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tatler contributors

Sacha Forbes Associate editor Sacha Forbes joined Tatler in 2018. She has interviewed Anaïs Gallagher and Chelsy Davy, and for this month’s cover story, she went to Cape Town to meet Amelia and Eliza Spencer, twin nieces of Diana, Princess of Wales. ‘I was really struck by their incredible closeness, and how Eliza looks so much like her mother, Victoria,’ Sacha says. ‘The Spencer twins won the whole team over with their warmth and charm.’ Viscountess De L’Isle Viscountess De L’Isle has been developing her apple-cake recipe at her glorious 50-acre estate, Penshurst Place, for some time. ‘When we first moved in, there were an awful lot of apple trees, so I got myself a cookbook called something like A Million Ways with Apples, and worked my way through the cake recipes until…

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spliting heirs

WHEN I MADE MY FORAY into the wild world of dating after divorcing in my thirties, I set out to hack the game in the same way I had tackled other life goals, from getting fit to optimising productivity. Man-landing, I figured, was a numbers game. From my ‘back of a cocktail napkin’ calculation, I predicted that around 50 first dates should yield approximately five second dates, among which surely at least one would prove to be a good match. It hadn’t been hard, in my early twenties, to find what I’d hoped would be a lifelong companion – how different could it be this time round? And while ideally I’d find a partner to cosy up with over the Sunday crossword, in the meantime I was perfectly content to…

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the top 11 exes to marry now

Princess Haya of Jordan The Oxford-educated daughter of King Hussein of Jordan has finally ended her marathon custody battle with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. She is an Olympic showjumper, speaks five languages and is very generous, according to reports – just ask her bodyguard. Marina Wheeler Boris Johnson’s divorce from Marina, QC and mother of four of his children, was finalised last year. Since their split in 2018, Marina has overcome cancer, published a book on the partition of India and settled into life in east London. Tim Jefferies The 1990s heartbreaker is single once more, having split up with his wife Malin in 2019. Tim, who married (and divorced) Koo Stark, and dated Kylie Minogue, Elle Macpherson and Claudia Schiffer, is the director of Hamiltons Gallery in Mayfair and he is devoted…

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what lies beneath

IT HAD, FOR THE WEALTHY residents of Durham Place, Chelsea, been a calm, agreeable November evening. Then, just before midnight, there was a sound like a thunderclap. Or a bomb – a ‘bomb’ that left a yawning hole in the discreetly moneyed façade of this old-school neighbourhood. Two unoccupied houses at the centre of the terrace had collapsed – razed to the ground. Chelsea had not seen such brutal destruction since the Blitz. Mercifully, no one was injured, and the occupants of the entire terrace were evacuated to an emergency shelter. Or, in the case of Pamela Emmanuelle, put into a taxi by a neighbour and taken to the Cadogan Hotel. On humanitarian grounds, one shell-shocked resident was allowed back home to collect his pet budgie. For those who live on…

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game on

THE SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL climber has always paid close heed to that most ancient of hierarchies: the boarding-school pecking order. One factor dictated one’s social standing above all others – success at sports. Being in the first team was the ultimate status symbol, and it’s a mindset that carries on through university and into grown-up life. All across the country, Old Etonians and ex-St Mary’s Ascot girls still band together to play their favourite sports, be it founders-day favourites such as netball or the recent US import spikeball, with post-match teas replaced by pints at the Pear Tree in Battersea Park. And while raw talent can get you so far, joining one of these exclusive teams is really all about who you know… Open-water swimming Flora Vesterberg will tell anyone who will listen…

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eat, fay, love

IT’S 2015 AND MOURAD Mazouz – the Algerian-born restaurateur and author of ventures as varied as the Basque bistro Au Bascou in Paris, the high-kicking Moroccan extravaganza Momo and sensual, multilayered Sketch in London – reads a piece in The New York Times about the gradual disappearance of the American diner. A few years later, Mazouz decides to breathe new life into the countertop-and-booth-seating aesthetic seen in almost every American high-school movie by launching Mo Diner. The narrow site beside his recently refurbished and reinvigorated Momo restaurant, in Heddon Street (where 1990s It girls used to play with Robert De Niro, Tom Cruise and Madonna), is the perfect location: a deep, narrow railroad car of a space. I visit just before restaurants close – and in the bleak weeks afterwards feel…