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Real People

Issue 25 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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One of the best bits of working for Real People is learning something new every day. You might think we’ve seen and heard it all, but there’s always something I’ve never come across before. This week’s example takes the dog biscuit. I give you… no-nookie knickers for growlers! I had no idea they were a thing. It goes something like this… If you have a lady dog and she’s on heat but you don’t want any puppies, you pop her into a pair of these weird-looking pants. A barking chastity belt. It’s Shelley’s story that introduced me to them, on p16. Funny as the knickers sound, what is happening to this beautiful mum-of-five is far from that. Barely into her forties, she is disappearing slowly from her family’s lives. She…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT PRETTY IN PINK My daughter, Eloisa, two, loves pink and the park – here she is, having a great day out in both. S K Yetton, Papworth Everard, Cambs UK Big, strapping firemen and whiskers on kittens; these are a few of our favourite things. It’s not quite what Julie Andrews sang but you’ve got to love the London firefighters who tore down a house wall to rescue five newborn kittens stuck and abandoned by their mum. VANILLA, CHOC OR MAGGOT FLAVOUR? Food company Gourmet Grubb is making environmentally friendly ice cream out of Entomilk, derived from black fly larvae, instead of dairy. Fans say it tastes good and is really nutritious. What’s the wafer made from, cockroach shells?! DUST TO DUSTERS Cleaners reveal the weirdest things they’ve found in clients’ homes… • A boxful of ashes • A…

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soap on a rope

Well, well, Mel! She has firmly set her sights on clearing out Jack’s bank accounts in revenge for Hunter’s arrest and the fact that his sentencing date is imminent seems to have concentrated her mind. She begins by taking advantage of Amy being sick and offers to look after her in order to get into Jack’s flat alone then she turns her plot up to the max – actual Max and an actual kiss! Or is this real? Whatever it is, Mel still spins Rainie a lie to execute the final phase and take all of Jack’s cash. Will she go through with it though? Elsewhere… Ian is back from New Zealand and is promptly told off by Kathy for not being in touch about Bobby. He, in return, has a…

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who’s the daddy!

My fingers had just closed on the wet dishcloth when I heard a telltale buzz… But I scrubbed at some jammy fingerprints, then swiped away a trail of breadcrumbs – my toddler’s usual breakfast carnage. And only then did I treat myself to a peek at my phone. The text was waiting, teasing... You’re so sexy, babe. Hair tied back in a scrappy bun, the remains of baby vom on my shoulder, I felt the heat rise in my cheeks. Buzz, again. Let me come round. Now, my fingers chucked the dishcloth and started flying over the screen. Can’t, I sent back. Got the kids to look after. I didn’t – my mum, Elaine, 48, had taken them out after brekkie to give me a break. But gorgeous Luke Cockburn, 21, didn’t need to know that. I was trying…

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say bye to mummy

With a brutal shove, Luke sent me backwards down the stairs. I smashed through the baby gate and landed splayed out on the kitchen floor. Before I could rise, he was on me. His foot slammed into my ribs. I screamed as I felt my bones give way. I couldn’t fight. It was no contest. Luke’s farmer’s fist, big as a bunch of bananas, smashed into my nose. Then he grabbed the kettle and slammed that into my face. My skin burst. Blood was everywhere. ‘Please, stop,’ I stammered. ‘The kids can’t see me like this.’ At that, Luke turned and disappeared upstairs. Not knowing what to do, I clambered unsteadily to my feet and limped to bed. The next day, I heard Luke leave for work at the crack of dawn as normal. When the…

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a stately pile-up

Famous for hot springs, Roman heritage and well… baths, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in the grand, handsome city of Bath. Take a jaunt out into the country, and there are even more places to explore. INSIDER’S GUIDE Start by booking yourself a room at lifestyle magazine Country Living’s hotel, the Lansdown Grove. Sat on a hill, a little outside the hustle and bustle of the town and with great views across the famous Royal Crescent terrace, it looks like a gorgeous 18th-century country house. It has 61 beautifully designed bedrooms and a garden terrace, so you’ll find it hard not to feel like fancy royalty. Best of all, dogs are welcome. So no pet pooch is left behind! Want to feel extra fancy? Pop down to Lacock Abbey (no giggling please)…