Outrageous Bride

Outrageous Bride

May/June/July 2021

The most exciting magazine for alternative and themed weddings worldwide. Gothic, Retro, Steampunk, cosplay and more

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United Kingdom
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As summer begins to sneak timidly into our lives, we’re cheering on the sunshine and looking to the future - a future in which we hope we’ll all be able to celebrate together once again. It’s been a long road to get to this point and there’s still a way to go yet. Hopefully our latest offering can provide a fabulous starting point for all those couples beginning to plan their very special day, whatever size or form it takes! For micro-wedding inspiration, check out columnist Rachel Cheer on page 54, and for some gorgeous table-theming ideas, have a look at our style guide on page 63. We’ve also got something of a fantasy vibe in this issue (which I’m personally thrilled by) with some amazing Harry Potter content (pages 23 and…

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stuff & nonsense

Shine like a diamond Rings have been on our minds this issue! We are big fans of N-ue, an Antwerp-based fine jewelry label with a focus on quality, sustainability and versatility. These stunning ethically created rings are handcrafted with recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds. Find the collection and more at n-ue.com Feel like a true queen Feel like a true queen in these incredible crowns created by Magaela, a small Slovakia-based handmade brand by Michaela Durisova. Michaela says: “We make flower hair crowns, hair combs, headbands, hair pins, earrings, necklaces, belts, bracelets, boutonnieres, bouquets and many more. These can be worn at weddings, special occasions, photoshoots or every day! We also do custom orders. Customers can choose colours, size, style or flowers.” Find Magaela on Insta at @michaela.durisova Flower power Hand embroidery always gets our…

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as luck would have it...

Can you tell us about the tradition of chimney sweeps at weddings? It’s a very old Victorian tradition that sweeps were lucky at weddings. Legend has it that one of King George III’s coach and horses ran away with him and apparently a chimney sweep jumped out and managed to stop the horse. From that day onwards it was decreed that if a chimney sweep crossed your path, it would foretell good luck for you. Also in the olden days, the fireplace was a very important part of the home, therefore the chimney sweep was quite an important member of the village. Without him the fires wouldn’t burn brightly and there’d be no hot water, no heat and no cooking! So, either the best man or the father of the bride used…

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a festival of celebrations

Rob and I had known each other for many years, he was the boy down the road and very good looking. We both moved away and lost touch. I missed him every day for ten years. Eventually, after 38 pages of searching, I found him on Facebook. We got talking and he invited me to a festival called Kustom Kulture Blastoff. I wasn’t sure but agreed to meet him there. We went as friends and left as a couple! I also absolutely loved the show. The 50s music, the stalls, cars and art work: the atmosphere was amazing! We have been to KKBO every year since, bar one. We’ve made so many friends and had so much fun there that when it came to our wedding, we wanted to create a…

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wedding gig guide!

STAYING SAFE! Obviously with covid-19 still a presence in our lives things won’t be 100% normal just yet. Here are our best tips for staying safe while enjoying the fun of the fair: 1. Take hand sanitiser with you! While many venues will provide it, it can’t hurt to have your own supply, protecting you from any rushes on the sanitising stations! 2. Be sure to check if you need to prebook. With many venues unable to reach full capacity, attendance may be limited. Prebooking is the best way to ensure you don’t have a wasted journey! 3. Take it easy! Returning to noisy, busy places is going to be an interesting one after so much time. It’s totally ok to feel a bit nervous about this, don’t beat yourself up! Just make sure…

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how to boss your big day!

Bev Seal is a Wedding Planner, Coordinator, and advisor who specialises in alternative weddings as well as weddings in historical and unusual buildings. Bev has been operating in the wedding industry for the last 5 years. She is also a performer and historical reenactor both outside and inside of work. Ahhh, British summer time is on its way, the promise of sitting late into the evening in pub gardens with friends looms, trips to the beach and the smell of picnics are in the air. Everything is looking up. Us Brits love to talk about the weather and nonchalantly drop it into most conversations. Summer is still the most popular time to get married in the UK and rightly so: there are some amazing scenic areas and we all love a bit…