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tatler contributors

Janine di Giovanni Janine di Giovanni is a senior fellow at Yale University and a Guggenheim fellow, and has published nine books – her 10th, The Vanishing, is out next spring. She writes for The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Guardian, and in this month’s beauty section interviews super-surgeon Olivier de Frahan. ‘Olivier and I come from very different worlds,’ she says. ‘His is one of beauty, fashion, catwalks and fast cars. Mine is in human rights, war zones, academia and tracking war criminals.’ Did they get along? ‘He’s an “odd duck”, as he calls himself, but so am I, so we get on brilliantly.’ Tanya Gold Journalist Tanya Gold lives in Cornwall and writes for The Sunday Times and The Spectator, among others. This month, to coincide with the…

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the f files

IT’S AN OPENING WE’VE seen 25 times: Bond steps in front of the gun barrel, turns to the camera, and shoots. And every time, we as a family – in my lucky case, from my seat at the premiere – cheer with pride and anticipation. It’s fun being part of the Bond/Fleming clan. Especially when the Broccoli family, who produce the films, have so brilliantly kept James up-to-date, all the while keeping Ian’s creation and his hero’s spirit intact. No Time to Die is a very ‘Ian’ title, and the script is exciting, tense and surprising. Drawing on his experience working for Naval Intelligence during the Second World War, and on his imagination, my uncle Ian Fleming wrote 14 books in the last 14 years of his life. I was six when…

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bond memories

THE BOOKISH SET Following in Peter and Ian’s footsteps are a flurry of literary Flemings. Peter’s daughters, Kate and Lucy, control Ian Fleming’s literary estate. Kate married John Grimond, the former foreign editor of The Economist; their son-in-law James Scudamore (married to their daughter Rose) is an ultra-charming, award-winning novelist. Two of Richard’s sons (Peter and Ian’s younger brother), Fergus and James Fleming, are writers – Fergus of brilliant non-fiction, James of thrilling fiction. James’s son Tom is a writer too: he’s the devilishly handsome deputy editor of Literary Review. THE COUNTRY SET A common Fleming feature is a susceptibility to the gravitational pull of the Oxfordshire area. Peter Fleming lived in Nettlebed and is buried there; his granddaughter, the Oxford-educated actress turned award-winning cheesemaker Rose Grimond owns Nettlebed Creamery and lives with…

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perfectly frank

IT COULD BE ANY NORMAL Thursday night out at a new London restaurant. But it isn’t. A short queue forms as diners wait to go past the thermometer check to tables discreetly spaced out to ensure distancing is maintained. Yet the disruption wrought by the coronavirus pandemic appears not to have daunted 36-year-old restaurateur François O’Neill, the new tenant of the former Green’s restaurant site, as he greets and charms his customers in his hotly anticipated St James’s brasserie, Maison François, on Duke Street. The Earl of Snowdon has parked his bike in the entrance. Perry Pearson arrives with a group of boys in dark jackets, white open-neck shirts, jeans and white trainers; the girls wear Isabel Marant and skinny jeans. Our waiter brings a plate of radishes with cervelle de canut,…

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greener pastures

Over by the window sits the Queen Mother, still gay and flirty at the tender age of 101. Princess Margaret insists fish cakes should be square, while my brother takes advantage of family rates to entertain Princess Anne. Discreetly squirrelled away on table two is Diana, Princess of Wales, having fun with the two young princes as they tuck into their fish and chips. At her corner table is the elegant Queen of Denmark, although her husband is absent; he prefers to take his lunch at Wiltons around the corner. In one of the booths, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman discuss the final details before the opening night of Phantom of the Opera, slightly disturbed by the laughter erupting from the neighbouring party as the Two Ronnies and…

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table talk

Stanley’s The convivial courtyard at Hugh Stanley’s new Sydney Street joint has been an instant hit with the Chelsea set. Jemima Cadbury celebrated her birthday here; Lady Henrietta Stanley, Hugh’s cousin, is a regular – as are the Cadogans, Sangsters and d’Abos; and the restaurant’s crab crumpets are already being talked about along the length and breadth of the King’s Road. Oswald’s Amber Heard and her posse blew off post-trial steam at Robin Birley’s ultra-exclusive club in Mayfair. Jonathan Rothermere, Annabel Goldsmith, David Beckham, Felicia Brocklebank, George Osborne and Colin Firth are among those also regularly lured there, not just by the decadent food, but also by the wine. Gold Gold has already become a social nexus for the Notting Hill set. Beyond the sexy bar lies the airy garden room, where Princesses Beatrice and…