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Tatler is mischievous, glamorous, intelligent and fun, providing an insider’s view of what is really happening in British society with a compelling mix of fashion, the arts, politics, people, parties and glamour.

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tatler contributors

MUFFIE SPROAT This month, Tatler’s Picture Editorat-Large, Muffie Sproat, produced the photoshoot, ‘To the Manners Born’, at Haddon Hall. ‘It was a dream location,’ she said, of the Derbyshire estate that is many miles from Australia, her homeland. ‘Lady Edward Manners was beautiful and welcoming. I imagine that people in centuries gone by could never have imagined a woman being photographed in the Long Gallery for Tatler… in trousers!’ LAURA FREEMAN Freelance journalist and art critic Laura Freeman has written for the Spectator and The Economist. This month, she reflects on the life of Dora Maar, the surrealist who was also Picasso’s muse, ahead of a vast retrospective of Maar’s work at Tate Modern. Would Laura have been part of Maar’s fast intellectual set? ‘I fear I would not have been cool enough,…

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It was a romantic affair as Ella Harris arrived by boat for her lakeside wedding to Harley Philp. The idyllic ceremony was held in the grounds of the Cotswolds’ Sarsden House (where Ella’s grandparents got engaged, now owned by close friend Tony Gallagher). Then it was on to Fairgreen House, the home of her mother, Annabel Brooks, for speeches, dinner and a set by Ella’s brother’s band Sound Town, whom the couple joined on stage to throw the bouquet. For after-hours glamour, the barn was transformed into a nightclub: DJs Chloé Caillet and Josh Ludlow were suspended above the dance floor, while Gala Gordon, Rupert Everett and Tish Weinstock danced into the night.…

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teen spirits

An enchanted forest came to the Cotswolds as Eva Astor and Jemma Stevens threw a woodland-themed 18th at the Astor house, Merriscourt. Family and friends flew in from places as far-flung as Thailand for beef Wellington and Eton mess, plus ‘way too much champagne’ (according to the birthday girls) and dancing. Jack Barker caused a great deal of confusion by camouflaging himself as a bush and sneaking into the background of almost every photo. Eva (resplendent as a peacock) and Jemma (a fairy) led the charge in sequins, until sunrise heralded the final Astor la vista.…

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simply sam

The house in Chelsea was filled with stuffed leopards, prompting Brian Heyworth to joke that his wife Sam was having a ‘cougar party’. The theme of her 50th was actually ‘Parisian early Eighties’, which had Alison Loehnis, Elisabeth Murdoch and Brent Hoberman dancing to DJ Tasty’s Eighties beats while eating foie gras burgers and ice cream. Simon Sebag Montefiore gave a speech announcing plans to write a Netflix show about a hostess called Simply Samantha Heyworth – which had the birthday girl, in Alexandre Vauthier sequins, cracking up. Even the teenagers – Ines Heyworth, Lara Keswick and Lily Sebag-Montefiore – were so entertained that they abandoned their plans to go clubbing at Embargo.…

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gimme shelter

SHELTER ISLAND HAS LONG been the antidote to the Hamptons summer swell, with glimpses of wild osprey (or that even rarer bird, the low-key celebrity, such as Sofia Coppola or Harrison Ford) far more frequent than the sightings of Long Island – via Manhattan – pacesetters. It’s not uncommon to see large yachts pull in to catch the sunset, but when the Chanel ship sailed into town festooned with CC flags whipping in the wind, it was the most majestic sight of all. The reason for this influx of haute glamour? A celebration, of course. It was the 20th anniversary of Chanel’s J12 watch, inspired by sleek J-class racing yachts, for which the fashion house created a pop-up yacht club at André Balazs’ Sunset Beach Club, the island’s foremost restaurant to…

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step up

‘WHY CAN’T I HAVE TWO Christmases too?’ my son once asked me on the way home from prep school. His best friend’s parents had divorced and remarried partners with existing children, bringing the step-count total to nine. While my son had one Christmas in rainy Gloucestershire, his friend celebrated first with Mother in Gstaad then with Father in Mustique. And when it came to other holidays, not only did his best friend’s parents compete over who had the most exotic location, they also insisted on each spending a separate holiday with their children. Kite surfing in the Maldives and sailing lessons off Corfu doesn’t look so bad from the outside. Once, one might have felt sorry for the children of divorce; now we harbour step-kid envy. After all, it is the…