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PERSONAL STYLE IS so important, but it can be hard to discover. I think the key is to go with what makes you happy, regardless of what other people think is on trend, and follow through with confidence. I was buying flowers recently, and I wanted a mix of bright roses with some beautiful blue delphiniums and fragrant white freesias. A wild, country garden vibe. Let me tell you, the florist was a bit freaked out. He’s more of a matchy-matchy, everything-the-same-length kind of guy and was quite forceful with what he thought I should pick. Sure, he is trained in floristry, but I know what I want, so I politely said thank you and added in some lavender for good measure. It’s the same with decorating. The experts can…

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inner glow

layer your lighting It’s no surprise Elise Ovanessoff’s home sings with visual poetry and personality. She and her husband Stephen Quinn are co-directors of London-based design practice Works Architecture and for Elise, creating an atmospheric home starts by mixing light sources of different types and heights. “It’s easy to alter the feel of a room by adjusting the lighting.” The original Georgian windows are the main source of natural light and given their architectural beauty, Elise is “reluctant to obscure them or the light they bring by introducing curtains”. Decorative light shades and pendants made by Elise add to the unique ambience, as do all the candles, but she doesn’t like anything flashy. “On a trip to Copenhagen a few years ago, I came down to breakfast to find candles lit…

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fave finds

staff pick IN SAFE HANDS If rigorously applying hand sanitiser is wreaking havoc on your skin, it’s time to switch to something a little more soothing. These Palm Beach Collection hand sanitisers, $24.95 each, contain hydrating aloe leaf and cucumber extracts and there are two scents to choose from. Palmbeachcollection.com.au good for the sole One of our favourite pieces in the Heirloom rug collection by Armadillo&Co is this Egyptian rug, from $4000. The design subtly changes colour with the light and wears beautifully over time. Armadillo-co.com kiss & make-up Looking for a lip balm that isn’t sticky, scented, sparkly or made with harmful stuff? Fluff’s Lip Oil is the complete, refillable package. Available in a clear or tinted finish, the dewy balm works on eyes, lips and cheeks. $26; Itsallfluff.com HOME LAND Offering a palette of tactile woodgrains…

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into the groove

IF THE TOGO HAD A SPIRIT ANIMAL, it would be a wrinkly Shar Pei puppy. That may not seem very flattering, but the designer himself, Michel Ducaroy, once said it looked like “a tube of toothpaste folded back on itself… and closed at both ends”. Name-calling aside, the rolly-polly creases and curves of this modular seating collection certainly do give you the same warm, fuzzy feelings as a puppy. If you want to feel fabulous curled up in front of the TV with a glass of wine wearing sweatpants, the Togo is the seat for you. Michel was predestined to create iconic furniture. Born in 1925, he came from a family of furniture makers and trained at the National School of Fine Arts in Lyon before joining the family business. In…

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beauty & brains

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artist we love natural instinct

FOR SOME, CREATIVITY IS A MUSCLE that is trained and strengthened over time. But for artists like Hannah Nowlan, creativity is oxygen, it’s there from the moment you take your first breath. “I believe it’s part of me… my parents are both super creative so maybe it’s in my blood,” Hannah suggests. Family plays a pivotal role in Hannah’s practice, in fact her home studio is located in the coastal Victorian town of Black Rock, where she grew up with her six siblings. “My partner Tim and I live with our Blue Heeler, Jasper, in a one-bedroom unit in my parents’ backyard!” she says. “I’ve lived here all my life and have been lucky to be able to work from home since graduating in 2015.” Her childhood was spent “painting…