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Rum, is the annual publication from the team behind the world-renowned drinks titles Gin Magazine and Whisky Magazine. Rum contains features from emerging rum producers through to established household names. With an impressive blind tastings section helping you to make your next purchase, cocktail recipes for you to try at home and interviews with the people who produce our favourite tipples, Rum is the one-stop shop for those looking to take their interest in rum to the next level. As the emerging global trend in drinks – grab your copy today to find out more.

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a clear path ahead?

Here we are in 2019, upping our rumgame with this annual that follows smaller supplements that dipped our toes into the water. It seems like 2019 has thus far seen a number of benchmarks raised in the world of rum; whether that’s the knowledge of rum-lovers, retailers with their offerings, or the producers exceeding expectations with expressions. It’s been a good year thus far and it seems like more than ever we’re on the cusp of a real renaissance for the spirit. What drives this improvement? Sure enough, brands are offering us a greater depth of choice and increasingly higher quality, which is a consequence of rum drinkers seeking variety. However, I would hazard a guess that most people are being introduced or reintroduced to rum by a bartender looking to…

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neptune rum goes global with duty-free

Neptune Rum, distilled and aged at a distillery in Barbados, has announced that it will now be available to travellers through duty-free. Duty Free Global (DFG) has agreed to take on the rum brand, which is produced using a blend of three, five and eight-years-old rums, aged in ex-Bourbon casks. The rum is produced in a mix of pot and column stills. DFG is a global brand partner that offers a diversified range of wines and spirits to travel retailers worldwide, whilst also responding to emerging trends in the marketplace. We can hope that this is an early sign of increased inclusion of rum in duty-free, Commenting on the partnership, Barry Geoghegan, founder Duty Free Global said: “We are really delighted to be working with the team at Neptune Rum in the global…

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ron zacapa and zuma create ritual serves

Guatemalan rum, Ron Zacapa, has partnered with London’s Zuma to unveil The Zacapa-Zuma Ritual Serves – a selection of cocktails crafted to signify Zacapa’s heritage. The serves have been created in partnership with Zuma to create a theatrical drinking experience for guests. The cocktails are presented in a bespoke, pyramid shaped glass box, with a cloud of volcanic-like smoke enveloping the drinks – the cocktails have been created using Mayan ingredients including cacao nib and black corn and sit on an engraved slate base. Crafted from three types of wood, the vessel reflects Zacapa’s ‘Sistema Solera’ ageing process, where the rum is laid to rest in barrels that aged American whiskeys, sherries, Pedro Ximénez wines and Cognac; in the case of Zacapa XO, the final stage of ageing occurs in French…

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moving the conversation on

For those who are close to the category, the world of rum appears to be changing rapidly in terms of the vocab being used. Topics of conversation just a few years ago have developed. Issues are becoming more refined in their scope and more detailed. For the mass market it’s business as usual. Those who chug the cheap stuff to get their ‘buzz on’ have no interest in the finer points of classification, undisclosed additions, or who gets the credit for the contents of the bottle. But for others who are deeply immersed as producers, or enthusiasts, the language is changing and developing. A few years ago, it would be novel for some to discuss where a particular rum was matured. Then it was is this ‘tropically matured or continentally?’ Or even…

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so, what's hot in the rum world?

Well, as much as I might like to gloss over spiced and flavoured rum, you simply can’t avoid it. Spiced rum is going to be the new gin. 100 per cent hand on heart, you heard it here first. I see spiced and flavoured rum offerings dramatically increasing on back bars of pubs and bars the length and breadth of the country. So many opportunities are being leveraged: those with a sense of regionality, seasonality, tie-ins with sports clubs and TV shows, unaged rum, old rum, low proof spirit drinks, navy strength and higher. Predictable spice (or botanical if you’re feeling fancy) and flavour combinations, unusual spice and flavour combinations. Concentrates, tinctures, steeping, re-distilling a-la gin basket style and combinations of them all! Simple and complex. Smoked. Low sugar, no sugar…

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toward a sustainable future

“Sustainability is most often used by marketing folks to proclaim their products’ “greenness” but in reality the environment is only a third of it” Rum is mostly made from a byproduct of sugar production, so it’s inherently sustainable, right? Sadly, it’s not that simple. Sustainability is most often used by marketing folks to proclaim their products’ “greenness”, but in reality, the environment is only a third of it. Often described as a three-legged stool, sustainability is a concept where the planet is considered along with the people who make the products, while ensuring the commercial success of the company selling them. Planet, people, profit: take one leg away and the stool falls down. The three-legged stool is an easy analogy, but the theory doesn’t always hold in a world where legacy systems allow…