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April 2019

Racer X Illustrated provides the most comprehensive behind-the-scenes look into the lives of the world’s best motocross and supercross racers. Our industry-leading journalists lend perspective and insight you won't find anywhere else, and that's all backed up by the sport's best photographers.

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3 min
electronic ping

@DAVIDPINGREE101 Do you have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license? I don’t know about the rest of you dirt bikers, but I had never taken the time to get mine. Part of the reason is that a day at the DMV is worse than a waterboarding session at Guantanamo Bay. If you ever wonder why some folks don’t want the government more involved in the lives of American families, look no further than the gross incompetence of the DMV. It’s like Barney Fife trying to run the NYPD. The other reason I’ve never taken the time to get a street bike license is because the freeways in Southern California are not a safe place to ride. I’ve scraped my fair share of riders off the asphalt with a flat-head shovel after…

1 min
letter of the month

Hello, I wanted to mention a slight error in the article “The 25 Most Dramatic Moments in Supercross History.” The San Jose ’91 race at #17 should be in there, but the information is inaccurate. It is saying that Matiasevich and Bradshaw got into a heated race and took each other out, giving Doug Dubach his first and only 250SX victory—however, Matiasevich took out Guy Cooper, not Bradshaw, on the last lap. It would have been Cooper’s one and only AMA Supercross win. Instead, Dubach went by for the win. What made it an awesome race was that Bradshaw got stuck in the gate at the start, was dead last on the first lap, and blitzed the pack and almost won the race. He lost by maybe a wheel to…

11 min
too close for comfort

THE 2019 MONSTER Energy AMA Supercross Championship started with this awkward exchange at the Anaheim press conference in the Diamond Club inside Angel Stadium of Anaheim: “Chris Cooksey, Vital MX. This is for Eli,” began the reporter as the camera panned over to the steely-eyed Monster Energy Kawasaki rider sitting among his peers. “I know you probably don’t want to answer this, but there’s been a ton of rumors about you in the off-season, and a back injury, and how long you were off…. [Tomac’s face goes all gunfighter.] How are you doing now, and how long have you been back on the bike?” At this point, Eli looked as guarded and gathered as Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter. He’d been called out in front of the entire supercross press corps. “Um,…

1 min
finally! (x2)

When Red Bull KTM’s Cooper Webb won the Anaheim 2 Supercross, it marked the first time in 35 years of AMA Supercross that we’ve seen back-to-back first-time winners in the premier class, as Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-KTM-WPS rider Blake Baggett picked up his debut win the previous weekend in Glendale. Back in February of 1984, the Seattle Kingdome doubleheader saw Kawasaki’s Jeff Ward win on Friday night and Yamaha’s Rick Johnson win on Saturday night. That’s 554 AMA SX races ago! Both Ward and Johnson would become multi-time AMA Supercross Champions. (Special thanks to @sxresearchdept on Instagram for the stats.)…

6 min
jacob hayes

Racer X: You’re a few races into your first season of Monster Energy Supercross. How’s the whole experience been so far? Jacob Hayes: I’ve just been trying to take it all in. It’s a big learning curve. I can’t even put it into words. When you show up at the stadium it’s just like, “Wow.” It takes you back. The scenery and everything is a lot larger-scale. That’s been pretty cool, and I’ve been trying to take it in as much as I can every weekend. I catch myself on the line looking up at everything and saying, “Wow, this is sick!” I get to race in front of all these people in these big stadiums. That’s been the coolest part for me, just getting to race in these big stadiums…

2 min
the feed

Just watched my first 2018 Loretta Lynn’s Remastered moto on RacerTV.com, and it was great coverage. Still get excited to hear my all-time favorite District 11 and Ohio State Fair series announcer Rodney Tomblin calling the race, which made me wonder: Why, after all these years, has he never had a shot with them doing supercross? Give Rodney a chance! Jacob Mohney // Racer X Online Jacob: Good question. Rodney does great at Loretta Lynn’s as well as several outdoor nationals and all of the GNCCs—his “TEN seconds!” countdowns have become iconic. Maybe someone involved with SX will read this and give Tomblin a shot the next time a spot opens up on the announcing team. DC Hoping you can help me with a quick question. What happened to Jeff Emig? Am I…