PC Gamer Specials (US Edition)

PC Gamer Specials (US Edition)

Volume 2 2016
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Assembled by the experts at PC Gamer, this building bible walks you through everything you need to know to construct your own gaming rig. We'll help you save money get the right components—flip through our part-picking section to get started. When you're ready to build, crack open our 16-page, step-by-step, picture-laden walkthrough as a companion while you put together your PC. The issue also includes tweak suggestions, a mod guide for making your games last longer, and a handy tear-out maintenance calendar and reference sheet for serial numbers.

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United States
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the indie spirit

Every issue of PC Gamer is packed full of indie reviews and previews. That’s not a brag – rather, it’s the reality of PC gaming as a whole. There are so many new, fascinating, passionate, fun, silly, deep, complex, varied, contradictory indie games around that we’d be fools not to cover them, even if we inexplicably hated them. We don’t, of course. That’s why we’ve made this magazine. It’s a celebration of the last year of indie games, and a look at what’s to come. We’ve got reviews of the best indie games you can play right now, including Kerbal Space Program, Rocket League and The Witness. And we’ve got previews of some of the best looking indie games of the future, such as ultra stylish open-world shooter Tokyo 42. We also…

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sowing the seeds of success

you know,” Eric Barone says, “as a kid I never really thought about how games were made. They were just these things that existed, almost like magic.” He first turned his hand to programming four years ago, as a way of improving his CV. Juggling game design, bills and a job at a local theater, he put his coding skills to the test by singlehandedly creating Stardew Valley—the farming simulator RPG that was released in February this year. It’s since sold several hundred thousand copies. “Now I feel like a wizard because I understand the magic.” Raised on the console classics of yesteryear, Barone spent much of his youth obsessed with his family’s Super Nintendo, spending hours in front of Mario Kart, Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana. Back then, he…

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creative cultivation

1 Lonesome labor It took Eric Barone four years, and many iterations, to create everything in Stardew Valley on his own—programing, sound, music, art, the lot. 2 Winds of change Barone had never created pixel art before, so the earliest portraits of the main characters were hand drawn, such as Lewis the Mayor. 3 Pixel Perfect Linus appears more downtrodden in this concept artwork than he does in-game— testament to how endearing well-executed pixel art can be. 4 Sprout valley This early screenshot depicts the game’s first build, when it was known as Sprout Valley. It wasn’t until later than Barone changed the name to Stardew.…

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no man’s sky

NEED TO KNOW RELEASE August PUBLISHER In-house DEVELOPER Hello Games LINK www.no-mans-sky.com There are 18 quintillion planets to explore in No Man’s Sky. That’s so many that if one was discovered every second, our own sun would have burned out by the time they were all found. But the dizzying scale of this vast procedurally generated universe is something most people already know about. The real question is, what do you actually do there? I visited Hello Games at their Guildford studio to play the game and find out for myself. Played It I’m on the surface of an icy planet. The temperature is a chilly minus 160 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s night and I’m standing in the middle of an endless snowfield dotted with trees. It could be a forest in Scandinavia, but then an enormous creature lumbers past and I…

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tokyo 42

NEED TO KNOW RELEASE TBA PUBLISHER Mode 7 Games DEVELOPER SMAC Games LINK www.tokyo42.com CITY’S SKYLINE This is the prologue area.The full game will be six to seven times larger, and just as intricately constructed. The environment is packed with detail, and full of references to cyberpunk films. SOCIAL SPACE Multiplayer takes its cues from Assassin’s Creed, with players pretending to be NPCs in the hope of tricking their target. You’re able to shift your appearance to help blend in with the crowd. usually I’d avoid defining a game based on its similarities to other games. For Tokyo 42, it feels appropriate. That’s because SMAC Games’s Maciek Strychalski isn’t shy about such comparisons. As he shows me the prologue of Tokyo 42, he delights in pointing out references and naming sources of inspiration. “We’re just stealing from all of the games…

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frozen synapse 2

NEED TO KNOW RELEASE 2016 DEVELOPER Mode 7 Games PUBLISHER In-house LINK www.frozensynapse2.com The first Frozen Synapse was an excellent turn-based tactical strategy game about simultaneous action. The challenge was in predicting your opponent’s movement and to respond accordingly. Clear combat rules and a turn preview function let you engineer the ideal outcome, but only if you’d correctly anticipated your enemy’s plan. Deception and deduction were your weapons. Also assault rifles and shotguns. Frozen Synapse 2 will offer more multiplayer modes and unit types. A new reactive orders system will expand the tactical possibilities by allowing you to use conditional commands—specifying an action to take if an opposing unit makes a specific move. As a multiplayer game, the action will be expanded and refined. It’s your typical sequel stuff: more, deeper, better. But there’s another addition that, if done correctly, will…