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tatler contributors

Sasha Swire Sasha Swire’s Diary of an MP’s Wife came out last year – and it’s still a hot topic. ‘Writing diaries is just a dangerous habit, part of my daily routine,’ Sasha admits. ‘I never set out to have them published. I didn’t think anyone would be interested in them!’ In this issue, she reports on the life of fellow diarist Chips Channon, the famous socialite MP of the 1930s. What would life have been like if they had been working in the same era? ‘Chips would probably have come into my orbit at some point, either in the Commons or at some testosterone-fuelled shooting weekend. But would we have been friends? Probably not. I wouldn’t have been grand enough for him.’ Mark Hollingsworth Investigative journalist Mark Hollingsworth has written books about…

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Vita Goldsmith Jemima and Ben Goldsmith’s daughter Vita was born by emergency caesarean at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, in April, at the height of lockdown. ‘We were told that Vita’s survival was far from certain,’ says Jemima. As Vita improved, she ‘began to be known as “our miracle baby” by the wonderful doctors and nurses who cared for her in the NICU. Vita means “life” and hers is most certainly a blessing.’ Matilda Boyd-Thomas Matilda (below) was born in Wiltshire in May 2020, during the first lockdown. Her mother, Letitia (née Leigh-Pemberton), paints a dreamy picture of the months spent alone with Matilda and her husband, Will: ‘I remember glorious summer days in our garden, with Matilda snoozing in her Moses basket under a tree, while Will and I had lunch on a…

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here’s looking at you, kid: tatler’s always been a babe magnet


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never mind the gap

THE CURRENT TALK OF the town is that I’m engaged to my partner, Sergio Carrallo – and there’s an 18-year age gap between us. I’m 44, recently divorced, and he’s a 26-year-old former Real Madrid footballer. Our relationship wasn’t some premeditated plan where I wanted to go after a younger guy – it just grew over time. They say that these things happen when you least expect – and I certainly wasn’t lying in wait. We met by chance in Los Angeles in May 2019. I was recording a live episode of my podcast, five minutes away from his house. A friend had invited him to watch, and I spotted him in the audience. We talked afterwards and soon became really good friends – nothing more. In fact, I tried to…

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bad influence?

DID COVID BREAK THE cultural chokehold of the influencer? After shouldering aside their rowdier predecessors – It girls such as Lady Victoria Hervey and Normandie Keith – they have fallen prey to a bigger fish that has come along to disrupt the fame food chain: the pandemic. And as Covid-19 took hold, influencers worldwide began to find themselves cast in a decidedly unflattering light. First, the pitchforks came for Arielle Charnas, an American fashion influencer whose first collaboration with Nordstrom famously sold out in record time, netting the retailer $1 million in sales in less than 24 hours. Charnas raised eyebrows by obtaining a Covid test at a time when they were in short supply, and then, having tested positive, by fleeing to her house in the Hamptons. Incensed followers called…

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reality check

DAISY RIDLEY The Star Wars supernova shot to fame playing Jedi warrior Rey. But how does the 28-year-old stay so grounded? Perhaps by avoiding social media. Ridley has had no internet presence since signing out of Instagram for good in 2017. ZARA TINDALL Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara, 39, lives near her mother at Gatcombe Park with her husband, the former England rugby star Mike Tindall. She’s currently pregnant with their third child, but royal-watchers won’t find her posting baby updates online. THE DUKE OF WESTMINSTER Hugh Grosvenor, billionaire businessman and godfather to Prince George, likes football, shooting – and his privacy. Little is known about his personal life, and the 30-year-old has steered clear of all forms of social media. KEIRA KNIGHTLEY The 35-year-old actress dabbled with Twitter back in 2014, signing up under a false name,…