Stylist October 20, 2021

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“the world feels like it’s gone a bit wrong”

It’s a lot now, isn’t it? The world, I mean. The headlines have come at us thick and fast for the past 18 months and we have been downstream of a torrent of information that would make even the deepest-rooted and hardiest of us lose our balance. From the unfolding of a pandemic to the current exposés of the government’s failings, Brexit to food and fuel shortages, violence against women to police failings, the climate emergency, unemployment, gas price inflation, weather crises, Twitter trolls, mega colds and Covid variants... the list is endless. We are flooded with headlines and the public outpouring of frustration and anger about a world that feels like it’s gone a bit, well, wrong. And in response, we are really struggling. Faced with the tidal wave…

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noor murad, head of the ottolenghi test kitchen

A ONE-DAY DIARY FROM FLAT WHITE TO LIGHTS OUT Noor, 31, is the head of Ottolenghi’s test kitchen, where recipes are created and trialled. She lives in northwest London My alarm goes off… At 5.45am. I’ll roll out of bed, get dressed in some workout gear and walk seven minutes to my gym for a CrossFit session. Once I’m back, I’ll shower, have a black coffee and walk 30 minutes to the Ottolenghi test kitchen in Holloway. I’m responsible for… Everything to do with recipe creation and development at the test kitchen, which has been around for over a decade. As well as inventing dishes for Ottolenghi’s delis and seven London-based restaurants, our team of six chefs create the content for the Ottolenghi cookbooks and regular recipes for The Guardian and The New York Times.…

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go hiking in style in coastal cornwall

walk this way Senior fitness writer Chloe Gray heads to Hotel Meudon to find acres of exotic gardens, charming coves and coastal walks that even the rain can’t spoil “What on earth is going on at the Meudon?” our local taxi driver asked when we stopped off the train at Penmere and told him our destination. It turned out that Hotel Meudon, known locally as the quaint and quiet reserve of older couples looking for Cornish walks, was not usually frequented by two mid-20s Londoners. But lockdown has changed both of those things. No longer is walking just a pastime for retirees, but suddenly a hobby for nature-seeking millennials. And Hotel Meudon has had its own glow-up, thanks to a recent refurbishment that makes it the perfect location for activity in luxury. Usual…

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“adele’s bodyis not your business”

words: billie bhatia She’s back. Adele. The woman whose talents are so extensive she can single-handedly mend a broken heart with one of her ballads. A superstar so real and humble that swear words, wrapped in a thick London accent, tumble out of her mouth whenever she speaks. Adele is everything. I’m listening to her as I write this – All I Ask, to be precise; it’s been a while since I visited this song, and before she even breaks into the chorus, I’m gone. Adele’s unique ability to create music that feels personal to millions of people (raise your hand if you used Someone Like You as therapy) makes her feel like a friend. Perhaps that’s why we feel entitled to our opinions. Why we might even feel like we…

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join our new barre x strength workout series with the strong women training club

STYLIST ADVERTORIAL We’re thrilled to announce the new Strong Women partnership with the UK’s leading barre workout group, Barrecore. Join us for a series of unique strength-infused barre workout classes hosted at Barrecore’s Chelsea and Mayfair studios, led by their head trainer, Emily King. Even better, we’re offering our members an amazing 20% off these studio classes. To book a session for £20 instead of £28, simply sign up to the Strong Women Training Club and check out our latest offers. Or if you’d rather work out from home, Emily will also be leading a series of live-streamed classes at the training club. Join her every Wednesday morning at 8am throughout October and November to start your day in the most energised way possible. To take part in the live-streamed classes or get…

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“i feel the best i’ve ever felt in myself”

joanne froggatt As she stars in ITV’s dark thriller Angela Black, Joanne Froggatt talks to Stylist about finding strength and happiness by living life on her own terms words: helen bownassphotography: DAMON HEATH Jo Fro is in the waiting room... I already know I’m going to like Joanne Froggatt before she appears on my Zoom screen; anyone who gives themselves an abbreviation of their own name is OK by me. Jo, as she tells me to call her, is something of an enigma in a strange kind of way. She has been almost a constant presence on primetime TV since leaving the small hamlet in North Yorkshire where her parents ran a rare-breed sheep farm to go to drama school aged 13. She joined Coronation Street at the age of 16 and has…