome as her male counterpart. The choice is simply a preference, as both have access to the same hunting tools. “A SMART DISC-BLADE CAN KILL MULTIPLE ENEMIES AT A DISTANCE.” The game, an asymmetrical multiplayer shooter, pits one Predator against a four-player fireteam, trying to pick them off one by one. But that doesn’t mean that the Predator is ‘one size fits all’. Your loadout for hunting humans can change depending on the type of Predator you choose to play as: the Hunter is balanced in both speed and strength, the Scout is…