Selectus Wines July-September 2019

Special places of unique beauty. Gorgeous, well-designed objects that strike the eye. Lands and seas that offer us their good, honest produce. There are those who know how to find these places, appreciate these objects, and enjoy this bounty of the land and sea. Selectus Wines is aimed at these people and the establishments they frequent. Uniqueness, beauty, distinction, finesse and well-being can also be expressed through wine and the vineyards they hail from. We seek out, select and describe these wines for the enjoyment of these discerning consumers. Lugares con belleza singular, que son especiales. Objetos que destacan por su capacidad de atracción y por su diseño, que son llamativos. Tierras y campos, mares y océanos que ofrecen sus más sinceros y honestos productos. Personas que saben encontrar esos lugares, que saben llevar esos objetos, que saben apreciar esas vituallas. Para todos ellos y para los lugares en los que se sienten cómodos, se escribe Selectuswines. La singularidad, la belleza, la distinción, la finura, el bienestar pueden, también, expresarse a través de los vinos y sus parajes. Los descubrimos, los seleccionamos, los bebemos y los describimos para que la gente con sensibilidad los pueda disfrutar.

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it’s all about criteria…

CUESTIÓN DE CRITERIOS We can certainly all agree that when something is over a hundred years old, it can safely be described as “centennial”, or that an action repeated every 30-31 days can be referred to as a “monthly” occurrence. When we have something that is quantified and delimited, there should be no issue stating it on wine labels (unless someone tells me differently!). But when we enter into the realm of the unquantified, the criteria become very subjective. And, with our comment below, we are not seeking to enter into conflict with anyone, but simply to invite a debate on the subject… In May, the Priorat D.O.Q. presented us with a new classification for its wines, with a series of specifications that will be reflected on the Priorat wine labels. Then in…

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alma de reboreda

The Galician wine industry is particularly vibrant right now. The diversity of the native grape varieties and countryside make the land of Galicia a living ecosystem in constant movement. And this movement is currently being driven by a new generation of winemakers who are bringing a fresh vision and a determination to revive lost varieties in wines of modern and highly-polished styles. A love of winemaking has been transmitted from generation to generation and this has prompted many young people to return to the vineyards, out of conviction, seeking knowledge, and full of entrepreneurial verve. The world of Galician wine is undergoing a transformation, with the knowledge and experience of the past seeking to reinvent their place today and pave the way to a new future. This type of movement can…

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markus molitor and the renaissance of the mosel region

MARKUS MOLITOR Y EL RENACIMIENTO DE MOSEL When Markus Molitor inherited a small property in the Mosel region of Germany at the age of 18, he set about becoming the best producer of Riesling wines. He started wine growing back in 1984, and, with the 120 hectares he currently owns today, including 21 ‘Grand Cru’ vineyards, he has indeed become one of Germany’s top producers with 8 of his wines having obtained 100 Parker points out of the total 23 wines to have achieved this feat in the history of the country. The Mosel region was world-famous a century ago and has been an important wine region ever since, but its real renaissance perhaps coincides with the arrival of the young Markus. When he came of age, he took over his father’s…

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you will find us in…

Nos encontrarán en… SPAIN A CORUÑA AC Hotel Palacio del Carmen. Santiago de Compostela ALAVA Restaurante Zaldiarán (Vitoria) Hotel Marqués de Riscal – A Luxury. Elciego Collection Hotel Restaurant Zaldiarán . Vitoria-Gasteiz ALBACETE Rest. Maralba. Almansa ALICANTE Hospes Amerigo AC Hotel Ciutat d´Alcoi. Alcoi Restaurant Quique Dacosta. Dénia ASTURIAS AC Hotel Forum Oviedo. Oviedo Restaurant Casa Marcial. Arriondas Restaurant La Salgar. Gijón BARCELONA Hotel Mercer Hotel Le Méridien Restaurant Rías de Galicia Monvínic Restaurant Moments Santa Eulalia Joyería Rabat Joyería Suárez Hotel Majestic Hotel Omm Restaurant Windsor Hotel Palace Celler de Gelida Restaurant La Clara Restaurant Nectari Restaurante Cinc Sentits Arsenal Masculino Four Points by Sheraton Restaurant Via Veneto Restaurant Abac Restaurant L´Oliana Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I Restaurant Gaig AC Hotel Victoria Suites Concesionario Mercedes Cars Barcelona Concesionario Maserati-Ferrari-Bentley Cars Gallery Restaurant Bravo 24 Hotel W Barcelona Club de Golf Sant Cugat.…

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osborne and its crown jewels

BODEGAS OSBORNE Y SUS JOYAS VINÍCOLAS LA BODEGA ALBERGA LA COLECCIÓN MÁS IMPORTANTE DE SOLERAS DE VINOS VIEJOS DEL MARCO DE JEREZ Bodegas Osborne is, without doubt, the jewel in the winemaking crown of Puerto de Santa María, one of the three points of the famous “Sherry Triangle” along with Jerez de la Frontera and Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Founded in 1772, it has the distinction of being one of the oldest wineries in the world, as well as a reference for those wishing to learn more about the history and unique character of the wines from this corner of Andalusia. Osborne’s importance, however, goes beyond mere wine production, since its most iconic advertising image, the famous silhouette of the bull often found on hills alongside the roads of Spain and created in 1956,…

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familia torres desde 1870 and the priorat, a historical relationship

FAMILIA TORRES Y EL PRIORAT, UNA RELACIÓN HISTÓRICA El origen de la historia vinícola del Priorat se remonta al siglo XII, con la llegada de la primera comunidad cartujana, provenientes de la región de la Provenza. A partir de su llegada, se dedicaron a plantar viñedos en terrenos empinados y pedregosos de la región y cultivaron viñedos durante siglos. La relación de la Familia Torres con esta zona es bastante más cercana, y se remonta a principios del siglo XX, cuando se empezó a comercializar vinos de esta región. The proof that the Torres family has had a relationship with the Priorat since the turn of the last century, comes in the form of a bottle of 1923 "Priorato Superior", bottled in 1932 under the Coronas brand name. But they became more…