Stylist October 6, 2021

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“we must all play a part in healing the planet”

I remember being taught about global warming when I was at school: pictures of obligatory polar bears stood glumly on cracked, muddy terrain, maps focused on the ozone layer (or lack thereof) and lectures exposed the problem with CFCs. In turn we promised to ditch our aerosol cans of Impulse and Lynx (and to start wearing sunscreen) and committed to recycling whatever we could before this hard-to-imagine alternative reality became our actual reality. Like most people, I vowed to do my bit to stop hurting our planet but, being honest, 15-year-old me never expected to witness it first-hand. This summer, even the most vehement deniers found it hard to ignore what was happening. Torrential downpours, flash flooding, wild fires, scorching temperatures, late harvests, spoiled crops... and that was just Europe.…

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arike oke, managing director of the black cultural archives

A ONE-DAY DIARY FROM FLAT WHITE TO LIGHTS OUT Arike, 41, is the managing director of the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton. She lives in Hackney with her partner My alarm goes off… At 7am. I’ll spend 15 minutes in bed, checking the news and slowly waking up, then get dressed for work – often I'll wear a top with a traditional African print. I’ll take the 40-minute Tube to Brixton, where the Black Cultural Archives (BCA) is located, picking up a cheese-topped pretzel and juice from M&S on the way. I’m responsible for… Everything to do with running the Black Cultural Archives, the only national heritage centre collecting, preserving and celebrating the histories of African and Caribbean people in Britain. This includes overseeing what we show in our exhibitions, collaborations with other groups (our…

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recharge surrounded by nature in leafy baden-baden

spa and away Stylist contributor Nicole Rixon finds a new meaning to wellness in Germany’s hidden gem Germany in winter might not immediately spring to mind when you think of a wellness retreat, but that’s hardly surprising given the relatively low profile of Baden-Baden. Aside from its brief watercooler moment during the World Cup summer of 2006, when the England team WAGs hit the town and “went wild” (Victoria Beckham packing 60 pairs of sunglasses and Veuve Cliquot being drunk through straws was the crazy stuff of the times), the town “so nice they named it twice” has largely flown under the radar as a travel hotspot – until now. In 2021, Baden-Baden joined 10 other spa towns in Europe to become a collective UNESCO World Heritage site, owing to the fact it’s…

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“how is it already october?”

words: billie bhatia Last Tuesday I looked outside from the window of my basement flat, saw a glimmer of blue sky and flung on a floral dress ready for a day in the office. (The office!) I took one step outside and was hit with a blast of what I thought was unseasonably chilly air. For the first time in months, I felt properly cold. (No mean feat for someone who’s nickname is ‘Billie hot hands’.) That can’t be right, it’s still the middle of summer – what the hell is going on? Before I eye-rolled at the state of climate change, I looked at the date on my phone screen and realised it was the end of September. And by the time you read this, it will be October. I’m…

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join our new barre x strength workout series with the strong women training club

STYLIST ADVERTORIAL We’re thrilled to announce the new Strong Women partnership with the UK’s leading barre workout group, Barrecore. Join us for a series of unique strength-infused barre workout classes hosted at Barrecore’s Chelsea and Mayfair studios, led by their head trainer, Emily King. Even better, we’re offering our members an amazing 20% off these studio classes. To book a session for £20 instead of £28, simply sign up to the Strong Women Training Club and check out our latest offers. Or if you’d rather workout from home, Emily will also be leading a series of live-streamed classes at the training club. Join her every Wednesday morning at 8am throughout October and November to start your day in the most energised way possible. To take part in the live-streamed classes or get…

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20 ways to help heal the world

feature Ahead of this month’s critical Cop26 summit, leading environmental experts share their advice for how we can all help to make our planet better The facts are hard to face. In the past year alone, rising temperatures have caused wildfires to rip through thousands of acres in Greece, Turkey and Italy. A record-breaking heatwave in California means 45% of the state is currently in ‘exceptional drought’ – the highest alert level – while devastating floods across huge swathes of Europe and the US are attributed to extreme rainfall caused by climate change. Siberia’s forest fires, burning throughout the summer, broke all records for the volume of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere (the ash they’ve created has spread as far as the North Pole), while the overall amount of CO2 is…