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Ohio Game & Fish July/August 2018

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inside our gear issue

todd.kuhn@outdoorsg.com ADMITTEDLY, wE love our gear — we simply can’t get enough. In fact, few, if any, among us have ever confessed to having too much camo, too many crankbaits or turkey calls. Yes, we are “gear heads.” We gather (those close to us call it “hoarding”) gear because you just never know when it’ll come in handy. Outdoor gear has come a long way of late. Advancements in engineering, material science and manufacturing has spawned products few could have imagined a decade or two ago. For instance, innovations in carbon nanotechnology and polymer science have led to rods and reels which cast to dizzying distances with remarkable precision. Advances in lasers and light emitting diodes led to the rise of the rangefinder — arguably the most significant advancement in hunting in decades.…

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in the field

Western Basin Waters “Impaired” THE OHIO EPA has declared the waters of Lake Erie’s Western Basin as “impaired” under the Clean Water Act in their recent Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report to the US Environmental Protection Agency. The process allows local communities, states and the nation to identify unhealthy waters so that actions can be taken to improve them. The determination follows several years of harmful algal blooms that typically peak in August and September in the Western Basin waters of Lake Erie. For more information visit greatlakes.org. ODNR Purchases AEP Acreage THE OHIO Department of Natural Resources has reached a tentative agreement with Columbus-based American Electric Power to purchase about 13,000 acres of reclaimed strip-mining land to create the Jesse Owens State Park and Wildlife Area at a cost of…

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ohio calendar

JULY 1 TURTLE SEASON OPENS Turtle season opens statewide through the end of April 2019. JULY 25 – AUGUST 5 STATE FAIR UNDERWAY Ohio State Fair at the Ohio Expositions Center in Columbus. ODNR offers kids fishing, archery, kayaking instruction, wildlife program demonstrations and displays. ohiostatefair.com JULY 31 CONTROLLED HUNT APPLICATIONS DEADLINE 2018/2019 deadline for application submittal for controlled deer and waterfowl hunts. AUGUST 14 - 19 CARDINAL CLASSIC TRAP COMPETITION Annual Cardinal Classic Championship Trap Shoot at the Cardinal Center in Marengo. thecardinalcenter.com/shooting-center AUGUST 18 WATERFOWL BLINDS LOTTERY Lotteries conducted at select state parks for waterfowl hunting blind sites. AUGUST 31 LAKE ERIE SALMONID LIMITS Last day for five fish daily bag limit on Lake Erie trout and salmon (drops to two September 1). wildohio.gov…

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bagging warm weather bucks

SURE, IT might be a cliché, but if you’re a whitetail deer hunter, the good old days are, without question, right now. With a national estimated population of between 25 and 28 million animals, it’s no wonder that some 10 million licensed hunters head afield every fall, each one in search of what is undeniably North America’s greatest and most popular game animal. In much the same way as the population has changed, whitetail hunting gear and methodologies are radically different now in the 21st century: from high-tech scent elimination devices to cutting edge ammunition, and from state-of-the-art centerfire rifles to camouflage designed to bend light and make the wearer virtually invisible. Still, and as any veteran whitetail hunter will tell you, fancy gadgets and shiny doo-dads don’t put 190-inch bucks…

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gear guide

SHOTGUNS WINCHESTER SX4 CANTILEVER BUCK It features a synthetic stock with improved ergonomics and a Weaver-style cantilever rail design. The 22-inch rifled barrel offers accuracy with 2 3/4-inch and 3-inch sabots and slugs.Winchesterguns.com $959 MOSSBERG MODEL 930 SLUGSTER More than one buck has gone on the wall courtesy of Mossberg’s Model 500 pump-action. Now, fans of semi-automatic slug guns can stick with the Mossberg name with the Model 930 Slugster. At the heart of the Slugster is a 24-inch fully rifled cantilever style barrel. A smooth-flowing gas-operation system ensures reliable function. Mossberg.com $678 BROWNING BPS RIFLED DEER HUNTER Browning’s popular BPS pump-action isn’t just for the marsh anymore. Equipped with a 22-inch fully rifled cantilever style barrel, the BPS Deer Hunter’s list of features includes a chrome-plated chamber, beautiful black walnut stock and durable blued finish.Browning.com…

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hot on the trail

Location is a key factor to be considered when determining function and settings. If the camera is at a feeder, it’s probably not necessary that the camera fire every five seconds (when triggered). However, that option might be desirable, especially if a big buck walks by just once. Have specific objectives in mind when setting out cameras. Consider setting up cameras at pinch points, along clear-cut pathways, and even position them along a mock scrape to entice deer to come to examine the area.…