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colour my life

SEE PAGE 184 FOR ALL THE DETAILS AND HOW TO BOOK Welcome to the first annual ‘Icon’ issue of Simply You. The team has been working tirelessly on injecting an unparalleled level of fabulosity into this issue, and I’m excited to finally share it with you. I have a new appreciation for the challenges designers face in creating an ‘iconic’ piece of furniture or garment – or even being regarded as an ‘icon’ themselves. Doris de Pont, and her legacy within the New Zealand fashion industry, is a prime example of this. Be sure to read our interview with the legend herself on page 122. As always, we’re sharing some breathtaking homes – and, true to theme, they are filled with significant art and design pieces. While each has its own unique…

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BEAUTIFUL BOTANICALS Visual artist and photographer Helen Bankers fuses the past and the present in her latest release of fabrics and wall coverings. Country Garden (pictured) is a modern take on 19th-century scientific botanical illustrations, featuring a dark green backdrop with pops of colour in the form of belladonna, brunia, hydrangeas and more. A second design, Blue Cosmos, takes its inspiration from famed arts-and-crafts designer William Morris. Featuring the inky blues of the cosmos flower, it also references Dutch Delft Blue pottery. “I’m drawn to aesthetics which resonate on an emotional level, through our sense of touch and visual memories,” says Helen, who studied fine arts before choosing to explore her creativity through photography. The designs are created by printing her limited-edition photographic works onto beautiful linens and velvets using state-of-the-art technology.…

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interiors news

Feast of flora From July 22-August 2, artist Katherine Throne is holding a solo exhibition at Allpress Studio in Auckland’s Freemans Bay. The Beauty of Courage is described by Katherine as “a riot of beautiful bedlam, where a tangled mass of audacious blooms takes centre stage in gardens pulsing with life.” katherinethrone.com SHOW YOUR CURVES Add a minimalistic sophistication to your home with the Aisle console, $1169, and Aisle bench, $679, from BoConcept. The console provides an ideal space for drinks or decor, while the soft velvet of the bench makes for a welcome perch. boconcept.com FILM AND FAMIGLIA Pop open the prosecco, the Studio Italia Cinema Italiano Festival 2019 has officially launched its 15-venue, seven-month tour of New Zealand. This year’s selection of comedies, dramas, documentaries and beloved classics was curated by Italian-born, New…

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get fluffed

Icon status Like diving into a powder puff, the Cipria sofa designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana for Edra has nine fluffy cushions. Comfort is heightened by the Gellyfoam and Dacron inner encased in soft faux fur… it’s like lounging on a pillowy cloud. From woah to faux, these pieces will bring out your softer side.…

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like it’s golden

Make like Midas Decadent gold is known to be bold but it can also be discreet and delicate as an accent on larger furniture or when chosen for smaller ornamental items. Look for your favourite decor pieces, but with a Midas touch, and use these to create talking points. With a rich lustre and warm undertone, golden pieces make a shining statement. There are no rules here – buy what you love.…

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still life

CROWN JEWELS Warm hues such as ruby and citrine really pop against a background of midnight blue. Bring them through in your ornaments and soft furnishings. Resene 'Indian Ink’ Resene ‘Mystery’ Resene 'Time After Time' Resene ‘Gothic’ CONSIDERED COLOUR Blue is associated with calm and tranquility, as well as healing and health. For this reason, transform your walls with this palette in areas you spend your downtime, such as your living room or bedroom. Team deep-toned Resene paint colours with feature wallpapers to break up your space, adding interest and texture. Use a matte paint, such as Resene SpaceCote Flat, to bring out the moodiness in the paint colour. Scared of going too dark? Don’t be! You can always add mirrors to lighten the space and help reflect light back into the room. Balance a statement Resene paint colour with soothing…