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Selectus Wines July-September 2018

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Special places of unique beauty. Gorgeous, well-designed objects that strike the eye. Lands and seas that offer us their good, honest produce. There are those who know how to find these places, appreciate these objects, and enjoy this bounty of the land and sea. Selectus Wines is aimed at these people and the establishments they frequent. Uniqueness, beauty, distinction, finesse and well-being can also be expressed through wine and the vineyards they hail from. We seek out, select and describe these wines for the enjoyment of these discerning consumers. Lugares con belleza singular, que son especiales. Objetos que destacan por su capacidad de atracción y por su diseño, que son llamativos. Tierras y campos, mares y océanos que ofrecen sus más sinceros y honestos productos. Personas que saben encontrar esos lugares, que saben llevar esos objetos, que saben apreciar esas vituallas. Para todos ellos y para los lugares en los que se sienten cómodos, se escribe Selectuswines. La singularidad, la belleza, la distinción, la finura, el bienestar pueden, también, expresarse a través de los vinos y sus parajes. Los descubrimos, los seleccionamos, los bebemos y los describimos para que la gente con sensibilidad los pueda disfrutar.

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wines are also for summertime drinking

LOS VINOS TAMBIÉN SON PARA EL VERANO As we reach that time of year when tempera- tures soar and people flock to the beach, it seems that everyone is soon heading for the beach bars and restaurants for that much-desired beer, soda or simply a bottle of water, missing the opportunity to enjoy a nice glass of wine. If wine is served at the right temperature for the season, it can be enjoyed just as much, if not more, than any other “summer” beverage. It is true that a white, rosé or sparkling wine is perhaps more appealing than a red at this time of year, but even the latter doesn’t have to be summer’s “ugly duckling”. After this plug for summer wine consumption, we now invite you to dive into our magazine,…

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fiorduva costa d'amalfi

GRAPES FROM THE ABYSS. WINES FROM THE ABYSS On the shores of the rugged Amalfi Coast, you can find one of the most exciting places on earth, the birthplace of a very special wine that depicts the tones of the houses that dot the slopes of Furore, a village of under 900 souls in the Campania region, a stone’s throw from Salermo. If you stumble when working these artisanal vines growing at 500 metres altitude, where the producers and the steep incline of the slopes prohibit any kind of mechanization, you could find yourself flying off the cliff and then drinking the salty waters of the Mediterranean! This is “heroic viticulture”, where the abyss and the vines are so entwined that the roots of the vines emerge among the rocks of the cliffs,…

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an interview with entrevista a xavier gramona

“We are working for our children. We invest in the future” “Estamos trabajando para nuestros hijos. Invertimos en el futuro” Together with a friend of mine, La Vanguardia journalist, Rafa Lozano, I recently visited Cavas Gramona (my first actual visit to the winery), where we heard all about the work in the vineyards and cellars that goes into the creation of their excellent cavas. We were also fortunate to be able to meet and talk to one of the owners of the winery, Xavier Gramona. It was an informal chat, from which we have transcribed the most interesting comments. I did have a small questionnaire prepared, but soon came to the conclusion, once the conversation had started, that it was best to let things flow naturally and, above all, to let Xavier…

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In 2008, we organised, in Barcelona and Madrid, what I believe was the first vertical tasting in Spain of cavas with 6 to 20 years’ ageing. I remember that Peñín did not attend the tasting, because he doesn’t normally come to this type of event, but this led to what you might describe as a paradigm shift. I had a bottle left over and I sent him a message, I guess by SMS... “I’ve got a bottle left and you haven’t come”. We didn’t used to speak to each other very often. At that time, you could say we clashed a bit... The answer came, “Come by my offices, bring the bottle with you…”. My collaborator, Toni Pérez, and I went to see him, and he suggested we do a blind…

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javier sanz viticultor, en busca de las variedades perdidas

JAVIER SANZ VITICULTOR, in search of lost varieties La bodega Javier Sanz Viticultor, enclavada en La Seca, milla de oro de la D.O. Rueda, lleva más de 150 años creando vinos diferentes y de autor. La variedad protagonista es la verdejo, autóctona de Rueda, a la que Javier Sanz ha sumado otras menos típicas o casi extintas en esta zona, gracias a una intensa labor de investigación y recuperación. En los últimos 20 años, Javier Sanz ha realizado una importante labor de recuperación de variedades en desuso, como la verdejo Malcorta, un clon recuperado por aportar mayor acidez natural que la verdejo convencional; o Bruñal, una variedad tinta procedente de los Arribes del Duero y apenas cultivada en la actualidad. Aunque, su mayor éxito este 2018 ha sido el lanzamiento de V Colorado,…

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you will find us in… / nos encontrarán en…

SPAIN A CORUÑA AC Hotel Palacio del Carmen. Santiago de Compostela ALAVA Hotel Marqués de Riscal – A Luxury Collection Hotel Restaurant Zaldiarán . Vitoria-Gasteiz ALICANTE Hospes Amerigo AC Hotel Ciutat d´Alcoi Restaurant Quique Dacosta ASTURIAS AC Hotel Forum Oviedo. Oviedo Restaurant Casa Marcial. Arriondas Restaurant La Salgar. Gijón BARCELONA Hotel Mercer Hotel Le Méridien Restaurant Rías de Galicia Monvínic Restaurant Moments Santa Eulalia Joyería Rabat Joyería Suárez Hotel Majestic Hotel Omm Restaurant Windsor Hotel Palace Restaurant Caelis Celler de Gelida Restaurant La Clara Arsenal Masculino Four Points by Sheraton Restaurant Via Veneto Restaurant Abac Restaurant L´Oliana Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I Restaurant Gaig AC Hotel Victoria Suites Concesionario Mercedes Cars Barcelona Concesionario Maserati-Ferrari-Bentley Cars Gallery Restaurant Bravo 24 Hotel W Barcelona Club de Golf Sant Cugat. Sant Cugat del Vallés Club de Golf Vallromanes. Vallromanes Restaurant L´Angle. S.Fruitós del…