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Official Xbox Magazine

Official Xbox Magazine July 2019

Official Xbox Magazine is dedicated to delivering the latest information on the hottest current and upcoming Xbox games. Each issue comes packed with breaking details and first looks, as well as more in-depth commentary and expert analysis on all of the latest trends and thriving culture that surrounds the games industry.

United States
Future Publishing Limited US
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166,39 kr.(Inkl. moms)
13 Udgivelser


1 min.
official xbox magazine

EDITORIAL Editor Chris Burke burkey13a chris.burke@futurenet.com Art Editor Rob Crossland OXMRobC Production Editor Drew Sleep lunaratlas Staff Writer Adam Bryant Firebreedpunk Our Man Down Under Stephen Lambrechts CONTRIBUTORS Writing Stephen Ashby, Kimberley Ballard, Steve Boxer, Fraser Gilbert, Steve Hogarty, Darran Jones, Dave Meikleham, Alex Nelson, Aaron Potter, Alex Spencer, Justin Towell, Robin Valentine Art Cliff Newman Production Russell Lewin All copyrights and trademarks are recognised and respected ADVERTISING Tel: 01225 442244 Media packs are available on request Commercial Director Clare Dove, clare.dove@futurenet.com Account Director Jeff Jones, jeff.jones@futurenet.com Account Manager Kevin Stoddart, kevin.stoddart@futurenet.com INTERNATIONAL Official Xbox Magazine is available for licensing. Contact the International department to discuss partnership opportunities Head of Print Licensing Rachel Shaw licensing@futurenet.com PRINT SUBSCRIPTIONS & BACK ISSUES Web www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk Email contact@myfavouritemagazines.co.uk Tel 0344 848 2852 International +44 (0) 344 848 2852 Online orders & enquiries www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk Head of subscriptions Sharon Todd CIRCULATION Head of Newstrade Tim Mathers Head of Production Mark Constance Production Project Manager Clare Scott Advertising Production Manager Joanne Crosby Digital…

1 min.
loving a little bit of looting

Editor We’ve been inspired by Borderlands 3 to invent our own weird and wonderful weapons. Chris created a reality-warping laser rife and used to it add his very own star to Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame. On our cover this month we welcome back one of our favourite shooter franchises of the last decade. It’s taken a few years to get this latest sequel, until Gearbox felt that it could deliver a suitably massive follow-up the series’ hugely successful first two outings. OXM went to LA for Borderlands 3’s big gameplay reveal and got hands-on with the looter-shooter to find out just how many guns the game developers were going to give us this time! It’s billions. Find out more from page 46! We celebrate the heroes of level design this month, as…

1 min.
the oxm team

Adam Bryant Staff writer Inspired by his studio visit to Rare, Adam created a giant flintlock pistol and demanded that we all talk to him only using pirate language. Yeargh. Rob Crossland Art editor Rob fashioned together a Division 2-style drone, complete with a tractor beam, and uses it to clear the roads of traffic so he can use his motorbike in peace. Drew Sleep Production editor Our spell-checker brought us a red pen, telling us that it’s the only weapon he needs. We looked confused, so he wrote ‘NOT WORTHY’ on our foreheads. Robin Valentine Contributor Robin created a gun that’s powered entirely by D20 dice. We haven’t seen him recently, so we can only assume he rolled a 1 when testing it.…

1 min.

We’re so excited by news of a new Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon game that we’ve gone out and bought ourselves matching camo ghillies. Ubisoft’s stealth-combat games are always something special, and this one’s got Punisher and Walking Dead actor Jon Bernthal in it. Find out more on page 8! Red Dead Online’s beta testing phase has now officially ended with the arrival of a massive update featuring new content, modes and fixes. We look at what’s new, and what Rockstar has planned for its online Western in the coming months, on page 10! We’re big fans of Keanu Reeves’ dog-loving hitman, so John Wick Hex sounds like it will be right up our alley. In this just-announced game, you get to choreograph Wick’s intricate gunplay for yourself. See page 12…

2 min.
survival of the fittest

Ubisoft has unveiled its latest entry in the Ghost Recon franchise. When the publisher announced its previous title, Ghost Recon Wildlands, back in 2015, it promised that the open-world shooter would take place in the largest action adventure landscape it had ever created, something the team most certainly delivered on. Now, the Ghost Recon developer has chosen to go even bigger. During the announcement stream Ubisoft revealed some of the improvements that it’s made to the series using help from the Wildlands community, which has grown, according to Ubisoft, to 15 million players. Breakpoint ties in quite nicely with the final piece of DLC for Wildlands, titled Operation Oracle, in which protagonist and Ghost team leader Nomad is sent to investigate a facility on the Bolivian border which turns out to be…

3 min.
rockstar raises the stakes

The online mode of Rockstar’s Western epic Red Dead Redemption II, Red Dead Online, is getting a huge update as the studio officially ends the game’s beta testing phase. Development of the persistently online multiplayer game has been in progress since the beta phase launched in December 2018, with new game modes, systems and cosmetic items released over the last few months. But now Rockstar is unleashing an update that not only provides tons of new content, but also comprehensively responds to player feedback, while fixing and addressing any issues identified in testing. New co-op story missions will continue the revenge saga of Jessica LeClerk, with new honourable missions allowing players to help eye-patchsporting Marshal Tom Davies clean up Valentine, and outlaw-path missions that include a Saint Denis bank robbery. There are…