Southern Living July 2018

SOUTHERN LIVING celebrates the legendary food, gracious homes, lush gardens, and distinct places that make the South unique. In every edition you’ll find dozens of recipes prepared in our famous test kitchens, guides to the best travel experiences, decorating ideas and inspiration, and gardening tips tailored specifically to your climate.

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the miracle of catfish

AS FAR AS I’m concerned, the best catfish in America is served at a place called Murry’s Restaurant, just off U.S. 70 in Hazen, Arkansas. It’s easy enough to miss if you’re not looking for it—a low-slung brick building surrounded by ricefields, with a simple, weathered sign. But the secret has been out on Murry’s for a long time, so there’s never a shortage of pickup trucks in the parking lot. Founded by Olden Murry in 1961 in an old railroad passenger car, the restaurant quickly became a local hit; then a regional icon; and ultimately a destination for mayors, senators, governors, the Clintons, and catfish fans like the Evanses—all the way from Memphis. When Murry outgrew the railroad car, he added a trailer, then another, then another, until the…

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sold on san antonio

WHEN INTERIOR DESIGNER Nicola McLaughlin and her husband, Michael, went hunting for their first home together in San Antonio, they wanted an old house—a project they could really “dig into,” she says. Then they stumbled upon this sweet 1949 gem—a 2,900-square-foot house that had a great layout and was surrounded by oak trees, all within blocks of both of their parents’ homes. Call it kismet. She says the structure mostly just needed a face-lift, not a full gut renovation. “It had good bones, and the exterior was charming,” she recalls. But the interior was dark, dated, and severely lacking in personality. So they dug in. Out went the clunky moldings, bleak color schemes, and oversize kitchen island. McLaughlin sought to fill their first house with pretty fabrics and airy design…

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summer’s coolest plants

THESE POPULAR green standbys are versatile garden actors. They’re at home in woodland plantings as well as suburban borders. They can summon a prim cottage vibe or a sultry New Orleans-courtyard feeling. But no matter the setting, the lush fronds turn down summer’s heat with their psychological cooling effect. Ferns are easy to maintain, rarely suffering from pests or diseases. Many spread or naturalize through creeping rhizomes, covering a larger area over time. (You will end up with free plants!) These “bonus” ferns can easily be moved to other areas too. Many of them are natives, well adjusted to the growing conditions of various Southern regions. Depending upon the species, they can be the solutions for tough problem spots, such as a perpetually wet area or a shady corner. Put the right…

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palm beach prep

Plan Around a Pattern “The owners wanted a vibrant Florida kitchen, and we delivered by designing the citrus-colored space around the fabric for the Roman shades (Raoul Textile’s Mandarin in Lime), which we found first,” says Herod. Let It Shine “Multiple small pendants hung in a row can get lost in a long, narrow kitchen,” says Herod, who went for impact with a single large chandelier that was custom painted to stand out. “This looks nice from all angles.” Go All In on Green “This hue reminds me of a margarita!” she says. “Bold choices like this are the most rewarding decisions.” Test out a few shades to make sure the green doesn’t look too electric in your space. Play with Different Shades Herod relied on two colors to create depth in the cabinetry. “There’s a slightly…

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well rounded

MODERN AND A TAD dressy, basic garden orbs provide plain planters with bold sculptural touches. The inexpensive metal spheres come in a range of sizes and finishes and can be bought from your local garden shop or online (from and We customized the color of our black metal orb with a coat of Rust-Oleum’s Moss Green spray paint before planting. To create this look, fill the container with soil, and secure the orb by nestling it into the soil. Then plant, abiding by the standard “spiller, filler, and thriller” principles. Here, variegated ivy falls over the urn’s edges, while thyme fills in gaps and forms a lush base layer. Tall sweet flag commands the center of the arrangement, and purple spider flower adds just a hint of color. To…

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the modern farmhouse

BUY THE PLAN Purchase this house plan or consider hundreds more at PLAN DESIGNER: Mitch Ginn NAME: Southern Gothic SIZE: 3,416 square feet PLAN: #1921 WHY WE LOVE IT This house draws on the agricultural history of the South, and it illustrates that story in an architectural way that works for urban living. Referring to the sharp-lined Gothic farmhouse structure, architect Mitch Ginn says, “Every little town in the South seems to have one.” It’s such a familiar facade across the rural landscape as well as in the region’s suburban areas and cities. Picturesque details like the trio of steep gables, the wide front porch, clapboard siding, and bold millwork enhance the Southern Gothic character of the design and will stand out in today’s neighborhoods. WOW FACTOR All of that old-time charm doesn’t preclude modern customization. This house…