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in the field

Wildlife Council Approves Regulation Changes CHANGES TO bag and size limits were recently approved by the Ohio Wildlife Council. Several changes were approved for black bass (largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass) in the Lake Erie sport fishing district. Currently, the season for black bass in the Lake Erie sport fishing district is closed from May 1 through the last Saturday in June. New rules changes will remove this closure to provide a year-round open season for black bass. Additional rule changes will establish a daily bag limit of one black bass with an 18 inch minimum size limit from May 1 through the fourth Saturday in June to continue to protect the fishery. Outside of this period, the existing black bass regulations of a five-fish daily limit with a 14 inch…

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we want to hear from you

Game & Fish readers are hardcore sportsmen, and don’t all sportsmen have an opinion? You bet. We want to hear your thoughts on our fishing and hunting stories, our gear coverage and how the magazine is laid out. Is there something we’re missing? Can we do a better job? We know you have an opinion. Let’s hear it... CONTACT US EMAIL: todd.kuhn@outdoorsg.com INSTAGRAM: @gameandfishmag FACEBOOK.com/gameandfish TEXT: 404-934-8928 MAIL: Todd Kuhn / GAME & FISH 3330 Chastain Meadows Pkwy., Ste. 200, Kennesaw, GA 30144…

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MARCH 1 2019 LICENSES REQUIRED Ohio 2019/2020 fishing and hunting licenses are required for resident and non-resident participants in those activities. Licenses are now valid for one year from date of purchase. wildohio.gov MARCH 1 LAKE ERIE BAG LIMITS CHANGE Annual Lake Erie daily walleye and black bass bag limits go into effect. wildohio.gov MARCH 1-3 AKRON BOAT SHOW The Akron Boat & Watersports Expo presented by the Lake Erie Marine Trades Association (LEMTA) convenes at the John Knight Center in Akron. akronboatshow.com MARCH 2 OPEN HOUSES HELD The ODOW annual open houses will be held from noon-3 p.m. at district wildlife offices and other locations. wildohio.gov MARCH 2 CROW SEASON ENDS Ohio’s statewide crow hunting season ends. wildohio.gov MARCH 15 TRAPPING SEASONS END Trapping season ends for mink, muskrat, raccoon, opossum, skunk, weasel in specific counties. wildohio.gov…

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baitcaster show down

BAITCASTING REELS are marvels of me chanical engineering. These diminutive machines manage a vast array of baits, from petite plastics to slammer swimbaits on a wide variety of lines. They do so while remaining nearly bulletproof, and capable of weathering harsh use under demanding conditions. Likewise, contemporary casting rods benefit from decades of material science advancements. Their blanks are engineered supramolecularly: resins and carbon fibers are amalgamated on a nanotechnology level. Their componentry is equally impressive, as it is virtually inde structible yet it remains unimaginably light. Together, these casting implements are capable of launching lures to impressive distances while delivering crisp sensitivity. Game & Fish sent our gear experts into the briny marshes of Louisiana where the crew tested the latest bass gear against the largest and hardest-fighting redfish in North…

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testing flexure

A FISHING ROD'S flexure, or load on the cast, is directly proportional to lure weight. Mismatch these and the rod will not perform optimally. Surprisingly, there are fishermen who are still puzzled by lure-weight ratings. Don't be that guy. Rods are rated by engineers who are intimately knowledgeable about the blank's performance parameters. Light-action rods perform best with light lures, while stiffer actions prefer heavier lures. Keep in mind, the lure’s weight is what loads the rod — and it's this loading that propels the lure. Most of us have tried throwing too light a lure and have found it just won’t cast well. This is because the rod isn’t being loaded, and you’re throwing the lure using the rod as a lever, that is, you're depending on the rod's length. By matching…

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grips tip

WHEN CHOOSING a new rod, you typically have three handle materials to choose from: EVA, cork or Winn Grips. Does one offer advantages over the other? Yes. EVA, or ethylene-vinyl acetate, is a resilient foam that has become a popular material for rod handles. Because EVA is a foam, it has minute, practically invisible air bubbles interspersed in the material. It’s this air that gives it its cushy feel, making for a comfortable all-day grip. The bubbles also absorb shock, which, unfortunately, dampens vibrations and limits sensitivity. Cork, on the other hand, is dense and an excellent transmitter of vibration, such as strikes and lure action. It's lighter than EVA and maintains residual heat better in colder temps. The downside is, it will crack and deform more easily, plus it's more expensive. Winn…