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Every month Stereophile magazine offers authoritative reviews, informed recommendations, helpful advice, and controversial opinions, all stemming from the revolutionary idea that audio components should be judged on how they reproduce music.

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more on mqa

THERE ARE AS MANY OPINIONS AS THERE ARE EXPERTS THIS ISSUE:Do the objections to MQA have nothing to do with its technology, but concern the commercial and cultural issues it raises? “An economy of information transmitted … what was encoded was only what was needed, nothing more.” As I wrote in the January issue’s “As We See It,” Master Quality Authenticated, the MQA encoding/decoding system developed by J. Robert (Bob) Stuart and Peter Craven, has been widely criticized, despite reports in this magazine and others that MQA-encoded files tend to sound better than the PCM originals from which they were derived. Also in last month’s issue, Jim Austin investigated the time-domain performance of the MQA reconstruction filter and I examined some of the more general aspects, ending with: “Other criticisms of MQA involve…

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TAKE HEED! Unless marked otherwise, all letters to the magazine and its writers are assumed to be for possible publication. In the spirit of vigorous debate implied by the First Amendment, and unless we are requested not to, we publish correspondents’ e-mail addresses. What soundstage? Editor: Sometimes I see letters saying that this or that system does not present the music as it was recorded. I wonder how many of us know how music is actually recorded these days. How did the engineer intend for us to hear it? My understanding is that musicians don’t have to be in the same room or even the same continent. What we get is something that has been pieced together by the engineer or producer. There is no “live” performance. How, then, can we discuss “soundstage” and…

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industry update

SUBMISSIONS: Those promoting audio-related seminars, shows, and meetings should e-mail the when, where, and who to JAtkinson@enthusiastnetwork.com at least eight weeks before the month of the event. The deadline for the April 2018 issue is January 20, 2018. US: BOULDER, COLORADO John Atkinson In 1990, when Stereophile was still headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I was reviewing the Eclipse loudspeaker from a new Coloradan company, Avalon. The company’s principals, Neil Patel and Charley Hansen, visited to set up the speakers in my listening room, and during that visit Charley and I talked speakers. And more speakers. And even more speakers. I was enormously impressed by his grasp not only of the engineering involved, but also of the larger issues of audio reproduction. I felt that what had taken me two decades to…

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calendar of industry events

ATTENTION ALL AUDIO SOCIETIES: We have a page on the Stereophile website dedicated solely to you: www.stereophile.com/audiophile-societies. If you’d like to have your audio-society information posted on the site, e-mail Chris Vogel at info@XLinkAudio.com. Please note that it is inappropriate for a retailer to promote a new product line in “Calendar” unless this is associated with a seminar or similar event. CALIFORNIA ❚ Sunday, February 18, 2–5 pm: The Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society will hold its monthly meeting at Scott Walker Audio, in Anaheim (1215 Tustin Avenue). Scott Walker and his team will host “The Best in High End Audio—from Affordable to Outrageous,” showcasing a wide range of speakers from MartinLogan; electronics from Constellation, Devialet, McIntosh, Rogue Audio, and VAC; MQA from Aurender, Berkeley Audio Design, and Mytek; turntables from…

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the incredible lightness of being

INSIDER VIEWS ON EVERYTHING VINYL THIS ISSUE:Rega Research’s RP10 turntable and Aphelion MC phono cartridge. In February 2017, for the first time in almost 20 years, I visited Rega Research’s factory in Southend-on-Sea, UK. I found a company that had added to its just-built factory a second building of the same size, had added an upper level within that space, and already was running out of space. Corridors and walkways were being used for assembly and storage. Rega was finding it a challenge to meet the growing demand for new turntables, while continuing to design and manufacture lines of loudspeakers and electronics. Nonetheless, Rega’s commitment to maintain and improve quality control remained apparent in their vigorous regimen of tests for each of their current turntable models: the Planar 1, 2, 3, and…

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armed to the teeth

IN SEARCH OF THE EXCEPTIONAL THIS ISSUE:Audio-Creative’s GrooveMaster II tonearm is taken for a test drive. In my youth, I unwittingly trained myself in the art of deferred pleasure. I did this by investing my allowance in every mail-order product that caught my eye—things I saw in the back pages of the magazines and comic books I loved—then settling in for a wait that always seemed interminable. This happened most often in summer months, when extra chores brought extra cash, and when school didn’t interfere with keeping vigil at the mailbox. Surely the screen door of our old house still bears the imprint of my nose, stamped as I waited for the mailman to deliver booklets on the secrets of the world’s foremost hypnotists (advice that never rose above the rhetorical level…