Stylist October 27, 2021

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“we are very much here for halloween 2021”

Somehow the clocks go back this week. Seeing as I’m still waiting for summer to start, that doesn’t feel quite right. But still, here we are, and the heaps of pumpkins currently rolling around my local supermarket suggest it is true (side thought that has been plaguing me for years: who actually buys that many pumpkins at the beginning of October anyway?). I’m not sure if it’s the whirlwind passage of time or 2020’s cancellation of pretty much everything, but this year autumn and Halloween seem to have taken on a whole new meaning. Autumn doortraits and gourd-laden tables fill Instagram, plans are in place for elaborate ghoulish dinners and costume parties, and there is more talk than I am happy with on the rise of the horror films that…

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spend a self-care sunday with stylist

STYLIST ADVERTORIAL Don’t miss our new IRL event, Stylist Conversations, on Sunday 7 November. Expect cocktails, goody bags and a famous face or two Want to be a part of something that directly speaks to you and your life right now? Come and join us and have the conversations that matter! Join us live at The Londoner on Sunday 7 November for Stylist Conversations – where we’ll be talking about love, life, purpose and all the things that matter as 2021 draws to a close. With a line-up of speakers that includes Anne-Marie, Elizabeth Day and Anita Rani, Stylist Conversations is a day dedicated to sharing lockdown learnings and tackling the topics on all our minds right now. How can we make our work lives work smarter? Are our friendships still giving…

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ebinehita iyere, founder of milk honey bees

A ONE-DAY DIARY FROM FLAT WHITE TO LIGHTS OUT Ebinehita, 28, is a youth practitioner and founder of Milk Honey Bees, a project supporting and empowering young Black girls. She lives in south London My alarm goes off… At 6am. I’ll stay in bed for a bit, listening to some calming music from an artist like Cleo Sol, then I’ll shower and get ready. The office in Brixton is a 20-minute ride away in an Uber, and I’ll usually make breakfast from stuff I have there – something like Coco Pops with milk and a caramel latte. I’m responsible for… The overall running of Milk Honey Bees, a project that supports around 100 young women between the ages of 10 and 20, to equip them with social, employment and life skills. We achieve this through…

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laidback luxury at one of norfolk’s hot new hotels

coastal chic Stylist’s executive fashion director Kitty McGee heads to The Harper in Langham for vast sandy beaches and the best seafood she’s had all year Aside from a few friends’ weddings staggered over long weekends in the country, my experience of UK staycations has been limited to a hiking holiday in Snowdonia and a long weekend in the Scottish Highlands. It perhaps explains why I’ve never been to Norfolk; despite me knowing it as a hotspot for London-dwellers looking to escape the capital, when it comes to seafood and vast, sandy beaches, I’ve always gotten my kicks elsewhere. Until this summer, of course. Forced to broaden my horizons, I found myself seriously pondering the north Norfolk coast; in part for sunshine and sea air, but also because I’d heard the area had…

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“if you can’t be the main character in your own life, when can you?  ”

words: billie bhatia Does your life ever feel like a storyline in a movie? Or do you think your friends are so funny they deserve their own TV show that everyone would want to watch? Well, I do this all the time. Let me set you a scene. With dark mornings starting to creep in, I’m finding it harder to drag myself out of bed, let alone convince myself to get up to exercise. (I’m being generous, I don’t even want to do this on a beautifully bright day.) One such gloomy morning last week, I had a disaster. After violently thrashing around for my phone to desperately cancel my alarm, I accidentally catapulted it down the side of my bed. It was wedged in a gap that I couldn’t fit…

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join our new barre x strength workout series with the strong women training club

STYLIST ADVERTORIAL We’re thrilled to announce the new Strong Women partnership with the UK’s leading barre workout group, Barrecore. Join us for a series of unique strength-infused barre workout classes hosted at Barrecore’s Chelsea and Mayfair studios, led by their head trainer, Emily King. Even better, we’re offering our members an amazing 20% off these studio classes. To book a session for £20 instead of £28, simply sign up to the Strong Women Training Club and check out our latest offers. Or if you’d rather workout from home, Emily will also be leading a series of live-streamed classes at the training club. Join her every Wednesday morning at 8am throughout October and November to start your day in the most energised way possible. To take part in the live-streamed classes or get discounted…