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Scuba Diver 3/2018

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Working with the world's best underwater photographers and journalists, premier dive magazine Scuba Diver sets the standard by which all other dive magazines are judged. For the modern diver who wants to discover everything they need to know about exploring our fascinating oceans, both in Asia and around the world. Travel destinations, where to find spectacular marine-life, what equipment you need, dive techniques plus news on discoveries and environmental issues - Scuba Diver has it all. Scuba Diver Australasia and Ocean Planet are alternating titles with 4 issues each per year. While SD Australasia stays true to its roots with editorial coverage exclusively from the Asia Pacific region, Ocean Planet shines a light on top diving destinations from around the world.

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from the editor

In so many ways, the ocean has become an inspiring medium for the artists, performers and dreamers of our world. And no wonder – it has been scientifically proven that our brains enter a state of relaxation when near the ocean. But what happens when we dive into it? The creatures that greet us – fantastical in their own ways – dare us to enter a reality that greatly differs from our own. If you take a moment, you’ll find yourself peering through a different lens: the fluke of a dugong becomes an alluring mermaid tail; an unassuming fish turns into an abstract painting. The photographers, artists and writers featured here have all found inspiration in the ocean. Through their eyes, my perception of the ocean and its inhabitants has been challenged…

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words of wisdom

“Without a knowledge of what lives on our seabed, we are at risk of never fully understanding and appreciating Ireland’s invaluable marine environment” DAVID O’SULLIVAN (Chief Scientist Infomar – Marine Institute) “Just knowing wilderness exists provides a sense of existential value to many people, that Nature still exists somewhere in a relatively untouched form, even if they never actually visit the wilderness” BEN HALPERN (Director of the UCSB National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis) “Take up these courageous brushes, and begin painting a better picture with broader strokes, if not for us immediately, then for our children and future generations who await their rightful turn on this planet” (Co-founder and executive ALFREDO director QUARTO , Mangrove Action Project, Port Angeles, Washington)…

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SATELLITE TAG STUDY REVEALS PHILIPPINE WATERS ARE INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT FOR ENDANGERED WHALE SHARKS A new scientific study has tracked juvenile whale sharks across the Philippines, discovering that all the subjects stayed within the country’s waters over the one-year tracking period, emphasising the importance of the archipelago for the species. By attaching Wildlife Computers SPOT5 satellite tags, researchers from Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines (LAMAVE), Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF) and Tubbataha Management Office (TMO) were able to follow the movements of juvenile whale sharks in near real-time to gain an insight into their behaviour. The tags work by communicating with passing ARGOS satellites, transmitting a location whenever a tagged whale shark breaks the surface. The study is the most complete tracking study of whale sharks in the country, with satellite tags deployed on…

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the lembeh vs gulen shootout 2018: event roundup

It’s been two years since Lembeh Resort and Gulen Dive Resort went head to head in the most talked about underwater photography shootout in 2016 – and the 2018 rematch was just as exciting! The two teams, based in Lembeh Resort in Indonesia and Gulen Dive Resort in Norway, pitted their underwater photography skills against each other in three rounds over six days. This year’s categories included Nudibranchs, Fish & Invertebrates and Wide Angle. The Lembeh Strait is world famous for its abundance of rare and unusual marine life, hence the title “Critter Capital of the World”, whereas Norway is known for its wrecks, incredible visibility and staggering seascapes. The shootout truly is a clash of the titans: cold water versus tropical, north versus south of the equator, and drysuits versus wetsuits…

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tham luang cave rescue: a proud moment for divers

Arguably, divers have never been at the forefront of a rescue mission of this magnitude before. This operation had a global audience gripped in suspense as international and Thai Navy Seal divers performed a search-and-rescue mission for the 12 missing boys and their football coach. With all 13 individuals safely evacuated from the cave, the hugely successful rescue mission has brought great attention to the diving industry – cave diving in particular. The crisis saw divers from all over rallying together to offer their expertise. In particular, Ben Reymenants, owner and founder of Blue Label Diving, was one of the first divers to be called onto the scene. Ben recalls, A friend and technical diving colleague of mine asked if I would like to go over and assist, as the Thai…

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who was involved?

VERNON UNSWORTH Country UK, residing in Chiang Rai, Thailand Profession Financial broker and caver Involvement First foreign rescuer on scene, provided mapping knowledge of the cave CLAUS RASMUSSEN Country Denmark, residing in Phuket, Thailand Profession SSI, PADI and TDI instructor at Blue Label Diving Involvement Rescue diver, knowledge of the cave RICHARD STANTON Country UK Profession Former firefighter and civilian cave diver with Cave Rescue Organisation and the British Cave Rescue Council Involvement Rescue diver, first discovered the boys CHRIS JEWELL Country UK Profession Expert cave diver and liaison officer for the Cave Diving Group Involvement Rescue diver, brought 500kg of diving equipment CRAIG CHALLEN Country Australia Profession Veterinarian, technical diver, and cave explorer Involvement Richard Harris’ right-hand man BEN REYMENANTS Country Belgium, residing in Phuket, Thailand Profession Owner and founder of Blue Label Diving in Phuket www.bluelabeldiving.com Involvement Helped find the boys while laying the groundwork for the rescue JOHN VOLANTHEN Country UK Profession IT…