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Stereophile Apr-13

Every month Stereophile magazine offers authoritative reviews, informed recommendations, helpful advice, and controversial opinions, all stemming from the revolutionary idea that audio components should be judged on how they reproduce music.

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as we see it

There’s No Business Without Show Business Cole Porter: An All-Star Tribute (DVD, VAI) includes outtakes of the great Ethel Merman filming for TV, in 1960, a performance of Irving Berlin’s “Alexander’s Ragtime Band.” In take after take, something goes wrong. Each time the director shouts “Cut!,” Merman stops in her tracks, almost as if deflating; when the director yells “Action!” she starts from the top, fresh as new, the model showbiz professional. This issue of Stereophile hits newsstands days after the first consumer Show of the 2013 season, AXPONA in Chicago, has ended. The next four months see audio shows in Montreal, New York, Munich, Newport Beach, San Francisco, and Washington DC. A goodly number of exhibitors at these shows could learn a thing or two from Ethel Merman, who took center…

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FEEDBACK TO THE EDITOR The wrong goal? Editor: I found Mr. Atkinson’s piece on the BSG qøl (February 2013, p.95) refreshing. First, he researched and revealed the technology inside the box and gave a well-balanced report, unlike some solely subjective reviews of this “mystery” device that I have read elsewhere. Second, this review also illustrates my long-held opinion about the nature of what we hear in our listening rooms. Should we really be trying to “re-create” the original performance? Or do we really want something different? Our enjoyment of a live event is made up of many facets, like the venue, the people, the mood, and the moment. It’s not realistic to expect to re-create this intangible magic time after time without fail. The point of a great sound system is to give us…

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calendar of industry events

ATTENTION ALL AUDIO SOCIETIES: We have a page on the Stereophile website devoted to you: www.stereophile.com/audiophile-societies. If you’d like to have your audio-society information posted on the site, e-mail Chris Vogel at info@vcable.us. Please note that it is inappropriate for a retailer to promote a new product line in “Calendar” unless this is associated with a seminar or similar event. CALIFORNIA • Sunday, April 21, 2–5pm: The Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society will hold its monthly meeting at Evolution Audio & Video (5341 Derry Avenue, Suite S, Agoura Hills). Featured gear will include Bob Carver amplifiers and Wisdom Audio’s L75 loudspeakers. Manufacturer representatives will be on hand to discuss their products. A raffle is planned and lunch will be served. Guests, visitors, and new members are invited, and parking is free.…

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industry update

HOLLAND/JAPAN John Atkinson It’s the end of an era. Breaking news as we went to press was that Royal Philips Electronics NV, 50 years after unveiling the Compact Cassette and 30 years after, with Sony, launching the Compact Disc, is selling its audio and video unit to focus on more profitable medical equipment and energy-saving light bulbs. The purchaser is Japan’s Funai Electric Co., who will pay 150 million euros ($202 million) in cash and a license fee for Philips’ Lifestyle Entertainment unit. US: JAMES BONGIORNO, 1943–2013 David A. Rich James Bongiorno, an engineer of exceptional abilities, passed away on January 10. He was born in 1943 and had contracted cancer of the liver in 1984 (see www.stereophile.com/news/10278/index.html). Audio engineer and senior editor of Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, David Rich, offers the…

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analog corner

TechDAS’s Air Force One Takes Off in America In vinyl’s heyday, Roy Matthews ran EMI’s record-pressing plant in Hayes, Middlesex, in the UK. He even had a hand in designing and building new presses for the company. But when EMI, like most other record labels, shut down their plant and scrapped most of their presses, Matthews retired. In 2000, when Matthews was in his 80s, he was lured out of retirement and found himself once again, to his surprise and delight, running a pressing plant using refurbished presses, many of his own design. You can read my interview with him at http://tinyurl.com/be6qd23, and see photos of the facility, then called Portal Space Records, at www.analogplanet.com/content/take-virtualtour-0. I thought of Matthews when, at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, I spoke with the chief designer…

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How I learned to stop worrying and love sucky bass Beethoven understood the pathos of the gap between idea and realization, and the sense of strain put on the listener’s imagination is essential. —Charles Rosen Bass, like sex, is something most young men desire in excess: To the novice, quantity trumps quality, and as long as he can hear from his playback system the deepest sounds of an orchestral bass drum or five-string electric bass (low string tuned to B-0 or C-1), he is completely satisfied. Meanwhile, bass texture, bass color, bass momentum, bass nuance, bass tension, and, especially, bass feel have now joined the short-nosed sturgeon, the Arkansas fatmucket clam, the Iberian lynx, and the teacher of European culture on the edge of extinction. And relatively few music lovers seem to mind:…