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Scuba Diver 2/2017

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Working with the world's best underwater photographers and journalists, premier dive magazine Scuba Diver sets the standard by which all other dive magazines are judged. For the modern diver who wants to discover everything they need to know about exploring our fascinating oceans, both in Asia and around the world. Travel destinations, where to find spectacular marine-life, what equipment you need, dive techniques plus news on discoveries and environmental issues - Scuba Diver has it all. Scuba Diver Australasia and Ocean Planet are alternating titles with 4 issues each per year. While SD Australasia stays true to its roots with editorial coverage exclusively from the Asia Pacific region, Ocean Planet shines a light on top diving destinations from around the world.

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from the editor

There are many reasons why people are fascinated by the search for other life–supporting planets: the thought of outlandish alien life forms, the idea of intergalactic travel, spacesuit fetishes… But the primary reason why this search is so tantalising is that planets that harbour complex life are, most probably, rare. Yet here we all are, living on one. For me, the most profound image in this issue is NASA’s “Blue Marble”, featured on page 112. This picture touches something deep in our psyche, waking us up to the unique and complex beauty of our Mother Earth. From this remarkable blue and green planet, many millions of interconnected species have been brought into existence; so many are as yet unknown to science, and a lot of them are more wild and exciting than…

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# briefing

FISH NEED FRIENDS Fish feed more when they are surrounded by other fish, says a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Researchers made a detailed and complex analysis of fishes’ behaviour on a number of sites in French Polynesia, and found that they not only grazed more when there were other fish present, but that some activities (such as movement between patches of reef) were influenced by the behaviour of other fish. The study drew two important conclusions: One, fish appear to feel that they are safer from predators when there are larger numbers of other fish in the area; and two, “copycat” behaviours are important drivers of piscine activity. Herbivorous fish play a vital role on the reef, keeping turf algae in check. This new research sheds…

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underwater 360

DIVERS’ DAILY DIGEST underwater360 is the platform that offers everything you want and need to know about exploring the world of water. It’s the official digital home of the world-leading magazines Asian Diver and Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA + SD OCEAN PLANET, as well as Asia’s biggest and longest-running dive show, Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) ARTICLES Read our tips, guides and the latest news on the underwater world. We also feature daily articles: From interviews with pioneering conservationists, to in-depth pieces on diving history – UW360 is the “Divers’ Daily Digest”. You can check out the daily schedule below. SHOP Subscribe to our various magazines and purchase T-shirts, mugs, bags and more. There are also exclusive offers and products that you won’t find anywhere else, such as signed copies of Silver Seas: A Retrospective, which is…

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daily dive-ins

We bring informative, up-to date, and exciting articles to divers and the dive industry as a whole. Alongside the latest news, each day of the week features articles on a certain topic – from an educational video on marine wildlife, to a review on some of the latest underwater gadgets, there really is something for everyone at UW360. Marine MONDAY The week begins with advice, information and news relating to marine conservation, and we select an “Ocean Defender of the Week”. Travel TUESDAY Are you looking for your next dive getaway? We scour the globe in order to find you the best hotspots and the best-kept secrets. Wildlife WEDNESDAY Everything in the world of marine wildlife – we bring you the latest news, breathtaking images and “top lists” of life in the sea. Throwback THURSDAY It’s throwback Thursday! We dive to the…

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sony’s game-changing super sharp shooter

Text & images by Mike Veitch Last month I was incredibly excited to get my hands on Sony’s new RX100V and the accompanying MPK-URX100A housing, for a series of underwater tests in Bali. I was very interested in testing the camera’s 4K capabilities, the Super Slow Motion capture system, and the photo quality of this camera that has caused such a buzz in the underwater photography community. The MPK-URX100A was the perfect choice of housing, as it’s specifically designed for the RX100 series of cameras. For underwater photography, one of the most important features of a camera is having a quick and accurate focusing system. The RX100V exceeded my expectations in this regard; it focused quickly and easily at any focal length. The large, 315-point AF coverage allowed me to choose points…

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adex 2017

Text and Images by ADEX Team With a history spanning 22 years, ADEX has now been run by Underwater360 for eight years. Passionate management and dedication means that ADEX is not only the biggest and longest-running dive expo in Asia, but is now without a doubt one of the industry’s “must-attend” events. Once again, in the relaxed and friendly ADEX atmosphere, all ocean lovers had the opportunity to spend three days rubbing shoulders with distinguished VIPs and experts from across the globe, including scientists, marine conservationists, underwater image-makers, and celebrities. To the delight of dive operators, equipment manufacturers, and national tourism boards, big names attracted huge crowds; this year a record-breaking 60,296 people attended the show. QUALITY AND NOVELTY ADEX serves as an invigorating creative platform for the diving community – giving them a voice…