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Quilters Companion is the definitive patchwork and quilting magazine. Published since 2001, Quilters Companion provides readers with exciting quilting projects. These projects are accompanied by easy-to follow instructions and accompanying pattern sheets, stunning styled shots and interesting stories about the featured projects. We pride ourselves not just on being an instructional publication — we are a good read as well! Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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editor’s note

Welcome to the very first issue of Machine Embroidery! We are so excited to be sharing projects, advice, guidance and inspiration for your machine embroidery journey. When I set out on this mission I invited Leanne Church to join me as deputy editor. Leanne is an independent machine embroidery consultant and has been in the industry for 25 years in various roles. She is a respected professional (and self-confessed computer geek) and we are fortunate to share her expertise in our bid to bring together this great magazine. With our combined, and complementary, skills and knowledge, I am confident that we have curated a wonderful compilation of projects and articles to inspire and encourage you. We invited our talented friends in the world of machine embroidery to share a wide range of projects,…

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daisies at the cabin

Materials • 1.55m (1¾yd) solid white fabric (embroidery background)• 40cm (½yd) each of two white and yellow print fabrics (daisies)• 60cm (¾yd) yellow print fabric (daisies and block frames)• 1.4m (15⁄8yd) black tone-on-tone print fabric (block peepers, Borders 3–5 and binding)• Four black on white print fabrics: 40cm (½yd) of print #1 (Border 1); 20cm (¼yd) of print #2; 30cm (3⁄8yd) of print #3; and 35cm (3⁄8yd) of print #4 (Log Cabin blocks) Four white on black print fabrics: 2.1m (23⁄8yd) of print #1 (Borders 2 and 6); 20cm (¼yd) of print #2; 30cm (3⁄8yd) of print #3; and 35cm (3⁄8yd) of print #4 (Log Cabin blocks)• 4.3m (4¾yd) backing fabric• Batting at least 203cm (84in) square• 9in Dancing Daisies machine embroidery designs — see Note• Machine embroidery threads in white,…

10 min
stella star unicorn

Materials • 25cm (10in) square of dark pink print fabric (outer legs)• 25cm (10in) square of purple print fabric (inner legs)• 25cm (10in) square of orange print fabric (hooves)• Fat eighth pale teal print fabric (lower body)• 25cm (10in) square of blue print fabric (upper body)• 25cm (10in) square of peach print fabric (ears)• Two, 10cm (4in) squares plain white fabric (wings)• Machine embroidery threads: Holly has used Sulky Rayon 40w – choose any colours you would like to use• Tear-away stabiliser• Cut-away stabiliser• 13cm x 18cm (5in x 7in) hoop• 10cm (4in) hoop (optional)• Tape• Mohair Boucle Thread (mane and tail)• Strong yarn (Perle 5) and a doll needle• Four star buttons, about 10mm (3⁄8in) across• Rotary cutter, ruler and mat• Sewing/embroidery machine• Sewing machine• General sewing supplies• Paper towel•…

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special feature: embroidery on towelling

Things to avoid when stitching on towels Not all designs are appropriate for towelling fabric. The majority of embroidery designs are created for lightweight woven fabric, not thick towelling. Designs with outlines may not line up due to the thickness of the towelling. If you are unsure of this, then maybe avoid this design and find an alternative without outlines. Buy a good-quality towel that won’t shrink, or is preshrunk. If you intend to stitch on the band, your design may not turn out the way you wanted after a few washes as the bands tend to shrink in the wash. If they are gifts or you are selling towels, then you don’t have the option of prewashing. Washing any garment warrants it as second-hand and you technically can’t sell it as a…

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classy christmas

Materials To make two placemats • 45cm (½yd) white tone-on-tone print fabric• 10cm (1⁄8yd) green print fabric (peeper border)• 15cm (¼yd) solid bright red fabric (binding)• 40cm (½yd) backing fabric• Thin fusible batting at least 45cm x 102cm (18in x 40in)• Tear-away stabiliser• Zundt Design’s Christmas Traditions CD and book• Machine embroidery design for the quilted frame — FREE DOWNLOAD see note• 360mm x 200mm (14in x 8in) hoop• Water-erasable fabric-marking pen• Machine embroidery threads; Robison-Anton rayon threads were used in this project• Cream machine sewing thread• Basting spray or quilter’s safety pins• Rotary cutter, ruler and mat• Sewing machine with ¼in foot• General sewing supplies Note: Melann’s Fabrics and Sewing Centre is providing the Quilted Frame design for these placemats free of charge to all Machine Embroidery readers. The design was created…

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stepping out with melba

Materials • Embroidery Design: Single Gumnut FREE download — see note• 70cm (¾yd) black fabric (front flap, back pocket, strap)• 1.10m (1¼yd) contrast fabric (gusset inner and outer)• 60cm (¾yd) Melba floral print — Black/Orange (bag front, bag back)• Best Press spray starch• Cutaway stabiliser — medium-weight• Pressing mat• Paper (to make patterns)• Light-weight fusible batting• Hoop• Transparent parchment (to print embroidery template)• Sewing machine and general supplies• Scissors• Rotary cutter, mat and ruler Note: The Single Gumnut embroidery design, and the Melba by Leesa Chandler fabric range are available from www.thetextilepantry.com Strap From the black fabric, cut: • two 6in strips across the width of the fabric 1 Trim off the selvedge at each end and join the strips end to end to make an 80in strip. 2 Press the strip in half lengthways, wrong sides…